Act I

Scene.--Forest out in the country. It is a warm afternoon. Bruno and Gustave are wrestling around and are quite dirty. They are having fun enjoying the day. Grant wanders into the area. Although he is smartly dressed, he looks quite down and lonely. Bruno and Gustave stop their playing as Grant approaches.

Bruno. Hail there comrade!

Grant (softly). Hi. How are you?

Bruno. We are doing quite well. My name is Bruno Stahl and this is my twin brother, Gustave. What is your name?

Grant. My name is Grant Oxley.

Gustave. What was that? I couldn’t hear you.

Grant (slightly louder). My name is Grant, Grant Oxley.

Bruno. Hmm. What kind of name do you think that is, Gustave? It certainly isn’t French or German like our names are.

Gustave. It sounds English to me. Where does your name come from Grant? How far back have you traced your family tree?

Grant. I don’t know what type of name it is. I don’t really know anything about my family tree.

Gustave. Aren’t you interested in your ancestors? Bruno and I are French and German. Our mother is pure French and our father is pure German. I find it very interesting to learn about our ancestors.

Bruno (excitedly). Our grandfather Stahl was a warrior in the Great War. He was a brave soldier and fought for his people! Our great grandmother was a writer but Gustave knows more about her than I do. Those relatives are like Gustave and I. My brother and I make quite a team. I am the muscle and he is the brains.

Gustave. Is there anyway for you to find out about your ancestors, Grant? There are probably some people in your family to be proud of. Can’t you think of anyone? After all, you are White.

Grant (stunned). Are you guys racist or something? I have family members that do well but it isn’t because they are White. My dad is a professor at the university actually.

Bruno. Yes, of course we are racist. The White Race is the greatest race that exists.

Grant (terrified, he falls to the ground). Please, don’t hurt me. I will give you what you want just don’t hurt me. I have money and I can get more. Just no more pain, please.

Bruno. Get up my White brother. We aren’t going to hurt you. Where did you get such an idea? We love White people. We don’t hate you. Do we look like evil demons?

[Bruno helps Grant up.]

Grant (softly as he gets up). You really aren’t going to hurt me? Those racists I see on television are always killing people. How do I know that you aren’t going to hurt me?

Bruno. Well, I think you can only trust us and see how we treat you. My brother and I could have easily beaten you up but that wouldn’t be right. Do you believe everything you see on television?

Grant. I guess not. My parents warned me about racist people living nearby though. We just moved here and we haven’t had a chance to meet everyone.

Bruno. I bet it was the Smiths that told your parents about us. They are real Christian fanatics who hate us. They think that because we don’t accept their god, that we are going to burn in hell. They also think that since we love our people and hate our enemies, we are evil. The choice is yours though. You can stay or go but I would prefer you stay because there aren’t many kids around here to play with. So what do you say? (Puts his arm around Gustave while they both smile.) Will you stay?

Grant (after a momentary pause). You don’t seem so bad. I didn’t like the old couple who told us about you anyway. They were really angry and I am not sure why. I will stay for a while. I would like some friends after all.

Bruno (removing his arm from Gustave’s shoulder). Great! We have a lot in common, I bet.

Gustave. How come you moved out here anyway? It is a nice area but you look like you have a lot of money and could live anywhere you wanted.

Grant. My parents didn’t like the city. There was too much crime there. Rocks would be thrown at our house and our cars. My dad was sick of the area and wanted a change. I think we came out here to get away from all that.

Gustave. Our dad said the same thing. We moved here when we were little because my dad didn’t like the city either. He said there were far too many niggers there.

Grant (interrupts, and is aghast). What did you say?? How can you call them that??

Bruno. It is what we call them. They aren’t like us. They destroy neighborhoods and commit most crimes. Weren’t they the ones who destroyed your property?

Grant. Actually, yes they were but it isn’t because they are black.

Gustave. Don’t you find it odd that they are the ones committing all these crimes? It seems like the reason you moved out here was to get away from them. You won’t find many niggers out here.

Grant. I don’t think that is the reason. My parents say it is bad to call them that. I don’t want to hurt their feelings. We have been holding them down for so many years. We have to help them in any way that we can.

Bruno (indignant). Who told you such trash!? The niggers are lower than us and are our enemies. The reason that the cities are so horrible is because of the niggers who turn nice White towns into ghettos. Our dad took us to the city before just to prove that point. My brother and I saw how terrible it was. I never want to live around such people or help them out. My father says the best thing we can do with them is send them back to Africa.

