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Although, King's Field 2 isn't out yet, I can use my psychic abilities to tell you that this game is so hot, that you have to buy it. There is no option. Video game magazines have spoken, and what they have to say is music to your ears [for quotes look below]. Just from the pictures, you should notice how much an improvement From Sofware [developer] and Ascii Entertainment [publisher] have made upon the amazing original, which is certainley in my top 100 list of the best games. Every magazine (and of course Ascii) says the enhancements aren't just skin deep though. KF2 will be bigger, faster, and just plain funner than the original. If you don't buy it now, I am wasting my time. This game WILL be hot. I expect everyone who even reads this page to email me the second they get it. Can we make it to the 20th? God I hope so. Make sure to look for a cool KF2 faq done by me a little while after the game is released.

King's Field 2 Story Line:

King's Field 2 Sory Line

King's Field 2 Faqs and Hints:

Galth Fee's KF2 FAQ PAGE!!!

Ascii's page of KF2 hints

You can also get an OFFICIAL KF2 strategy guide by calling Ascii at: 1-415-780-0166. The price is $12.95 plus $2.00 shiping, and THIS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN STORES. This IS a long distance call for all you youngsters crusin' my page. You can also order it by mail with a MONEY ORDER payable to ASCII Entertainment, P.O. Box 6639, San Mateo, CA 94403.

The KF2 hotline can be reached at 1-900-288-2724. This is $0.95 PER minute, so don't balme me for a hefty phone bill. I know this is all on the back of the KF2 booklet, but some might be buying it used, and need this info. I won't be putting up a faq now, because Ascii has met the demand with their booklet, so for all you cheaters out there, it will cost ya this time!

King's Field Side Notes:

1. King's Field 2 post cards were mailed off a few weeks ago informing last years KF fans of its supposed arrival on Halloween. The release date was pushed back to Nov. 20, a few days after, so that Ascii could deliver us an even better game. The post cards featured the KF2 cover art [below] on the front, and on the back it read...

Dearest Prince of Verdite,

Alas, your time has must go forth into Verdite to reclaim your birthright as Prince. Soon you will be captivated by the expansive world of King's Field 2, with its increased realism and richer, deeper and more intricate storyline. Endless hours and areas of exploration await you, as you travel amongst dungeons, castles, villages, and wilderness, with fearsome enemies, looming around every corner. Enhanced weapons and magic shall help protect you from certain death...Be of strong mind and courageous heart, young Prince, for you are the only one who can bring about peace...

In death as in life, ever your loyal friend,

Prince Alexander of Granatyki

King's Field 2

Coming this Halloween!!"

2. Ascii decided to go with the same marketing campaign with KF2 as they did with KF. You may notice in many game magazines a preview that tries to look like a mag preview. It is actually pretty cool, so I suggest you look it up. It features great little tid bits for you to chew on, until you get KF2 in your hands.

3. This is an overview of what so called NON BIASED parties (GF, EGM, GP) are saying about the advances between KF to KF2. Game Fan October: "Superior graphics, faster scrolling, light sourcing and shading, 8 times larger enviornment, SPECTACULAR, EMERSIVE music, and much cooler spells." EGM November: Better visuals (detailed polygon facial expressions, light sourcing, ect.), over 3 times larger enviornment, a much more complex and dedicated AI (artificial intelligence).Game Pro September "Much more detail in every respect, creative enemies and enviornment, larger enviornment, deadlier battles." Galth Fee's Note: Scarry Larry wrote that, and he gave a HORRIBLE review of KF [check Galth Fee's King's Field Page], so this is a definate thumbs up from him!!

