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Ikonboard Support Forums -> Ikonboard News -> Ikonboard joins the Jarvis Network!

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Topic: Ikonboard joins the Jarvis Network!, by Matt     Print this topic


Team: iTeam
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Joined: Mar. 2001
Posted: Tue 24 April 2001 at 23:01   Quote This Post

Ikonboard joins the Jarvis Entertainment Group Network.

News Link

This is an exciting time for all of us involved in Ikonboard!

I know that there are a few concerns, and a lot of questions that you may want answering - but this is a sound business move to secure our future. Joining the network gives us the backing and the resources to take Ikonboard further than we could have done on our own.

We're going to work together on an exciting new project that will benefit the entire Ikonboard community.

More details soon!

Edited by Josh on April 27 2001, 17:34

Matthew Mecham
Ikonboard Author

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