Here is a sample of messages I have recieved from Feller ex-students
Ed Dzalio   "Hello, I happened upon your webpage and am interested in what you're doing, but from a different perspective.  I am a direct descendant of Jean-Baptiste Leveque, in whose garret the Feller Institute was founded.  I have been to the museum in Canada twice and have done quite a bit of research on my own family and also on Madame Feller.  I would be interested in obtaining/sharing additional information if there is any interest.
Thanks and regards, Ed Dzialo, 4th great grandson to Jean-Baptiste Leveque."
Albert and Olive (Kunzli) St. James  "We both think this whole thing is great and hope that it succeeds beyond expectations. We started going (steady) on Oct. 29, 1955 and have been happily married for 42 years. Just a note to show how much impact Feller had on our lives. The St James family history with Feller is a very long one that goes back to Madame Feller herself."
Isabelle St James   "I was at school in 1955/56.  I was with my sister, Gail St. James.
Some of the people I would like to hear from are Bunny and Vera Stacey, David Carruthers,  Phyllis MacKenzie, Carol Boone." 
Denise Auclair (Whitehead)   "I attended Feller from 1955-1958 at which time I graduated.  I worked there for 2 years following graduation.  I taught French and was a house mother for the high school girls on the 4th floor."
Louis Auclair   "I attended Feller from 1952 to 1959.  Graduated in 1959 and was President of my graduating class.  We were 10 in that class.  Wonderful experiences that I will never forget in my life.  Of course the Auclairs attending Feller was not anything new.  My great grandfather attended Feller and was a student of Mme. Feller.  Then my grandfather, grandmother, my father, uncles, etc.,all attended.
I worked for The Grande Ligne Mission in Montreal after graduation.  I worked with the Rev. H. C. Wilkinson who was the General Secretary-Treasurer of the mission.  I worked there for 3 1/2 years and then we [our family] moved to Southern California.  I must tell you that I missed Canada very much and still do.  I have remained a Canadian citizen after all these years.  I now
live in Flagstaff, Arizona and like it better than Southern California. Flagstaff is a small town at 7000 feet and I assure you that the air is clean and pure up here.  We have all four seasons here."
Lucy Anex Pelly "You don't know me but I am an ex-Feller graduate of 1956 - a little before your era I'm afraid.  I had joined the Classmate and found some old friends that I hadn't heard of for years.  Among them was Don Ferguson, whom I have been corresponding for the last several weeks - and he, intern sent me the Feller website that he had just discovered.  I was so grateful, and past most of the morning reeling in nostalgia while reading the news etc.  It sure brought back many memories.  Oddly enough, during the past few weeks have corresponded with Louis Auclair - which I'm sure you would remember, and I will pass on this discovery and I'm sure thatyou will hear from him.
First of all, I must congratulate you for the work you did on this web site.  Alot of research and work has gone into it.  I have often thought of how nice it would be to get together with some of these old classmates - and I see that you are proposing a reunion.  I think that it could be quite a success.  I understand that in 1963 or so, one had been organized, but not many people showed up and it wasn't really very successful.  Being in Vancouver, I wasn't able to attend at the time - but certainly if one is to be organized again - I would make every effort to attend.
You might have heard of the name Anex - my father was minister for the Grande Ligne Mission for over 40 years - so I am quite familiar with the whole Feller situation, even during the war, and visited it just after the prisoners of war were vacated - that I will never forget - and reading Frances Masseau's account brought back many souvenirs. He was also on the board at Feller."
Kathleen Oberg Germain  "I attended Feller from 1953 to 1957. I didn't graduate from Feller but I certainly did my time. I think the website  is great and reading all of it sure brings back memories - not all of them  bad!"
Janet Clough   I have just found your web site through Andy McCullough, through Rick Lambert.  This is just great. It's great fun reading what others remember.  I think we all have stories, some good, some bad and some funny. Thanks for starting this.
Carol (Myers) Elliott    I attended Feller in 54, 55 and graduated in 56. I heard about your web site from Lucy (Anex) Pelly (also Class of 56) and have had a wonderful time browsing through it and reflecting on memories from long ago. You have done a fantastic job and the web site is terrific! I hope you are successful in attracting a great number of Feller alumni in order to have a reunion.
Leslie Desmangles   Through Louis Auclair (Feller '59), I was guided to the Feller Website which brought back so many memories. I am a Feller graduate of the class of 1960. I think I'm right to say that in the entire history of the school, there were only 2 students from the Caribbean that ever attended Feller, and both came from Haiti and were at Feller at the same time.
