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Application frameworks are software components that provide complete application skeletons. They may be a good reuse technique in some cases. Their great strength is that they provide a canned design, which reduces the effort required to design the application. This, of course, reduces costs, and development time.

The concept is mainly used in the object oriented community, thus the common term "object oriented application frameworks." However the idea itself may be realized using other tools.

This page includes several links to pages coverring the topic of application frameworks, and provides access to some of my work on application frameworks, and building them in Ada.

In my experiments with this concept I tried to explore the various language tools that may be applicable to the task of building frameworks. I thus explored the use of OO techniques, generic programming, subprogram pointers and other tools, and compared their applicability for this particualr use.

Another issue that inspired my work was the question of the relevance of frameworks, in the realm of language supplied standard libraries. I started out thinking that because of their strength an attempt should be made to include frameworks as part of the supplied libraries. It soon became evident that the domain specifc nature of application frameworks, makes this goal quite hard to achieve.

I still think that some general, and generic, frameworks may be useful as parts of a language standard library, but I still haven't seen, and haven't created myself, a catalog of such frameworks.

My work on frameworks

This is a partial list, and will be continued one day.

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