Grant (timidly). I’m sorry. You aren’t going to hurt me, are you? I don’t want to fight or anything. If that is how you say it is, then I believe you.

Bruno. You shouldn’t simply believe what I say because you are scared. You have to understand things for yourself.

Gustave. Do you watch a lot of television, Grant? I think that could explain a lot.

Grant (happier). Well, yes I do. It is my favorite hobby. I like to watch cartoons, shows, name it and I probably like it. I have a huge video library as well. Do you guys want to watch anything?

Bruno. No, we don’t care for television. The Jews use it to pollute our brains. We had a television set a long time ago but we sold it. Our family sat around and watched for a while but my dad got so sick of hearing about "equality" and "diversity". The shows also made Whites look horrible and stupid. Our dad couldn’t have that so he got rid of it.

Grant. How do you know that the Jews use the media like that?

Gustave (after acknowledging the nod from Bruno). The information is out there that shows how the Jews control the media. We have the details at our house if you are interested. The Jews have been corrupting our people for centuries. After all, they have been thrown out of virtually every White country at least once. I will name a few: Austria in 1420, England in 1290, France in 1394, Spain in 1492..

Bruno (interrupts). I think he gets the point, brother. (To Grant.) My brother is very smart but he can get carried away.

Grant. Where can I read about what you are talking about?

Bruno. In our Holy Books. They are called Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible. We read them as a family every night.

Grant. I’ve never heard of those books. Do you worship the devil?

Bruno (laughs). No, of course not. We don’t believe in any silly superstitions or gods. We base our beliefs on what makes sense. I’ve never seen any gods floating around in the air, have you?

Grant. No, not really. What do you believe in then?

Bruno. We have a great religion but I think my brother can describe it better than I can.

Gustave. Our religion is called Creativity and we are called Creators. We believe in Nature and science. It is a positive religion. We place the White Race as the most important thing in life. We believe that the White Race is Nature’s Finest..

Grant (interjects). What do you mean by that if you don’t mind saying?

Gustave. We mean that the White Race is superior. We are better than the other races. Do you understand?

Grant. Yes, I do. Do you mind if I ask you a question about that though?

Bruno. Sure, go ahead.

Grant. My dad is a doctor in history and he says that the races are equal. Is he wrong?

Bruno. It is plain to see that the races aren’t equal. Simply look at the black ghettos and White areas. Of course, my brother can explain it better than I can.

Gustave. The great civilizations have all been White and this has been backed up by many scientific digs. You know about the ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids, right?

Grant. Yes, my father has mentioned them before. Aren’t the Egyptians Arabs or whatever they are called?

Gustave. Modern Egyptians are Arabs, yes. But the ancient Egyptians were White when they were building the pyramids. They have even found blond haired skeletons in the tombs in Egypt. It makes perfect sense that the area was great when the Whites were there but now it is a horrible place to live. It is like White cities that are nice to live in when just Whites live there but when the niggers move there, it ruins the place and creates ghettos.

Grant. Well, that does seem to make sense. I am scared to go near those ghettos. The area we lived in was getting worse and worse.

Bruno. So you mean that niggers were moving in?

Grant. Well, there were more blacks. My family didn’t seem to get along with them too much. They tended to be loud and drunk, most of the time.

Gustave. How many blacks were around you? Were there a lot of crimes in the neighborhood? Did they attack you?

Bruno (laughing softly). It might to take him a while to answer all of your questions. (To Grant.) My brother is very curious as you can see. His memory is really great. I like to learn but he is better than I am and I respect him for it. (Boasting.) I am the better wrestler though.

Grant. You two seem like quite a pair. I wish I had a brother. Maybe then I wouldn’t get in so many fights.

Bruno. Fights? Don’t worry; we are your White brothers and we will help you out. Why did you get into fights?

Gustave (after a pause where Grant doesn’t respond). It seems obvious that he was in a black school. Those niggers don’t need a reason to start fights. It is their nature. They are cowards though. (To Bruno.) Remember what father told us about them only fighting when they are in gorilla packs?

Bruno. Yes, I do brother. He said that if it is an even fight then they won’t cause any trouble. But when they have ten of their monkey pals around, then they will almost always start a fight with our White comrades. Dad also said that if you show confidence then they probably won’t fight at all. That story he told us about when he was in high school was great. He held off over twenty muds just because they thought he was insane and fearless.

Gustave. I liked that story too. So what do you have to say Grant?