Some of the most difficult and yet some of the most cherished moments of my life were at Feller. I was a foreign  student while at Feller from 1956-60. Coming from Haiti and being so far from my family ffor so long  for the first time in my life, I found in the Feller community a supportive family who gave me the moral support that I needed to grow and mature both personally and academically. Our education at Feller was not second-rate, by no means. Feller was a small community in an isolated town. We lived with our teachers and had their undivided attention. Few high school students can make that claim.
Leslie G. Desmangles '60, Ph.D
Elizabeth Rolleston  Hi from Elizabeth Rolleston.  I attended Feller from 1955 and graduated in 1960.  I roomed my first year and if my memory serves me right, the second year also, with a Kathleen Germain.  Her years attending make it seem as though it is she.  I'll try to contact her.  She was a hot ticket!  She was, I believe, involved in some of the pranks, putting pennies under the light bulbs to blow out the hall lights.  Kathleen and I won the room prize - a trip to St. John ( oops, St. Jean) monthly.  We worked awfully hard to get out of Feller for an afternoon.  I met my husband, David Parkinson, who was a couple of years behind me and attended Feller for one year and a partial year and left after an altercation with Mr. Johnson.  David and I divorced in 1987 and in 1994, after his divorce and retirement, Bill Reid (another 1960 graduate) and (former boyfriend of Kathy Ferguson) came to live with me.  He presently runs a second-hand collectibles store and also sells second hand videos and cassettes and c.d.'s.  He has two daughters who live in Stratford Connecticut where he had been living for many years.  I have three children, a son and two daughters, all married and my two daughters each have two children.  So I am a Granny.  All live nearby and I see them frequently.After the divorce, I went to college and got a bachelor's degree in nursing.  I work in a nursing home in Brattleboro, VT though Bill and I live in Greenfield, MA.  We are planning to buy a computer soon, but at present, I am using my son and daughter-in -law's access to the internet to send this note and I am going to try to contact Kathleen Germain.  Leslie Desmangles called me to tell me about this website.  It sure brings back a lot of memories.  Any messages for Bill or I may be sent to this E. Mail address. My daughter-in-law will fax them to us.  I have kept in touch with Marilyn Auclair who was my roommate for three years, and with Susie Chapman with whom I roomed for the senior year.  I have an address for Brooke Bodo and mail I have sent to him has never been returned to me, but I haven't had a reply for years.  Visited with him and his wife and two children in the 70's when he was living in Kitchener, Ontario and we were in Cambridge, Ontario.  If John Bloxham ever logs on to this site, please contact me. Thanks.  I lost your address.  This is a great idea - our love/hate relationship with this particular alma mater flourishes.  I remember an incident in our senior year in the balcony room.  Someone brought us (Marilyn, Susie and I) a small bottle of rum and some cigarettes.  None of us smoked at the time.  We decided to have a cigarette and a drink.  Susie and I went outside, and Marilyn decided she was going to have her cigarette inside in bed.  Well, our house mother, Denise Auclair, investigated and caught us. We were all very worried, but perhaps because Marilyn was her cousin, she spared us a report - or maybe it was just because she was so young and so close to us in age.  Thanks Denise. I will try to remember other incidents and write about them.  I had forgotten about the paper chase!!!  I do remember the reasoning about why there was a rule that there would be no holding hands.  Remember Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson as such great compassionate people.
Sue Chapman Hi there. I heard from an old friend today, Liz Rolleston, thanks to you!    I  am from the class of '60.  My maiden name if Sue Chapman.  I went to feller for 9 yrs.  there are many people that I have likely forgotten, but I would just love to hear from old friends.
  Jim and I have been married almost 37 yrs.   We have two lovely daughters.  We are fortunate also to have a wonderfull grandson.   When Jim retired iin 1990 we decided to move to the Maritimes.  Here we are in Prince Edward Island.  Check out our website
Doreen McFadden 
nee Granary
I am writing to ask to have my name added to the list with email address and to the list of people found.  I think a reunion would be great.  My years at Feller were from 1949-1954.  What great years they were.  I am still in touch with the person I considered my best friend through out my years at Feller (even if it is only every 5-10 years) and a friend that I became very close to after our Feller days and who has been there with me through thick and thin.  I will be in touch with them soon and hope to have their names added to the list in the near future. I am going to try and find people I did know while at Feller.  It would be so nice to see them once again.   I will try and write again in the near future with a few stories.  Thank you
for getting this web page started. 

