NATO.0+55+3d modular is a set of QuickTime externals for MAX. NATO allows MAX users to deal with any sort of QuickTime media (films, images, sound, QuickTime VR, QuickDraw 3D, Flash movies, etc.) within the MAX environment (Ircam/Opcode/Cycling'74) the same way it is possible with MIDI or audio data using the built-in functions or MSP. NATO interfaces with MAX in the same direct and simple manner that MSP does.

Features :

There are more than 116 objects currently available with the NATO distribution with functions like :
- image generation,
- media import/playback/editing,
- digitizing (audio & video),
- display and recording,
- image analysis and image correction
- object tracking,
- image processing (special effects),
- collage, denoising and other effects,
- 3D and inter-object communication.
Like with MAX there is truly no limit to what can be done with NATO.

Autors :

0f0003.MASCHIN3NKUNST ( Order through IRCAM


The NATO.0+55 / DEAF2000 festival literature reads: "NATO.0+55 is a new software that is set to revolutionise the realtime manipulation of video and sound" Arie van Schutterhoef - artistic director Schreck Ensemble writes: "Think that nato modular is the most interesting software for MAX, since MAX... (consider the contradiction...)" and "offers possibilities for live manipulation of images, that can only be rivalled in the audio domain by SuperCollider" NATO.0+55.Modular [Nezvanova 2000] is an advanced,immensely flexible, realtime and non-realtime component driven visual environment for the creative construction of distractive / elegant structures in space; the space that fills between us. It is a non-linear, vastly expressive, syntactic, data driven modular infrastructure for live video and graphics: specifically 2D and 3D graphics, VR [virtual reality], DV [digital video], Live-Video, Firewire, Quicktime, Flash, MP3, OpenGL and realtime Internet Streaming. NATO.0+55+3d modular is initially (as of 11.11.01) comprised of 120+ objects The system may be modified and expanded as desired [] Objects exist for image analysis. image correction. denoising. numerous effects. object tracking. Optional objects exist for video streaming / conferencing, network processing, firewire i\o 3rd party plug-ins, photoshop and https, http, ftp protocols etc. The diversity permits expedient implementation of custom solutions which at a fraction of the cost outperform facilities afforded by any other environment or even multiple software products. NATO.0+55+3d modular is utilized globally by hundreds of institutes, organizations and individuals. NATO.0+55 workshops have been hosted by BEK, IAMAS, IRCAM, V2/DEAF and shortly ZKM. NATO Poetic Presentation during last Forum Ircam Workshops : -