Grant. I’ve gotten into many fights. I’ve fought in school and at home. I don’t like it at all. The bullies that attacked me were black and they always took my money. The teachers couldn’t do anything about it when I told them. They said it was something called "diversity" and it was actually my fault that I made them attack me. I was told to simply give them my money in the future.

Bruno (aghast). How terrible! Did you tell your parents about it?

Grant. Yes, and they were mad but they didn’t know what to do. My dad said something about being called a racist and how he might lose his job. He told me to try and avoid the bullies.

Bruno. That didn’t help though, did it?

Grant. No, it didn’t. I tried to stay away from them but they always seemed to find me. I did like my teacher told me and gave them my money without a fight but they beat me up anyway.

Bruno. Weren’t there any White friends that could help you out or anything?

Grant. My friends got beat up too and when we tried to join together to help each other out, the teachers told us not to be racist and used a word called "integrate". The blacks didn’t have to do this though for some reason.

Bruno. Didn’t your dad show you how to fight? Our dad taught us how to punch, kick, and wrestle.

Grant. Well, my dad sent me to a karate school. They taught us how to strike but I would just get knocked down and didn’t know what to do. The blacks would just keep kicking me.

Bruno. My brother and I can show you some moves. We wrestle a lot.

Grant. I would like that. Could you show me how to do a powerbomb or drop-kick?

Bruno. What? What is that?

Grant. You know, like the wrestlers do on television. I like to watch wrestling. Pro wrestling is really exciting. My favorite wrestler is the Dominator.

Bruno (to Gustave). Do you know what he is talking about?

Gustave. It seems he is talking about some kind of wrestling on television but it doesn’t sound like any kind we know of. Knowing how television is though, it is probably some kind of phony wrestling.

Grant. Everyone does say it is fake but I still like to watch it.

Bruno. We can’t show you the moves you mentioned but we can show you what we know. We practice takedowns and submission holds a lot so we are good at those. The submission holds are really good for fighting because you can cripple the enemy or choke them out. How does that sound?

Grant (brightening somewhat). That does sound like it could be helpful. I don’t have to worry about those blacks anymore though.

Bruno. What happened to convince your dad that it was time to move?

Grant. Soon after I had karate lessons, I really got beat up badly. I broke a couple of ribs. The blacks got mad when I actually punched one of them. (Speaking softly because he is ashamed.) It hurt really bad. I went to the doctor and missed a lot of school.

Bruno. So then your parents realized it was time to leave, right?

Grant. Yes. My dad had lived in our house for his whole life. My grandparents had died when he was eighteen so my dad inherited the house. He was really attached to the area and told me that the area had really changed. My mom had to convince him that we had to leave the city. It took him a while but he finally agreed. We weren’t able to sell the house for much because the area was so bad though.

Bruno. It is certainly much better out here than in the city. What makes you think you won’t have trouble in the schools here?

Grant (startled). Wha, what do you mean? My parents said the schools out here would be safe.

Bruno. I think they aren’t bad now but they are talking about bussing blacks into the school. Tell him about it, Gustave.

Gustave. My pleasure, brother. Even though most of the town hates him because he is racist, our father attends the community meetings that are held every week. He likes to keep up on what is going on in the community. We don’t watch television or get the newspaper because the Jews control them and my dad doesn’t think we need that in our lives. The Jews lie and twist the news around to fit their own ends. They wish to destroy our people through the use of the media, money, and government. They control the movies, television shows, books, papers..

Bruno (interrupts). Brother, you are straying from the point. We can talk about the Jews later. Why don’t you tell him about the school.

Gustave (smiling). Ah yes, brother. You know how much I like to talk about the Jews. Anyway, our father recently learned of the idea to bus blacks in from the city to bring the "glory" of black culture to the school. They are saying that since the school is entirely White, that it must be racist. Our dad said that many of the parents didn’t look too pleased with the idea but they were too afraid to speak out against it. Our dad said that the idea was introduced by a dark skinned man who doesn’t even live in our town. Our father is sure that he is a Jew. When our dad spoke out against the proposal, he was thrown out of the hall and told not to return by the police.

Grant (sheepishly). Do you think they will actually bus blacks in?

Bruno. Our whole family is agreed that they will but we aren’t worried about it.

Grant. Why not? I didn’t think you would want to have blacks in your school.

Bruno. We don’t go to the school.

Grant. Huh? What do you mean?

