Scene.--The living room of the Stahls. It is night time. They have a simple house but it is well maintained and neat. The living room contains a couch, coffee table, and two chairs that are all finely crafted out of wood. Mr. and Mrs. Stahl are seated in the two chairs, talking. Their children are in their rooms, reading. A knock is heard at the door.

Mrs. Stahl. Ah, it looks like our invitation was accepted. I wasnít sure if they would come or not after hearing the description the boys gave.

Mr. Stahl. I know what you mean. I think the boys will be happy to see the boy they met. (Rises and goes to the door.)

[The boys both run from their rooms to the living room with happy, anxious faces.]

Mr. Stahl (opens the door to reveal Dr. and Mrs. Oxley). Greetings, friends! Come in, come in. Have a seat on the couch there.

[Dr. Oxley and Mrs. Oxley come in and seat themselves on the couch.]

Dr. Oxley. This is quite a small house you have here. Why donít you have a bigger house?

Mr. Stahl (sits down). We are simple and frugal people. We might not have a lot of money but we have a loving family. Where might your son be?

Dr. Oxley. I didnít think it was suitable to bring him to such a house. He is a young boy, after all.

Mr. Stahl. I see. (To Bruno and Gustave.) Boys go back to your studies then. (They go to their rooms, disappointed.) (To the Oxleys.) Where are my manners? Iím sorry. Iím Manfried Stahl and this is my wife Monique. What are your names?

Dr. Oxley. I am Dr. Leonard Oxley and this is my wife, Crystal. So, is the whole family racist?

Mr. Stahl (chuckles). Yes, indeed. It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope you donít believe everything you hear about us.

Mrs. Stahl. Would either of you care for something to drink or eat?

Dr. Oxley. Yes, I would like some wine and caviar. (To Mrs. Oxley.) You donít need anything, do you? (Mrs. Oxley shakes her head while appearing rather subdued).

Mrs. Stahl. Iím sorry, we donít have any of that. We have some water or orange juice to drink. Since we live on a farm, we have quite a selection of fruits and vegetables available, if youíd like.

Dr. Oxley. So, nothing good then. Nevermind then. There is no reason to eat such revolting food. Why do you anyway?

Mr. Stahl. The food we have from our farm is very healthy. We donít use any pesticides either so we eat quite well. Weíve raised our boys on the diet, which is called Salubrious Living, and they have never had any major diseases. They do get their bumps and bruises from playing though. (Chuckles softly.)

Dr. Oxley. Bumps and bruises? So, do you beat the kids then?

Mr. Oxley. No, of course not! What would give you such ideas?

Dr. Oxley. Nevermind. How do you survive here? I mean what do you do to make money?

Mr. Stahl. We run the farm and make some money that way. I also do some carpentry work as well. My wife sews our clothes and blankets but she also sells some on occasion.

Mrs. Stahl (to Mrs. Oxley). Are you all right? You donít look so well. Do you need some water?

Mrs. Oxley. I, I am ok. No, thanks.

Dr. Oxley. Donít mind her. She is a little under the weather. Ha! (To Mr. Stahl). What kind of carpentry do you do?

Mr. Stahl. I designed and built this house, with the help of some friends. I also made all the furniture in the house. I can make pretty much anything out of wood.

Mrs. Oxley (coming out of her daze somewhat). Really? Wow, look at this couch, Leonard.

Dr. Oxley (not looking at the couch). Yes, this is nice. Is it hard to find work since you are a racist?

Mr. Stahl. Yes, it can be quite difficult. We are pretty self sufficient, though, so we get by comfortably.

Dr. Oxley. I donít see how you can get by very well at all. I didnít even see any livestock on your farm.

Mr. Stahl. We donít eat meat and donít think we should sell meat to people as it is not healthy.

Dr. Oxley. Are you one of those weakling people who think itís such a horrible crime to shoot animals or something?

Mr. Stahl. No, not at all. We have some guns here that me and the boys go hunting with. We kill off all the pesky animals that disturb the crops. What do you have a doctorate in, Dr. Oxley?