         From Gwendy Cogswell (Lucy Brouillet's niece):
I checked out your Feller website and it's quite impressive! My Aunt Lucy would have been so pleased to have seen it. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you at her Memorial Service. I could see the love in your eyes as you reminisced with me about your time spent there. I too have many wonderful memories as a child visiting my aunt and uncle. Even though I never attended school at Feller, I attended many graduation ceremonies and sugaring-off parties with my family.Skating on the rink and sharing meals in the dining at Feller was fascinating to a city kid, to say the
least.At Xmas when Feller closed we shared our home often with the students from Haiti as it was too far for them to go home.My Aunt Lucy and Uncle Henry would arrive with Leslie DesMangles and Mona & Evelyn Georges. At an early age I learned first hand about people from other countries and backgrounds. I am greatful to my family for opening their hearts and doors to students who were so far away from their own loved ones at Christmas. I am still in touch with Therese Paquette (French Teacher) and Shirley Fraser (Nurse) I promised when I get through my Aunt Lucy's things I will send you any thing of interest pertaining to Feller..Also if you ever go to the Mme. Feller Museum the lady to contact for the key is Carole Masseau. She is the great neice of my Uncle Henri Brouillet.
...sincerely.. Gwendy Cogswell


P.S. On Thursday after the short service at the Grande Ligne Cemetary my sister and I walked the grounds of Feller with our own children talking to them about Aunt Lucy's life there. The lilacs were in bloom and the breeze was blowing across the fields. An amazing feeling of peace and joy came over 
us. She was finally at rest with her beloved Henri in the place where she had spent almost 40 years of her life..teaching and contributing to a very special community. Thanks for keeping all of that alive through cyberspace!!
Lucien Perras. Today another "old boy" from Feller attended Mrs. Henri Brouillet"s funeral at the first Baptist Church in Montreal. When I say old boy I mean it literally (at least speaking for myself). My name is Lucien Perras and I was one of the class that left at Christmas in 1942, when Feller was taken over by the Canadian Government to house high-ranking German war prisoners..This friend who attended Mrs. Brouillet"s funeral is Ray Bolla; he was my roommate at Feller and we have always remained in close touch. Ray phoned me this evening to tell me of the Feller web page where I found your name and your email address. I first went to Feller in September 1939. I am now retired and I live in Oakville, ON I certainly am interested in  being placed on the list of alumni, and I can probably supply a few names from my era who are still living. 

Ivan Minarik Imagine  my surprise  to find an email from Don  Ferguson in my inbox. It has been  so long since I even thought about the old friends and great times of my youth. Please send me any thing you can  that might improve my ability to participate
in the reunion activity. I am going to use the list of found graduates and try to reconstruct the past and make contact.
 Please let me know how to add my name to the list.
A brief synopsis of my life as follows; I moved to California in 1967 and have lived here ever since. I worked in aerospace for over 20 years first as a project engineer  then management finally Sales and Marketing Director of a Fortune 1000  Company.. 
After 20 plus years I went into retail sales and opened a 
chain of Flower shops. 
Currently I am working on moving to the Caribbean as the final chapter in my Odyssey. 
I am looking forward to finding out about the exploits of other class members and perhaps chatting with my old friends.
 Enough for now,
Best regards 
Ivan P. Minarik
Class of  1963 
PS  you may forward this to anyone you think would have any interest.
From:  Bernard Barraclough 
                                                             Bernard Barraclough
        THE STORIES , THE MEMORIES (i'm in one of them)
I received your web site from Michel Girodo via my sister Dini David Monterrey.  Wonderful, am enjoying renewing memories from the alumni. 
Add me to the list, I tried to find other Fellerites on the web several years ago, to no avail.  Am thrilled you have succeeded in getting us together.  Will most definitely attend the reunion.
Tanya David
Dear Rick Relger,
As a recent browser I was astonished to find your Feller work on the web. As a writer I've tried to avoid the browsing addiction, but was delighted to have allowed myself the luxury this afternoon. I admit I tapped out 'Feller Institute' with little hope of a result.  So much for pessimism.
My name is Arthur Massé (will try for the accent later...and got it!). I graduated in /49 - the first class to graduate after the school reopened - and subsequently have spent most of my life in theatre under the name Paul Massie (the name-change was NOT my idea and was never made legal).  Now I write full-time, occasionally performing some of what I write.
Oddly enough the most frequently performed work is a series of sketches that derive from childhood memories of ladies up and down Grande Ligne.  These images would not let me go until I wrote them out (totally fictionalized I hasten to add) and this afternoon, just before the browse, I was printing out the piece for a performance in Atlanta in October.  Odd, but good.
There we are then.  I could not resist sending this off.  Good luck with further endeavors.
Best wishes,  Arthur Massé 