Bruno. Our parents homeschool us. Our mom does most of the teaching but our father teaches us math and history. There was no way our father would allow us to go to a public school no matter how White it was.

Grant. Why not?

Bruno. Do you really need to ask? Even when there are Whites, the teachers still teach Whites to be ashamed of who we are. You have seen that yourself, Grant. (To Gustave.) Tell our friend here about dad and his school.

Gustave. Our father didn’t live in the greatest area when he was young. It was mostly a poor White area with some niggers. Most of the people back then were openly racist so there were White schools and black schools. After a while, though, things changed and they brought blacks into the White schools even though most people were against it. The government used soldiers to make sure the niggers got to school all right. Our dad didn’t know it then but the whole plan by the Jews was to destroy our people. He finally did find out what was happening in the world and here we are now. We know that either Whites will stick together or we will die.

Grant (looking pale and frightened). Is there no hope then? All the Whites I see aren’t like you and aren’t proud to be White. How did you guys come to be like you are?

Bruno. Our dad discovered Creativity before we were born. He was at a gun show when he discovered the Holy Books and we have been raised this way.

Grant. Do you think I could look at these books sometime?

Bruno. Yes, of course. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of each other in the future. What do you plan on doing about school though?

Grant. I don’t really know. I think you might be right about the blacks and I don’t want to get in fights again. How do you like being homeschooled?

Bruno. I think it is great. We can learn at our own pace and that is surely faster than the niggers. Our mother says that since the niggers are so stupid that it slows the class down and doesn’t let the Whites learn as much as they would in a class full of Whites. (To Gustave.) How do you like our schooling, brother?

Gustave. I like it a lot. Mom and dad are both good teachers. They are always willing to help us when we have a problem with our schoolwork. I like talking about literature with mom and talking about history with dad. It is hard to compare it with public schooling because we’ve never been public schooled. Our mom says we are both far ahead of other kids. She says that she didn’t learn geometry until high school but we learned that last year. How was it in the school you went to? Did you learn a lot?

Grant. The teacher had to repeat a lot of things because most of the students didn’t understand. It was easy though and I got bored of the teacher always going over the same lesson. I learned what they taught to us but they didn’t teach too many new things.

Bruno. Were there a lot of niggers in your classes then?

Grant. Well, yes there were. They didn’t understand reading too well or math. Maybe they aren’t as smart as we are.

Bruno (smiling). It looks like you are learning, comrade. There are many things you should know that the Jews hide from people.

Grant. I am starting to wonder. How old are you guys anyway? I’m thirteen years old and I have never even heard of geometry.

Bruno. We are both twelve years old. (Smiling.) I am older though by five minutes. Geometry was pretty tough. Gustave was better than I was at it.

Gustave. Geometry is very interesting. It deals with points, lines, and surfaces. Math is very important in many things that you do. You need at least a basic understanding of math to do just about anything. Do you like math, Grant?

Grant. It is ok. I can multiply and divide and things like that. Most of the blacks couldn’t though. The last thing we were doing was fractions and that seemed pretty easy to me.

Bruno. The schools are just as our parents said but it seems even worse.

Grant. How can I get homeschooled? Does your family school other kids as well?

Bruno (laughing). Oh, no. Most of the town doesn’t like us much even though they are White. The Jews have made Whites hate us for loving White people. You can see that pretty easily as you were even scared when you found out we were racist. Our parents could help you but I think you would have to convince your parents. Didn’t you say your dad is a history professor?

Grant. Yes he is but he doesn’t talk about it much. (Looking gloomy.) I don’t really think I can convince them to be homeschooled though. They really hate racist people.

Bruno. With that attitude you won’t be able to do much of anything. Do you want to go to a school that is soon to be filled with apes or do you want to learn in a friendly house where you won’t have to worry about getting beat up?

Grant. Well, I would like to feel safe and learn. Do you think I could really show my parents that you guys aren’t evil though?

Bruno. I sure do. You don’t think we are terrible people anymore, do you?

Grant. No, that doesn’t seem to be true. (Brightening somewhat.) Maybe I can show them how you really are. It is possible, don’t you think?

Bruno. Yes, of course it is. The first step to getting something done is a positive attitude.

Grant. How can I get a positive attitude? You two really seem to be confident. How did that happen?

Bruno. We have been this way for as long as I remember. Our parents are both confident and happy and we are the same way. It has to do with our religion, Creativity. It is a wonderful religion that stresses blood, honor, and soil.

Grant. Do you have a list of beliefs or something?