Dr. Oxley (proudly). My doctorate is in history. I am a professor at the university. I donít suppose you know much about history though. Most of the blockheads out here donít know much of anything and they are especially ignorant of history.

Mr. Stahl. Actually, history is my favorite subject. I love reading about the greatness of the White Race. I have quite a few history books that provide good stories for my boys. As a historian, you can accept the greatness of the White Race, right Dr. Oxley?

Dr. Oxley. Greatness? If you call slaughtering other races and enslaving them, greatness, well then sure we are great! Ha! The White Race has destroyed more people and more cultures than any other race. We have oppressed millions and exploited them to death. No, we certainly are not great.

Mr. Stahl. It seems you have swallowed the Jewish propaganda that encourages Whites to demean and degrade themselves. It is all right for the other races to be proud of their people but we are branded evil for loving our people and all the greatness we embody. Does that make sense? Iím not saying we have been perfect in the past but we can learn from our mistakes. With all the anti-White filth that is spewed out, Whites are simply destroying themselves. Thatís why we came out here. We wanted to get away from the Jewish influence where we could live in a healthy environment. Didnít you move out here for the same reason?

Dr. Oxley. Certainly not. There were several factors involved with our move. The main ones being the revolting city and the abuse of our son, Grant.

Mr. Stahl. Indeed, Iíve seen the city myself. The muds have really trashed the area. It is much better out here, donít you think?

Dr. Oxley. This area is only slightly better. Granted, I donít suppose there is much crime but the people are exceedingly fatuous. I donít think my boy will be harassed out here like he was before though. Iíd love to rip apart those kids that persecuted my boy! So, what is the "mud" word you use?

Mr. Stahl. It is a catchall word to describe all the non-White races. There are Whites and then there are muds.

Dr. Oxley (sardonically). Sounds like a real scientific term!

Mr. Stahl. It is not meant to be. It is a term that people can relate to, like using "White Race" instead of "Caucasian" or what-have-you. I can understand your position concerning your child. I donít think that the public schools are going to be safe much longer though. Have you heard the news about the bussing of the niggers?

Dr. Oxley. Such indecency! Why must use such a loathsome term to describe the blacks?

Mr. Stahl. Klassen advises us to do so, actually. He reasons that they are lower than us and deserve our hatred. Only through love of our people and hatred of the enemy, can we unite our people as a race to fight for our best interest. It used to be a rather common term until the Jews gave it the power it has today.

Dr. Oxley. We have much to discuss, Mr. Stahl! I despise what you stand for but you do possess some knowledge. So, I certainly must pick your brain apart. (To Mrs. Stahl.) Isnít there something that you and my wife could do while I talk with your husband?

Mrs. Stahl. Ah, that is an excellent idea. Would you care to see some of the knitting work I have done, Mrs. Oxley?

Mrs. Oxley (rather apprehensively). Y, yes, I wouldnít mind seeing that.

[The women exit the living room.]

Dr. Oxley. So, where were we...Hatred, then. You believe it is necessary to have hatred? Donít you think it will simply destroy you and those around you?

Mr. Stahl. If it were used blindly, then sure it would be destructive. Then again, so would love.

Dr. Oxley. What do mean love being destructive!?

Mr. Stahl. If you simply loved everyone, then you would be easy to take advantage of. We distinctly say who we love and who we hate. We love Whites and hate muds. Itís simple. An all loving nature could certainly get you killed when you walked into the ghetto and tried to befriend a gang member.

Dr. Oxley. Ha! So, you could. Why have hatred though?

Mr. Stahl. Only with hatred can we survive as a race. Whites have disliked the other races throughout the years but wherever the other races have existed side by side with the White man, interbreeding has resulted. Only through hatred will we be able to repel this poisoning of our blood. We concentrate our hatred at the evils we see and focus it to change those evils. Surely, you hate, Brother?

Dr. Oxley. Yes, of course I do! I was just wondering what your motivation was. As much as I deplore what you stand for, I can see where you come from. My life is filled with hatred at all the sick and pathetic scum of the earth. I find it harder to find something to love since the world is as bleak as it is. Why do you love Whites? You had no control of what race you became at birth whatsoever.