Dear Rick, Post e-mail address by all means. 
Reminiscences will take longer.  Do you realize I was brought up in the parsonage up on the hill?  My father was Grande Ligne minister for years - he was also appointed principal after the war but illness forced him to resign.  Don't really know why I decided to go to Feller to finish off high school - just in the blood I guess.  Do you know the Massé connections to
the school? Here we go: great grandmother, cook; grandfather, Dr. Godfrey Massé, principal; great uncle, Arthur Massé, principal; my father, Emile Massé, teacher, then Grande Ligne minister, then appointed principal, later minister again; my mother, Helen Dickinson, teacher - my parents met as teachers; my aunt, Alice Massé, teacher; my uncle, Frank Stanton, teacher; and on down to me, student.
Didn't mean to give you a potted family history but that cemetery behind the school is home to generations of us, and right now I'm plowing through an enormous box of family letters dating back to 1895.  It's a treasure trove but I haven't a clue yet what's to be done with them all - they haven't told me as yet.
Enough enough. 
Good hearing from you so quickly.
Best wishes,  Arthur/Paul Massé/Massie

We received a phone call from Lucy Pelly last weekend, much to our delight.  John and I are interested in going to the reunion next year.
We attended Feller from 1954 to 1957.  Also, my Mother, Jeanne (Charest) Booth, attended Feller in 1926 & 27.  We are trying to convince her to go to the reunion, but she thinks the trip will be to much. I guess there's not to many of her age
around.  We thought the school was strict when we should hear her stories. 
We may have found a few more people that attended when we did, but I will confirm at a later date.  At the moment, we do not have EMail and have to rely our children's.  But it sure is better than nothing. 
We sent an EMail to Olive and Albert and hope to call Carol (Myers) Elliot when we are in Peterborough next month. 
You've done a great job.
Louise (Booth) Talbot
From:  "Dave Small" <>
 Just found out about the web site and the reunion proposal. My name is Dave Small (not Smell as the Sr. Boys Basketball picture in 1957 indicted).I was at Feller from 1953-57. I also attended the reunion in 1971 in Montreal, some of the organisers where at that time Joan Demers (LeBlanc, I think) and I believe Sue Chapman had a hand in it but I could be mistaken, doesn't really matter, I just had a great time and wouldn't miss another change to see some old friends again. 
   I found out about the Web site from Lorne Plunkett who I have been in contact with since early 1960s. He will be contacting you very soon. Another person I've been in contact with is Billy Crompton, I have his address and will drop him a line and give him your E-Mail address.  One other person I saw a few years ago was Marian Bedoukian (1953 Grad) now Simm. I will contact her next week After reading some of the stories, Albert and Olive StJames submitted, they  brought  back memories I had long forgotten. They were just great.
    Please share my e-mail address with any students who want it I would love to hear from any of them. 
            Look forward to seeing you at the reunion.
Hi Rick,
My name is Denise Lacombe. Heard about your website from my brother Mike a couple weeks ago.  My sister, Claudette, who also attended Feller, was here at home with me at that time so we decided to look into it.  We were both so excited of seeing all the familiar names of people.  We think you are doing a great job.  The names that stand out  in my mind at the moment are Olive Kunzli/Albert St. James (who I have kept contact with).  I remember that Doreen Granary lived not far from Claudette at one time in Côte Vertu.  I would love to hear from Bunny Stacey.  As some of you may remember, Feller was also the home of the Lacombe family as my father was the cook and we were lucky that some of the students invited us to their homes for Christmas vacations etc..  I went to John and Faye Pitt's home in North Hatley once (my sister was quite jealous because John was her boyfriend at the time ha! ha!).  I also went to Mr. Johnson's home in Nova Scotia once.
Please add my sister's name, Claudette Lacombe/Beck, to the list.  She does not have e-mail but anyone who wants to send her a message may send it to my address.  I am glad that I am fortunate enough to have a computer and internet (which my sons offered me) and that I am able to relive these great memories. I am not working at the moment so I have lots of time do this.   This will be enough for now and I will write more about my memories at Feller next time.  Thanks again for this opportunity.
I have no objections to your adding my name to the feller website.  In fact, I would welcome it.  I will put my thinking cap on and I'm sure I will come up with some people no one has thought of and with everyone's input, this should be a blast.
Gail St James
I am so happy to have found this website. My brother and I have been students at Feller College during 58-59. Being brought up by my grandmother who was very severe, Feller were the happiest years of my life. When she decided to send me to Feller I was still playing with my dolls. But believe me I changed my dolls for a boyfriend. On the first day I recieved a note from Réal Paquin asking me to be his girlfriend. My second boy friend was Joacham Thondorf (Yogi). The third but not the lease was Craig Taylor. 
I remember all the love notes that the lovers use to write to each other. But those notes were the reason that I was not allowed to go back to the college. I had been stupid enough to save them all and the grandmother had found them (ho boy...).
It sure feels good to see all those familiar names like Michel Lacombe,
Tanya David, M. Dozois (he was so cute). I'll have to stop because I think that I could about it all night.
I sure hope to hear from you people.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
Diane O'Neil
P.S e-mail:
P.P.S.I live in St-Hyacinthe now.
P.P.P.S. Don't mind my english. I don't practice it much.

