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NoreHack version 2.6
A Pair of new Wallpapers
Dreamcast THPS 3 Petition
MHPBMX Level Tutorial
Oh Yeah, THPS 3 on GameCube too
Skateboarding Games Timeline!

   Tuesday, May 15
NoreHack version 2.6

The Noremac has updated his tricks.bin file for THPS 2 and we've posted version 2.6 of the NoreHack to the PC Saves Page. There's a couple of improvements, new moves, etc. And as always, remember to backup your all.pkr ok?!

   Monday, May 14
A Pair of new Wallpapers

Webmaster sent in a pair of Photoshop edits...These are snaps from the game, sizing in at 1024 x 768. They look pretty nifty, if that's a good thing. :) Check them out, in the Wallpapers Download Page! Thanks!

   Sunday, May 13
Gearing up for E3!

Things are mysteriously quiet. Well, it's no mystery really. This week is E3, being held in good ol' Los Angeles. In one week from now, it won't be quite as silent. Get ready for the first video footage of THPS 3! All eyes will be on Neversoft for the first unveiling of the game to the public, much like the last 2 years. The only difference is that everyone will be looking now. We're all expecting amazing things, and few doubt that NS will continue their tradition of excellence.

If you haven't yet, check out my E3 Expectations from last week, and get ready for the excitement to begin!

   Saturday, May 12
Dreamcast THPS 3 Petition

JJ 1 has created an Online Petition for a DC version of THPS 3. As you can see from the chart listed in the news this past week, this is pretty much the only platform that isn't receiving a version of the game.

Please note that the lack of an announcement doesn't mean it's not to be. We'll find out everything in E3 this coming week. If you're interested though, it can't hurt to sign the petition.

   Thursday, May 10
MHPBMX Level Tutorial

Now c'mon did it really take that long? A whole 14hrs maybe, for me to write this since it's discovery, and i still get people whining in my ear "Why won't you tell me!" ..... not that i don't like the attention, but my blocked senders list is getting a little too big :)

Anyway, as promised the Matt Hoffman Level Tutorial is up, which you will be able to find in the THPS2 PC Editing section from now on.

Have fun on the new level :)

Oh Yeah, THPS 3 on GameCube too

With like 25 different versions of THPS on the horizon, I somehow missed the importance of this announcement. THPS 3 has been announced for the new Nintendo system, the GameCube. Here's the current tally:

Upcoming THPS 3 Release Dates
Platform Date
PS2 1st November (tentative)
PSX 1st November (tentative)
GBC 1st November (tentative)
X-Box Spring 2002
GameCube Unknown
PC Unknown
GBA Unknown
DC Not Scheduled

   Wednesday, May 9

Today's PotD is pretty cool. This is the demo level of Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX in THPS 2 PC.

We plan on having instructions on how to do this in the near future, so please hold off on mailing us how. We should have a tutorial and whatnot in the THPS 2 PC page.

sairuk got it going *finally* and would like to thank Phil Heath for pointing out his stupidity in not getting the trg file to work. :)

   Tuesday, May 8
Skateboarding Games Timeline!

We've got a cool new hosted site here at PTH, run by none other than our resident sairuk!

The Skateboarding Games Timeline is in it's infancy stages, but will cover (to an extent) every skating game ever! From Sega's upcoming arcade game Air Trix to Skateboard Joust on the Commodore 64, he's got it all here. Pretty nuts if you ask me!

Head on over and check it out! He'll need some help filling in the blanks, but it definitely looks promising.

On a similar note, we will have another hosted site joining us in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled!

First N64 THPS 2 Pics + GBA snaps

A handful of pics have been posted to the N64 Screenshots Page. These are the first pics of the N64 version in action, and it looks pretty good. The graphics will be a bit better than the PSX original, but the soundtrack will have it's shortcomings, much like the first game.

Also today, 4 new shots of GBA THPS 2.

   Monday, May 7
Color Changing Glitch in Skate Heaven

Supersk8er900 sent in a new Glitch in THPS 2. This one is located in the Fun Stuff section, as it's not very useful...but rather amusing. It will let your character change colors, something like the Disco Mode code. Quite odd, it's also today's PotD. Oh yeah, that's the legendary Slateman skin in those pics too. I'm famous!

   Sunday, May 6
Biggest Mod Central Update Ever?

}{ammer sends word that he's completed the biggest Mod Central update ever, so head on over and choose from 100 decks, 2 faces, 2 shirts, 1 park editor theme, 1 full skin, and as part of this update, there is a special treat for 'the boss' a complete slateman skin.. so if you've ever wondered what kinda freak runs this page, go check it out
Jed's Videos: 3.37 Million SS Combo

Jed's Videos has posted a massive 3.3 million point combo today. In the slow months after we've all masted THPS2 it's always nice seeing new stuff. This Skate Street vid was submitted by Ray...quite impressive.

   Saturday, May 5
THPS2 GBA Developers Interview

IGN have posted an interview with Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions and Matt Conte, Lead Programmer of Tony Hawk 2 GBA, interesting stuff check it out here

   Friday, May 4
New THPS1 World Champion x2

Our good friend Drew Cauthen has finally been recognised by the Official Electronic Games Scoreboard Twin Galaxies for his efforts in THPS and has now been crowned 'World Champion' of both the PSX & DC versions.

The New World Record Scores Are:

Playstation : 1,598,233
Dreamcast : 1,444,115

Think you can beat it? I'd like to see it.... all i can say is DAMN!!

You can read about this damn fine effort here

Congrats Cauth, you've done us all proud!

"It's good to be the king!"

   Thursday, May 3
OT: Daily Radar Closes It's Doors

Not THPS related, but Daily Radar has closed down for good. One of the better gaming sites around, they arose from Next Generation Online a few years ago. We've used their previews and viewpoints here on the pages numerous times over the past 2 years and we're sorry to see them go.

   Wednesday, May 2
Mac THPS2 Pre-Orders

The release date has come and gone, but yet Aspyr is taking pre-orders for the Mac version of THPS 2. You can Pre-Order here.

   Tuesday, May 1
E3 Expectations

What are we to do w/ no THPS 3 pics?!

We look forward to the E3 Convention being held in a mere 2 weeks! This convention will bust open everything, and we'll have a lot of work to do around here to keep up.

Since it's just around the corner, it's pretty much all we'll be thinking about here on PTH over the next few weeks. What is E3? What can we expect from this convention? All the details here in Our E3 Expectations.

   Monday, April 30
THPS 3 Pics Removed

In case you haven't noticed, we don't have any more pics of THPS 3. So what happened?

Well, it was actually quite unfair. Taking every screenshot found in the magazine and printing virtually every word takes away a lot of the magazine's reader base. We've experienced it here at PTH in the past where other sites take the site word for word and pic by pic.

So, we were asked to remove these images. Worst case scenario, we wait another 3 weeks until E3 where if all goes well, we'll have images and movies out the arse.

We apologize for this - and to EGM, just a few short weeks...

ICQ Plus Skin Download

Adding to our modest Skins Download Page is an ICQ+ skin created by our sairuk. Pretty cool, but remember you'll need ICQ Plus first.

   Sunday, April 29
Huge Mod Central Update

Mod Central has had another massive update, this time around it's 23 Firm decks & 4 Acme deck sets... seems as though the new staff member }{ammer survived his initiation ;)

Every character, every game, every move.
What fun is Tony Hawk without cheat codes?
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