Bruno. Oh, yes! We have a total of 41 beliefs that make up our religion. The first fundamental belief is that our Race is our Religion. Everything revolves around the White Race and we do what is best for our people.

Gustave. The thirteenth essence of a Creator is really important and would probably help you, Grant. It reads: "A Creator places a high value on ATTITUDE, strives continually to maintain a healthy, positive, and dynamic attitude towards life."

Grant. That sounds like it could be helpful. Do you have to memorize all those beliefs though?

Bruno. No. They are pretty long and go into quite a bit of detail. We have memorized the five fundamental beliefs but not the others. Once you read them, you can get the general idea. They go into detail to make sure you are putting our people first. What religion are you, Grant?

Grant. My family isn’t really into religion. My dad thinks all religions are just scams to take people’s money. My mom was a Christian but my dad didn’t want anything to do with the bible. He says there isn’t any historical evidence to back up the stories in the bible. He wants me to believe in science and things like that instead of a god.

Bruno. That’s good to hear. We don’t believe in any silly gods either. There isn’t any proof of gods at all. Nature has laws which cannot be broken.

Grant. How do you think everything started then?

Bruno. We don’t really know. We weren’t around when it started so we can’t really say for sure.

Gustave. Some people say that god created everything but then you have to wonder who created god. If god was always here then you can say that the universe was always here too.

Grant (a tint of enlightenment shows in his face). Wow. That makes a lot of sense. I think my dad might like what you are saying except the racist part.

Bruno. Most White people are racist but won’t admit to it. Let’s hope that is the way your dad is.

Grant. I hope so too. I am afraid he is going to be mad at me though.

Bruno. What do you mean?

Grant. He warned me about racist people. He might be angry at me for talking to you.

Bruno. We have changed your mind about racist people, haven’t we?

Grant. Yes, you have.

Bruno. Then we can change your father’s mind as well. It seems you moved out here to get away from the niggers and that is a racist act. Your dad might not admit that but it looks that way to me.

Gustave. He will probably say it is mainly because of your troubles in school that he wanted to move. I bet he also says that your neighborhood has become run down. Both of these problems come from the same cause. That cause is the Jewish led niggers. The Jews also use the other races but niggers are their main tool now.

Grant. Well, both of the reasons you said are ones he has used. He also mentioned how he wanted me to get a better education. It looks like that problem is also caused by the blacks though.

Bruno. How does it feel to start seeing things as they really are?

Grant. It is different. I don’t like to be lied to and told everyone is equal if we really aren’t. And now that I am thinking about things on my own instead of listening to my teachers, it sure doesn’t look like the blacks are equal to us. It is scary though.

Bruno. Why is that?

Grant. Because everyone seems to hate racist people. My parents, my teachers, and the television all say racist people are bad. You aren’t like they say though. Racists are supposed to be angry and want to kill everyone.

Bruno. Doesn’t that look like a lie now that you see us?

Grant. Yes, it does but you could just be tricking me.

Bruno. That is possible. You will just have to decide for yourself if we are good or bad. We back up what we say and aren’t bothered by questions. Maybe you should ask some people why racists are so bad.

Gustave. Are you aware that most people used to be racist? Many great men were racist although the schools might not tell you that.

Grant. My dad told me that many people used to be racist when he was younger but now it was a bad thing.

Bruno. I hope he tells you why it is bad now. Our religion says not to believe things that don’t make sense and to ask questions.

Grant. I will have to ask him about that. What great men are you talking about being racist anyway?

Gustave. Men like Ben Franklin, who warned about the Jews. Washington, the first president of the United States, agreed with Franklin. Lincoln wanted to ship the niggers out of the country. Henry Ford of the Ford car company wrote a book about the Jews controlling the world. Charles Lindbergh..

Bruno (interrupts). Do you get the picture, Grant?

Grant. Yes, I do. I never knew about them being racist. I would like to know more about that. I wonder why my dad never told me about that.

Bruno. Since the Jews control so much, they can also rewrite our history books or simply not mention events in history. Most people disagree with us but we have the facts to support what we say.

[A beeping sound is heard.]

Grant (glancing down at his pager). I have to go home now. I hope we can talk again soon. Bye.

Bruno. Bye, comrade. Take care. Come over some time. (Pointing.) Our house is the small brown one down that way with our flag of Creativity flying proudly. It has a large "W" so you can’t miss it.

Grant. Thanks. I hope to visit soon.

Gustave. Farewell, friend.

Act II