Mr. Stahl. The White Race is an extension of my White family. It is natural to love your family. If I were born black, then I would be proud to be black. There wouldnít be much to be proud of, but I would still love my people. Fortunately, I am White and a member of Natureís Finest.

Dr. Oxley. So, Klassen is the founder of your religion, then? Creativity, isnít it?

Mr. Stahl. Yes, that is right. Are you aware of the Holy Books then? Have you read them?

Dr. Oxley. No, no. I did a little research on them when my boy mentioned them. They are labeled hate books. It is a little surprising that they are even available.

Mr. Stahl. Indeed, the Jews label them as such because they fear us. Klassen said that we must straighten out the White Manís thinking and if every White Racial Comrade in the world had a copy of our Holy Books, we would be living in a glorious paradise.

Dr. Oxley. That is a powerful boast! Of course, I donít believe that is possible whatsoever! It sounds like another scam like those of the Christian Church. They want you to give, give, give while the preachers get rich, rich, rich. The preachers live in mansions while the sheep they fleece are barely scraping by on their meager wages.

Mr. Stahl. I absolutely agree about most churches. If you arenít aware, we are not Christians and are actually against Christianity. We look forward to the day of the Superman and not the Christian ideal of a man, which is a village idiot, as Klassen says.

Dr. Oxley. Surely, you jest! Superman!? How do you suppose this will come about?

Mr. Stahl. I am not kidding. The White Race is the greatest race there is and Creativity urges our comrades to greatness. Through the practice of eugenics, we can improve each generation so that it is better than the last.

Dr. Oxley. I donít see the Superman coming into fruition but I certainly agree with eugenics. There are way too many retards in this world and we need to put an end to it. I think we should put all the imbeciles out of their misery as swiftly as possible. They are such a drain on our economy as we have to waste our time taking care of these vegetables. The billions we waste on them could be used elsewhere. Even though I teach at the university, you should see some of the moronic idiots who come through the doors. Now, how did that happen?

Mr. Stahl. Colleges and universities used to be only for the brightest students but now they let just about anyone in. I bet the university doesnít even have an entrance exam, does it?

Dr. Oxley. No, we donít. Iíve seen football players in my class who couldnít even have graduated high school. Supposedly they have but they are dumber than a box of rocks!

Mr. Stahl. Athletics is emphasized more than academics nowadays and you can see the lower intelligence level. The schools have lower standards than they used to and the good athletes simply get pushed along, regardless of their academic skill. How well is your son doing in his education?

Dr. Oxley. He gets great grades but I donít think they are teaching him much. He recently commented how he gets bored because the class is so repetitive. He says that the children donít understand so the teacher has to go over the assignment.

Mr. Stahl. Indeed, the muds are simply not as smart as we are. His education is stunted as a result of being in a class with them. I would recommend homeschooling.

Dr. Oxley. There were Whites in his class as well! I still see no hard evidence of any great differences in race!

Mr. Stahl. Do you think it is merely coincidence that all civilizations have been White? Egypt, Greece, Rome etc. all were led by White men. Virtually all worthwhile inventions have been created by White men as well. Cars, planes, computers, harnessing electricity etc. were all accomplished by Whites. The list goes on and on. How do you explain this?

Dr. Oxley. It is merely coincidence! I cannot accept the fact that one race is better than any other!

Mr. Stahl. I can only present you with the facts and it is up to you to see what they mean. I have books that back up what I am saying. Granted, people can lie but when you use reason, common sense, and logic, you can generally tell who is lying. Anyway, would you care to read our Holy Books? You are obviously a man of learning so I think you can appreciate great books.

Dr. Oxley. Yes, I am interested in reading them and seeing where you are getting these absurd ideas. Where are they?

Mr. Stahl (grabs the books from the coffee table and hands them to Dr. Oxley.) Here you go. The core beliefs of Creativity are detailed in Natureís Eternal Religion and the White Manís Bible. They are great nourishment for the mind. Nourishment for the body is detailed in Salubrious Living, which relates the diet we are naturally suited for. They are our only copies so Iíd like them back as soon as you are done with them. We generally read from them every night but I have enough memorized to go on for quite a while so there is no rush.

