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Welcome to

Anime Mantra of the Month
"The vengence of Heaven is slow but sure." -Kuno Tatewaki, Ranma 1/2

You are the

visitor to enter my magnificent world.

There is temporarily a new submission form! Some proposed characters may have been lost in the change. If you submitted a character, but haven't heard from me, please submit him/her again using the new form. High I'm Owen Kuhn, and this site is dedicated to exchanging creative ideas on my favorite subjects. First I'd like to thank a bunch of people for helping this site. Thanks to Daphne for creating the cool headers on my characters list. Thanks to Brook, Jack and Jaf for submitting jokes to my site, esp. Brook! Thanks to K-chan for the cool banner, which I finally remembered to put up (and for her endearing personality defects). Thanks to all my authors, cuz the story would be boring without you. And thanks to anybody reading this, cuz it means my site is more popular. Oh I promised I wouldn't cry. *snif*
El Hazard: The Travelers is an ongoing, multi-author story where each author will control a character they make up.
So join in. More details are further in.
Anarchy High School is a Ranma style ongoing, multi-author story, which takes place in the Ranma universe, but with completely new characters. More info in the link.
El Hazard Jokes Jokes on El Hazard. Not much yet, but growing.
Anime: Some funny stuff about other anime. Last updated 3/5/99
Video Games: Various Video Games
Fanfic: I recently became a fanfic writer, and I am collecting ones that I have read and liked. Not many yet, but some really good ones. Oh, I have some stuff I wrote here too.
Links: These are sites and rings with similar intereests.

Suggestions? Comments? Idea's for a "Anime Mantra of the Month?" Want in on the El Hazard: Travelers mailing list? email me at or my ICQ # is 20640016 or my yahoo pager account is Justice_Arcain or my AOL IM account is jarcain

Bumm? Badabum!

Meet my pet, Mohawk. He is a dolphin-bear, also known as a bumm, a native of the forests of El Hazard. I got him from the Cute Anime Pet Shop. I've taught him to do a trick. He fetches people for my chatroom. Just pat (click) his head and he'll take you there.

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