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Re: Gordon S. Haight

          Donnis de Camp
          Schoyer's Books

          I assume and hope that you may have already had a reply to
          your inquiry about Gordon Haight, but I thought perhaps I
          should nevertheless respond.

          Gordon Haight has died.  His widow, Mary, is still alive, I
          believe, and, from the last I heard, still living in the
          family house in Woodbridge, Connecticut, outside New Haven.
          She would undoubtedly value such a letter.

          Gordon Haight was my teacher both as an undergraduate and
          graduate student at Yale.  He was completely absorbed in the
          life and work of George Eliot and had the distinction,
          before he died, of being asked to speak at the dedication of
          her memorial in Westminster Abbey, an extraordinary
          recognition for an American, as I am sure you are aware!

          I salute you for being willing to go to this effort on
          behalf of a reader and an author.

          George F. Farr, Jr.
          Division of Preservation and Access
          National Endowment for the Humanities
          Washington, DC  20506


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