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Friday, November 10, 2000 vol 1.01110

Charlie's Angels
Disregard LostYouth.com's assessment of this most excellent movie. The editor of LostYouth would not know a fine piece of cinema if Roger Ebert slapped him upside the head and told him so. This movie's strong point is its subtlety. Behind all the eye candy Matrix-esque special effects is a story rich with depth, style, and meaning.

All in all:
» Matrix-esque effects underscores the internal battle within the Angels to accept their reality. Is Charlie real? Or is he software?
» It delves into the complex psyche of software engineers with an accurate portrayal of their geekiness.
» Lucy Liu shows her prodigious acting skills as the efficiency expert who emotes both tenderness and authority. It is this tenderness that opens up the developers to share that they just want their opinion heard. Until this point they had noone who would listen. No wonder they were socially inept. Impactful.
» The side story of Barrymore's character who sleeps around, exposing her vulnerabilty, while also expressing her strength with ass whippings. So what if she doesn't condone the use of guns.
» That leaves George McFly as the very convincing maniacal swordsman. Did the editor of LostYouth never see the scene where McFly clocked Biff? Right there was the beginning of McFly's decent into a culture of violence. Notice that he too did not use guns. Perhaps he and Barrymore are long lost siblings? Hmmm... Deep.

As you can see, Charlie's Angels dares to delve where no other filmmaker's are ready to go. This movie will be a tough act to follow, but I'm sure its ability to rake in the money from the unsuspecting public will ensure the movie's creators will try. I highly recommend wasting ... er spending 9 bucks on this flick.
And that's a wrap.
Hello, This is the first edition of haack.org v1.0. This site was inspired by LostYouth.com and its sole purpose is to kick that site's ass. Just a warning, NEVER under any circumstances click on any link to LostYouth.com. I (and the offices of haack.org) cannot be held responsible for any harm that is caused by reading that mindless drivel. I personally know the author and I'm not telling you who he is. Only that he is quite odoriferous.

Well, now that I effectively kicked LostYouth's ass it is time to attend to business. Stay tuned to this site as it attempts to siphon off LostYouth's talented staff of writers, as we have none of our own. We'll probably rip off some of their content too, as we currently have very little of our own.

I could have spent some time ripping off their content and reformatting it in this article, but I discovered a very clever way to include their content as part of this site. It is this newfangled thing called Hypertext linking.
Ask Me

Why is the sky blue?
- Johnny (Age 6)
Providence, RI

Now that's a great question Johnny from Providence. Take a look up at the sky and tell me what else is that color? Why yes, Johnny, the ocean. The sky is blue. The ocean is blue. It becomes obvious that the sky is blue because it is an ocean. In fact, it is the underside of an ocean on a whole other world that's just like ours perhaps with a little Johnny who also wonders why the sky is green. For that Johnny, the answer is industrial contaminants.
Now before you get all intimidated by the space age name, this concept is not all that complicated. Basically using something akin to technological magic mixed in with Quantum Mechanics (no, not that terrible show with Scott Bakula) and some good old fashioned Ross Perot wisdom, the engineers created the Hypertext Link. Now I will not go into the details of all that super complicated electronic hocus pocus. I will tell you this, put your mouse pointer over the words LostYouth and click down on your mouse button and you can read all their content. Absolutely free! I did not have to pay a cent! Ha ha ha! Suckers. Please do not inform them since we wouldn't want them to have a cow (a very painful process indeed) now would we?

-the editor

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