King's Field 2 Reviews:

Galth Fee's (Mine)

Visuals: Graphically, KF2 is fairley awesome. Pop up is hidden wonderfully well by use of the darkness of Verdite. The cut scenes can't match the amazing Legacy of Kain ones, because they are a bit grainy, but they are great just the same. Textures have been added everywhere, and there are now unlevel surfaces (like hills), much more open spaces, and cool enemies, and these all enhance the gameplay, they aren't just make-up. Sometimes a flash of red goes through the enemy, it is all very cool... yet it doesn't hit the graphical power of some other PS games. To tell you the truth though, the difference between KF and KF2 is HUGE to say the least. The scrolling seems to be at about the same speed (maybe a TAD bit faster), which is good for me (because if it was faster it wouldn't be fun, more like Doom which I am bored with) and bad for action freaks. The MANY trees KF2 has now look too 2D in many instances, and seem to rotate around you when you move, you can't expect THEM to be 3D however, afterall Mario 64's sure weren't. Some breakup does still occur (you can walk through doors once opened) but this King is so much more colorful, and detailed than the last. The achievment made here is remarkable for both Ascii and From. 8.5/10

Sound: The voice acting in the game also fails to meet the Legacy of Kain expectations, and the music is not quite as clean. The music is fairley moody, however, but there IS NO excuse for the pathetic beeps that are in the menu option screen. The slashes and screams are great, just like before. I think the overall music tone has made a MASSIVE upgrade, some sound effects (such as spells and screams) are also MUCH better. I still can't give it a nine though, because of those clinky sounds in the options menu, they just can't be excused. 8/10

Control: The control is just as you left it in the original, only MUCH more responsive. Turns, slashes, and spells are a snap. You won't have as much trouble moving your character either. Very clean and precise, and nothing is different, which makes it easier on KF masters. 9/10

Gameplay: This is where KF2 REALLY starts to shine. The graphics and sound enhance it, but awesome new tidbits, like being able to review all the text characters have said to you, and not having to click for each individual paragraph is great. Saving has changed, and the AI is a hell of a lot better. The skeletons have shields, and you have to attack correctly to register a hit! Now you have a bigger world to explore, a better storyline, and cooler cut scenes. One thing VERY cool that I like is that your first sword grows stronger as you do. It could only be perfect if the cut scenes, and sound FX were cleaner. I think I should also say that the booklet that KF2 comes with is MUCH better. No more mispells, or that garbage. The book REALLY helps ya. The phone card bit they did last time is not in KF2, unfortunately. To get tips, oder the SG they are selling instead (info is in "KF2 faqs" section) If you don't love this game, then I can't help but feel sorry for you. 9/10

Replay: Like I said before, I like to replay RPGs every 6 months because I forget them. This game has MANY secrets and cool things that can take a long time to find. Multiple endings are said to be found as well (I don't know this for fact, but I have heard this in a magazine...). The game is great just to view the improvements. Best of all, it does not suffer Kain's load time problem. 8/10

Would I buy this game: Hell ya! The game is a landmark achievment. It is something only to be found on the PS. KF2 is one of the most innovative RPGs for quite some time, it may even be in its own genre. This is the type of game I don't even think about renting before buying. KF2 is not a lot different from KF technically either, which is also excellent. I wish there were more games of this caliber.

Game Pro (AKA Lame Pro)

Galth Fee's note: I believe EVERYONE has the right to their own opinion, but this is just a bad review. If you could read the text "Art Angel" said you would have proof. Unfortuanately, I can't repeat the text legally without permission, and I don't want permission to copy a crappy review on my nice lil page anyway! Here is a bad review for ya'll! If anyone else has reviews from ANY other mag, please email me the RATINGS ONLY. Thanks.

Scales from 5 (best) to 0 (worst)

Graphics: 4.0 :)

Sound: 3.5 :]

Control: 3.0 :]

Fun Factor: 3.0 :]

Challenge: Advanced :)

Replay Value: Medium :]

Galth Fee's Notes:

I think I should just say that King's Field 2 will have cool cut scenes, unlike the original. It also has more detailed graphics, and much better sound. The game is about the same speed though.

King's Field 2 Pics:

The King's Field 2 Cover Art

This is a MAJOR improvement on the simple Melanat colse up in KF

This is a pic of the "triple fang sword." My good friend, Rob "the Pickle King", at Ascii says it rocks (as does KF2 of course!).

Click here if you would like to see more great pics over at Ascii's site.


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