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The Daily Scan - May 8
From "Crinos"

Cliff: The thumb transplant was successful, ma'am.
Kazi: It's been a while since we've had a mutant cat. Very cool!

Week of May 7, 2001

Okay, I feel bad. I've fallen in love with our dog, Charlie. She's just the sweetest, cutest thing!

Yes, I am a cat person and cats are always going to be my first love, but this is a Great Dawg.


Note from Kazi Wren: The softening of Cliffy B's heart - You saw it here first, folks!

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-Your scans must be at least 800x800 pixels. The higher the resolution the better.

-Scanning stuffed animals of any sort was funny the first few times people sent them in. Now, they're just not funny. So please don't send them.

-Remember, folks, we're making ART here! The more interesting or original your scan is the more likely it is going to be posted. Try using props! Birds, mice, multiple cats, Christmas lights, Tin Foil, etc...

-Please don't put any text or graphics ON your scan.

-Don't do any stupid Photoshop tricks to your scans.

-Try to avoid scanning the Cat's genitals. We really don't need to see Fluffy's junk up close and personal.

-Please make sure your cat is mostly CLEAN before scanning and sending. I really don't need to see Cat Dandruff or paws that have mud or feces on them.


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