Hi Rick,
I have to say that since I found this site, I feel like so different. I feel like I am living those wonderfull years all over again. I am also feeling a lot of regrets that I was stop from living at Feller longer. Oh yes, I know that my life would have been much much happier. Oh well I am trying to forget those regrets. I remembered another student. Her is Sylvia Ireland. I remember her when we had a talent show. Being a very good singing she sang that night. But that part that still makes me blush is while she sang 4 girls (including me) stood behind her and after every phrases that she sang we sang Doo doo waw.
Repeated that Doo doo waw all through the song. Oh my god, did I ever regret that spectacle. lol
Bye bye,
Diane O'Neil

Hello Rick I appreciate the work that you have done on the Feller page I was just informed of it by Tony Feist. 
I graduated in 1967 I was president of the student council, a prefect, played hockey, and basketball. I enjoyed Feller College very much. My years there where probably the most informative of my life I actually met my wife through the girlfriend of a fellow Feller student. Please feel free to post my email address on the allumni page.Definitely interested in a school reunion. thank you for your effort
Mike Desjardins (Bear)
ps. I have two copies of the L'Echo from 1965 and 1967 
if you are interested in them. Let me know.





 Hello Rick:

        I was at Feller College from the fall of 1964, until the school closed in 1967. During my 3 years there, I experienced life away from the family, with the exception of my brother Ralph, who was there for the last 2 years with me. Mr. Lortie was the housemaster and left Feller after the 1966 season and Lloyd Meldrum took over the housemaster duties that fall. We had to refer to him as "Mr. Lloyd", due to his dad still being on staff. Lortie's wife, Wilma had been the school secretary and I had her as my grade 8 home teacher and Rev. Gilmour's wife took over as secretary, if my mind serves me right.

        I was 13 when I first went to Feller and was on third wing, under Mrs. Burridge who was the housemother for the younger boys. Mr. Burridge was my manual training instructor. I was sad to learn later of their divorce and having Douglas Burridge perish in a car accident. 20 years after I first went to Feller, I was sending out catalogs for the Fisheries and Oceans department of the government where I've been working for 24 years. I recognized his name on a catalog order and sure enough, it was him! We've been in regular touch ever since. His other son, Gregory married one of the younger lady teachers from Feller and they had a son, but have since broken up. Gregory has been living over in Switzerland for many years.

        I really am enjoying reading the anecdotes of the "kids" who were there even before I was. The reason I did go to Feller was that my mom taught kindergarten in Pointe Claire with Mrs. Oliver, David's mom. She told her of Feller and not long after, gave up teaching kindergarten to assist Mr. May at his school in St. Blaise. You probably also remember another
Pointe Claire lad, David Metcalfe. He was at Feller a year before I went there. As I recall, he did get into lots of trouble and I'm sure his "behind" was really red for the time he was there. I'm not sure if he did go to May's school after that, but he did visit Feller once while I was there. 

        I see my morning break is over and I still could go on. One more person who really was a great asset to Feller was Mr. Brosi, our gym teacher. I didn't realize he lived in Madame Feller's former school house. I'll later on submit my Feller memoirs as soon as I can take the time to type them out, but try to keep them as brief as I can.
I'm really looking forward to this reunion, next year!

