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TRAMP (Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocols) is a package for editing remote files, similar to ange-ftp. Whereas ange-ftp uses FTP to connect to the remote host and to transfer the files, TRAMP uses a remote shell connection (rlogin, telnet, ssh). It can transfer the files using rcp or a similar program, or it can encode the file contents (using uuencode or base64) and transfer them right through the shell connection.

TRAMP was formerly called RCP or rcp.el.

There is a collection of (hopefully) useful little Emacs Tutorials.

The LS6 FTP Server is just a convenient place to get a couple of Emacs Lisp packages, but in no way an official archive. Maintenance of these things is sporadic at best.

Kai Gro├čjohann <grossjohann@ls6.cs.uni-dortmund.de>