Dr. Oxley. We shall see how "holy" and "great" these books are!

Mr. Stahl. I believe that you will truly enjoy them. The creed is rather simple but extremely powerful. It sometimes seems hard to imagine that no one else in the history of the White Race has come up with a religion like it. I think the book will appeal to your logic and convince you that Creativity is the only salvation for the White Race.

Dr. Oxley. Ha! That is a bold statement! I will certainly learn from these books. I conceive that I will find out why so many people hate racists!

Mr. Stahl. After you read them, I would be happy to talk to you about them. I think you might be surprised what lies within them. Anyway, what do you think of homeschooling?

Dr. Oxley. It sounds rather amateurish to me. Only professionals should be teaching. Not every uncivilized hick has the skill and intelligence to be a teacher.

Mr. Stahl. Do you think that all the teachers are professionals like you are then?

Dr. Oxley. Of course not! I donít know of any that possess skills like I do. We have a few complete idiots on the staff at the university. Most teachers arenít professionals but they should be.

Mr. Stahl. Do you think that even someone with your talent could teach a class of mentally retarded people?

Dr. Oxley. They are incapable of learning much, if anything. So, I would not want to teach such brain dead simpletons.

Mr. Stahl. You would rather teach gifted students, then?

Dr. Oxley. Yes, of course. It would be far more rewarding knowing that the students were actually learning something instead of going to college to party and destroy their minds with drugs.

Mr. Stahl. Wouldnít such gifted students learn far more than those who arenít as smart?

Dr. Oxley. Yes, that is obvious. What are you getting at?

Mr. Stahl. We have smart boys who are a pleasure to homeschool and they learn far more here than they would at some school. They can learn at their own pace instead of being slowed down like they would be in these schools today. Donít you think your son would learn a lot more if you were to teach him?

Dr. Oxley. So, he would. I am a professional though. How can someone like you properly teach a child?

Mr. Stahl. My wife and I have a natural bond between our children and that gives us a great advantage. We know the subject matter and simply teach our children. The children are very inquisitive and love to learn and they are getting to the point where they venture off and learn new things on their own. My wife and I have also read multiple books on good teaching skills and we can adapt as new situations arise.

Dr. Oxley. What about books? Donít you need a good library in order to teach your children?

Mr. Stahl. Indeed, I think it is very important. (Proudly.) We have a library of over two thousand books.

Dr. Oxley. Bah! With such meager wages, how could you afford so many books?

Mr. Stahl. Used books are quite inexpensive. I have been collecting books for years now. Every time I go into town, I check out the thrift stores and used book stores to see if they have anything worthwhile. Iíd say I get about five or so every week.

Dr. Oxley. Your tale still seems rather far-fetched. I suppose you can prove what you say, right?

Mr. Stahl. Yes, of course. I hold honor in very high regard as does my religion. I am very proud of our library as well. Come with me.

[Mr. Stahl leads Dr. Oxley down the hall, into the library.]

Mr. Stahl. Here we are. What do you think, Dr. Oxley?

Dr. Oxley (looking through the book shelves). So, you actually speak the truth. You donít see that much anymore.

Mr. Stahl (pointing to a bookshelf). You might like this shelf here. These are my history books. I have books ranging from ancient history to the modern era.

Dr. Oxley. I suppose all these books are merely for show, right? You couldnít possibly have read them all.

Mr. Stahl. No, I havenít read them all. I have read a lot of them although I canít say how many for certain. I buy them in the hopes that someone in the house might be able to learn from them. As you can see, there are books of many different genres so that most everyone will find something they like.

Dr. Oxley (picking out a book). This history of eugenics looks rather interesting. Speaking of which, if your religion promotes eugenics, how come you only have two children?

Mr. Stahl. We moved here when the boys were young and it was difficult getting by at first. We had to repay loans so we had to work more. We are quite comfortable now and I am very proud to say that my wife is currently pregnant. (Proudly.) We look forward to enlarging our family!

