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Updates this week

Tuesday, May 08, 2001
17:01 Marcus Whitlock
10:16 Tim Gift
08:58 Michael Raymond-Judy

Monday, May 07, 2001
20:58 Pat Lipo
15:55 James Monroe
10:15 Rick Johnson
09:18 Paul Jaquays
07:08 Brandon Reinhart

Saturday, May 05, 2001
12:48 Kenn Hoekstra

Friday, May 04, 2001
13:17 Robert Duffy

Thursday, May 03, 2001
17:51 Lee Jackson

Wednesday, May 02, 2001
13:27 Charlie Wiederhold
12:22 Brian Raffel

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Plan Summaries (last 24 hours)

 Next Update  5/8/01 17:01: Marcus Whitlock, Raven Software, Programmer, Heretic II
In the end I had 8 people email me about my comments about the energy policy: 4 disagreeing strongly, 1 mildly disagreeing and 3 who strongly agree.

Previous Update  Next Update  5/8/01 10:16: Tim Gift (Slacker), GarageGames, Founder
GarageGames plan resource for Tim Gift
Posted Tuesday May 8, 2001 at 16:30 GMT
Use the link to see the HTML version of the plan along with any posted

Well, things aren't going all that well here. I posted last time that I pulled a muscle in my lower back... For a while it was getting better, but now something else is going on and my back is getting worst. I finally made an appointment to visit my Dr. which I was reluctant to do while I thought it was just a pulled muscle. I see him tomorrow morning, and hopefully I'll find out what's going on. The bad part is that I'm not getting any work done at all. I just can't seem to find a sitting position which doesn't hurt like hell after a few minutes.

Previous Update  Next Update  5/8/01 08:59: Marcus Whitlock, Raven Software, Programmer, Heretic II
LOL! Looks like my little beef about the Bush administration and their energy policies (um, what policies) stirred up some feelings.

Funny how some people automatically assume that I'm suggesting we all go back to living in mud huts. The point is that technology and the environment can co-exist quite happily, but it means being responsible... not taking the quickest, easiest, most polluting way out because it's cheap to do so.


Previous Update  Next Update  5/8/01 08:58: Michael Raymond-Judy, Raven Software, Level Designer, Heretic II

Just let me say, as someone else who worked on
CyClones, that Pat's insistence on inflicting
those videos on the unprotected and unsuspecting
populace at large, no matter what his good intentions
*might* be (and I have to wonder about those),
is IMO a wantonly cruel and abusive act. Even
"in the interest of art and science" cannot excuse
the trauma that will surely result.

So, I wish to formally distance myself from this
flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention. Carla
del Ponte has been notified...
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