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Cascade Rangers

Formed in the summer of 1998 as an e-mail list of soccer fans joining together to view soccer matches at various PUBS around the Portland area. (US NATIONAL TEAM, MLS, World Cup etc…)

Now the PORTLAND TIMBERS have returned to PDX once again and the CASCADE RANGERS now have a local club to follow. The RANGERS are the SUPPORTERS to join if you are looking for pre & post match fun (LOTS of GOOD CHEER) and always TONS of FUN at the match (yelling, taunts, and just some good old rooting our locals on to victory)
The Cascade Rangers now have a place to call home and that is THE BITTER END PUB (20th &
West Burnside 503-517-0179)
Just across from PGE PARK. John the owner of the pub, is working with us in our efforts to support the club and our quest for a good time while we are at his place. Join us at the pub for a pint and a good ol game of foosball before we head in to the match.

We now are announcing where our location will be inside the park, it is located at SECTION 107 The Wood Shed. We have a block of 100 seats for now, we’ll expand on demand. Just call 503-553-5430 and ask for Kirk Goodman. Tell him you want to sit with the Cascade Rangers in SECTION 107 and he will hook ya up. The cost is $10.25 per match or $164.00 for 16 matches. Your tickets are good for free transportation on the MAX and busses to and from the park. (You can also call 503-553-5555 for more ticket info.) As always we will be getting together for big matches at the BITTER END PUB. So get on our e-mail list now and pass this info on to others!

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