Dr. Oxley (sarcastically). The world really needs more racists!

Mr. Stahl (heatedly). Dr! I have been extremely diplomatic with you despite your flippant attitude and you will either contain yourself or I will be forced to use more violent means to persuade you!

Dr. Oxley (shocked). Are you threatening me!?

Mr. Stahl. You can call it whatever you wish. Are you going to comply or not?

[The ladies and the children rush to the library.]

Mr. Stahl (to the crowd of women and children). Resume what you were doing. Everything is under control here.

Mrs. Stahl (to Mr. Stahl). Are you sure, dear? I heard yelling.

Mr. Stahl (to Mrs. Stahl). Yes, I am sure. (To children.) Get back to your studies, boys.

[The women and children retreat to their respective rooms.]

Mr. Stahl (glaring at Dr. Oxley). What do you have to say, Brother? Shall we continue our conversation now without your insults?

Dr. Oxley (somewhat subdued). It seems the tiger has been uncaged. It is your house and I will cease my insults. (Brightening.) You sure have some fire stored in that chest of yours. I must say that this night has not gone as I expected. Anyway, where we were?

Mr. Stahl (regaining his amiable demeanor). We were discussing eugenics. Do you have only one child?

Dr. Oxley. Yes, my only son is Grant.

Mr. Stahl. You are obviously a brilliant man and it appears as though you are quite wealthy, so why do you have only one child?

Dr. Oxley. I donít really have time for another child. The one I have now is quite a pain as it is. Besides, after the torturous ordeal my wife went through giving birth to Grant, I doubt she wants more. I would rather work on my books than have another child, anyway.

Mr. Stahl. My wife and I have felt the pangs for a larger family for quite some time and we are going to realize that dream in about seven months. We look forward to expanding our loving clan. Donít you feel those natural instincts?

Dr. Oxley. I used to but not anymore. I tend to work on my books in my free time.

Mr. Stahl. What are these books you are speaking of?

Dr. Oxley. Ha! I didnít tell you that? Something must be wrong with me! Most of my wealth comes from the history books I write. They are used in schools across the country and I have made a lot off of the royalties. The university even uses one of my books. Obviously, I teach that class. Ha! Do you have any of my great books?

Mr. Stahl. Iím not sure. It is possible. I donít usually look at the author of history books; I just simply purchase the book. I have accidentally purchased some blatantly Jewish books but I promptly burned them in the fireplace.

Dr. Oxley (looking through the books). Let me see here. Hmm. I donít see any offhand, but what is this? (Takes a book from the shelf.) Why do you have a book on the Holocaust? Do you like reading about such a horrific crime against humanity?

Mr. Stahl. That book tells how fraudulent the Holohoax really is. It goes in detail to debunk the scam and get to the truth of the matter.

Dr. Oxley. Which is?

Mr. Stahl. The truth is that the Jews manipulated people into believing the lie that they were massacred, in order to heap blame upon the Germans while making themselves out to look like innocent victims. They have profited greatly from the hoax, to the tune of billions of dollars. The Jews have greatly distorted the facts but World Jewry declared war on Germany long before World War II.

Dr. Oxley. Ha! You must be joking. Everyone knows that the Jews suffered horribly during the Holocaust. Six millions Jews were slaughtered, with many of those being gassed. Being the historian that I am, I know more than most how much the Jews have been persecuted.

Mr. Stahl. The Jews control most of the media, so they can show you what they wish. Experts say that hundreds of thousands of Jews died during the war, mostly due to starvation. None of them were gassed as the supposed gas chamber idea was purely a myth created by the Jews. The Germans used the Jews, as well as others, for labor during the war and it doesnít make much sense to kill your workers anyway.

Dr. Oxley. That is outrageous! How can you make such claims?

Mr. Stahl. Once you know the Jew, you will understand. You can borrow the book, if you wish.

Dr. Oxley. Not now. I have enough to read for now.