                                Bruce Pettinger 

Robert Massey <>
  I had almost forgotten about my days at Feller.  Thanks for all your efforts in introducing the web site and to the alumni who have related some of their experiences while at Feller. It's all coming back to me now.......the crystal set beside the bed with ear plug bringing in the Saturday night hockey games and opera music...we could only get the CBM radio station. I  remember the regular visits to the barber at a farm house located about 2-3 km on the road past the church. I'm sure the
chap learned the trade from shearing a flock of sheep. I can recall the basketball games against teams from Knowlton and Chasy New York. Also, the hockey games in Delson....our opponents out weighed us by over 50 lbs and they would come over the boards like a wrestler coming off the ropes in an WWF event. I remember one game in which we lost 11-3. And
yes, there were the girls and the suffering through all those crushes. 
It's been most enjoyable scrolling through the web site. To paraphrase a saying, sometimes when someone recalls the good old days, they are thinking of their bad young days....maybe it's best we save those tales for the reunion.

Attached is the Class '55' photo and hope it can be retrieved in good form. I have the year book (L'Echo) for the years '51', '53', & ''54' and can easily send on the class photo for those years. 
Robert Massey (Class of '55')
Coquitlam BC.

ps My brother Ronald Massey (Class of '61') is currently living in
Montreal, Que..

"Nick Taylor" <>

Hi Rick,
I don't know you but you have started a wonderfull venture for a reunion. Congratulations!
Carmen Paquin called me yesterday and I was floored to say the least. Hadn't heard from anyone from Feller in 39 years!! How she found me is still a mystery. but better than that--I remembered her and some of my classmates of '61. Brian Babb who I spoke with last nite, Ian St.James, Tanya David, the Girado's and the list goes on. As it turns out I am going to Lennoxville to see my son at Bishop's University this week end so I changed my air plane to a later filght on Sunday
and will get to the Resto-bar for lunch and meet some of the Alunmi!!
You may certainly give my e-mail and adress as well as phone number to anyone that would like .
See you Sunday.

My Name is: Nigel Taylor

From:  Robert Grevatt <GREVR@SNC-LAVALIN.COM>
Recently found out about the web page and the fact that a reunion is in the works for next year. Am extremely pleased to hear about this and subject to availability would certainly expect to attend.
Over the years have met and remained in touch with a number of ex -Fellerites; in fact have just discovered that one of them, Claudette Lacombe-Beck and I have worked for the same company for the past 20 or more years. Have also met one or two others through business.  As a result  have access to a number of other alumni who would probably be interested in the reunion as well. 
Attended Feller following it's opening in the late 40's and graduated in '51. Was a day student however participated fully in all of the school's activities - some of which are probably better left forgotten! 
Feel free to post my e-mail address and look forward to more news on the reunion. Thanks for your efforts in getting this thing started.
Bob Grevatt
         Sondra Vale <>                                                                              1:22 AM

 Hi Rick,

I was just informed of your web site and think that it's a great idea. I have oftened wondered what happened to my classmates of 63'and the all the great people that were there for the two years that I attended Feller. I was on your page with the Photos and was checking out the class of 63' but I'm not there.  oops slip up . I should really think of calling it quits for tonight but I am having so much fun that I'll stay up awhile longer. I would like to thank you for all the effort that you
must have put into creating these web pages. The whole thing is just fantastic!

Sondra (Sandy) Brayden Class 63

         Patricia Plourde <>
                                                                                   Wed 11:50 AM
Hi Rick:
By accident I happened on and found Feller where I contacted Ivan Minarik and he told me about the web site. I have spent several hours reading all of the stuff and I think it's great. Over the years I have often wondered what happened to everybody. I kept in touch with a few people for several years but eventually we lost track of each other. I am presently looking for Joan Chamberlain and Sondra Brayden.I am very much interested in the reunion. I came back to Niagara Falls after I graduated and I am still here. I have been married for 36 years and have 2 children, 2 grandchildren and another one on the way. Life has been very good to me and I hope it has been with you also. I still remember you and Denise. (I have pictures) I shall let you know if I contact anyone that is not on the E-mail list as I will be searching for
both Joan and Sondra. Bye for now. Pat Greenop - Class of'63
Hi Rick, I first attended Feller for grades 6 and 7 in 1948/49 and 1949/50 when the school had just reopened after the war.  I later returned as a senior graduating in June 1954 along with Jean Mack and Judy Mclaren. I worked on the Feller farm during the summer of 1954. My boss was Bob Asbill, the farm manager, who was a graduate of Macdonald College. I subsequently attended Macdonald where I met my wife . We've been married now for 41 years. Didn't stay with farming though!  Made my career in the general insurance industry, mostly in Toronto. Retired in 1995 after 37 years in the business. Enough about me! Add me to your list. Regards, Murray Lamb
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