Mr. Stahl. By the way, you are aware of the Communist slaughter in Russia, correct?

Dr. Oxley. Yes, I am. Iíve heard estimates of twenty to one hundred million people being killed. I donít think we will ever know for sure how many were actually killed as the Communists didnít keep very good records.

Mr. Stahl. Indeed, now that was a tragedy. Millions of Whites were killed but you donít hear about that too often. Are you aware that Communism is thoroughly Jewish?

Dr. Oxley. You seem to think everything evil in the world originated with the Jew! How on earth can you say Communism was Jewish!?

Mr. Stahl. I donít think everything evil comes from the Jew but most of it, for sure. I am sure you know of Karl Marx and his friend Engels. They were both Jews. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was led by Trotsky and three thousand cutthroats--all Jews. They were financed by the Jew, Schiff. It seems safe to say that Communism is Jewish. I have a book on this matter as well, if you are interested.

Dr. Oxley. You make bold claims, Mr. Stahl! If even half of it is true, then it is world shattering! I will have to look into all these matters but I am content with the books you have given me thus far. I will be quite angry if I have been deceived all these years!

Mr. Stahl. Are there any other books you wanted to look at before we return to the living room?

Dr. Oxley. No, but I have a question. Did you also build these bookshelves?

Mr. Stahl. Indeed, I did.

[Motions for Dr. Oxley to follow him and they both return to the living room and sit down.]

Mr. Stahl. What do you think of what we have spoken of tonight?

Dr. Oxley. I find it highly suspicious and donít believe much of anything you have said but I donít wish to be a fool. I will read these books you have let me borrow to see if there is anything solid behind what you present.

Mr. Stahl. Thatís wonderful! I donít expect you to really believe me with all the Jewish propaganda that you have been bombarded with. I simply ask that you read our books with an open mind, and decide if it makes sense or not. I believe that it will, especially to a learned man like yourself.

Dr. Oxley. By the way, you mentioned something earlier about bussing children into the school. What is that all about?

Mr. Stahl. I was at the town meeting and noticed some strange "foreigners" who I perceived to be Jews. These people suggested that black savages be bussed into the all-White school to integrate the area. They said it was evil and racist to have an all-White school. Even though my children donít go there, I objected to such a proposal. No one else openly disapproved, though, as they were too scared to be considered racist or side with a racist. Iím not sure what became of the motion as I was promptly thrown out because I objected.

Dr. Oxley. Something certainly sounds strange about the whole ordeal. What basis did they have to throw you out?

Mr. Stahl. They donít really need an excuse although they claimed I was disturbing the proceedings. The room was silent when they asked for dissenting opinions so my voice was the only one heard. I suppose that is their "basis" for tossing me out. I donít think there is any question that the muds will be shipped in from the city. The only variable I see is how long until it happens. This could be a good event though.

Dr. Oxley. How can you say that!? I thought you didnít like the other races.

Mr. Stahl. I hate the other races but perhaps some Whites will see that they have been deceived about the so called greatness of "diversity" and "multiculturalism". Of course, I donít want to see our people subjected to the mud criminality but it could help. I love the White Race but a lot of our comrades need a wake-up call. I would ask you to consider homeschooling for your son as I donít want to see him brutalized when the muds pollute the school.

Dr. Oxley. I am still not convinced that these "muds" as you call them, are any different than we are. I will consider what you say though as I have been quite surprised with my visit here. (Looking at his watch.) It is getting late and I have classes to teach in the morning. I am certain that we will speak again.

[The ladies come into the living room.]

Dr. Oxley (to Mrs. Oxley). So, there you are, dear. We must be going now.

Mr. Stahl (to the Oxleys). It was nice meeting you both and I hope to have you over for another visit sometime soon.

Mrs. Stahl. Next time I hope you both can sample some of our scrumptious fruits.

Dr. Oxley. We shall see. Goodnight.

Mrs. Oxley. Goodnight.

[The couples shake hands and the Oxleys leave the house.]

Dr. Oxley (to Mrs. Oxley). That was very unexpected.

Mrs. Oxley. Oh, it was!

Act IV