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-- David Garvey         

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Some of my friends in this section are quite brilliant. They are not involved in the High-IQ groups, although they may have the qualifications.


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 Hear Marilyn Mach vos Savant in a radio interview.

Her newest book is The Thinking American.


 Anthony J. Bruni, Ph.D 
holds a doctorate in Mathematics, is a correspondence chess master, and rides a Harley-Davidson.. 

Post-operative hip X-ray shown (not from a motorcycle injury).

Chris Cole

 Chris Cole is the Publisher of the
Mega Society Journal, Noesis. He is also the Editor of the rec.puzzles archive.

puzzle piece

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Click on the picturesA list of other sites (maintained by David Moews)

John H. Sununu

   John H. Sununu
   Watch CNN's Crossfire
(weekdays, 7:30 p.m. EST).
  • Chief of Staff for President Bush
  • Former Governor of New Hampshire
  • Ph.D. degree from MIT

Ron Hoeflin
Ronald K. Hoeflin, Ph.D

Founder of the Society in 1982
Holds 5 college degrees
Listed in Who's Who in the World
home page

Publishes the Journals for:

Solomon W. Golomb

  Solomon W. Golomb 
Home Page


  H. Herbert Taylor 

  • Once national Go Champion

Mark KantrowitzNash 

Mark KantrowitzMark

Mark Kantrowitz
home page

 Rick Rosner

Rick is the only one to receive
a perfect score on the Titan Test.
He was Editor of Noesis
for several years.


 Keith Raniere

Keith was the first triple major to graduate from RPI: degrees in mathematics, physics, biology; minors in philosophy, psychology



Greg Trayling
 Greg Trayling  

Greg is a theoretical and
experimental physicist.
He has posted extensively to
Usenet newsgroups. 



Glenn Morrison
  Glenn Morrison  

Alexander Hamilton


Alexander Hamilton

Tune SSB

 Robert James Dick Senior  

"From the Magna Carta to the Mayflower Compact,
and on, constitutions have a distinguished history.
As far as I know I am the first to write one just for
myself in particular. It is my guiding star."

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Paul JohnsPaul Johns of the UK
The youngest member.


Steve Schuessler   (far right)
with some friends at an RG last year

Read my
IQ in the Movies Page

Bahá'í, vegetarian, windsurfer, and award-winning public speaker;  worked at NASA.

The following have appeared in the
Guinness Book of World Records:

  Dr. Ferris Eugene Alger
  Christopher Phillip Harding of Australia 
  Ronald K. Hoeflin, Ph.D
  Kevin Langdon
  Keith Raniere
  Marilyn Mach vos Savant
  Dr. Johannes D. Veldhuis, MD
  Jeff Ward

 Honored Posthumously

MORE members of Very High (99.9+)
IQ Societies including:

Prometheus Society Logo Prometheus Society
Triple Nine Society LogoTriple Nine Society
OATH logoOne-in-a-Thousand Society
OATH logoIQuadrivium Society
OATH logoFour Sigma Society

 Karyn S. Huntting

Sandra Bruesch
Teacher/Mathematicianwaving godzilla

 David Wicklund


 University of   Wisconsin - Superior

Romero Anton Montalban-Anderssen   Hartforth Romero Anton 
  Juris Doctor


Bob Turley

Robert R. Turley

  • Electrical Engineer  
  • Williamsville, N.Y.

 Chris Long

-Warning!Toxic URL The Outrageous "Uncle Al"

Chris ColePaul Cooijmans of The Netherlands

buttonBill Bultas

Darryl Miyaguchi

Darryl Miyaguchi
runs the most comprehensive and up-to-date web site for the highest IQ societies.


Tejay M. Sener

 Tejay M. Sener
of Australia

Very soon there will be

Gary Peach

Julia Cybele Cachia

Colloquy, the high-IQ society based entirely on the Internet (will update this link when I get more info) <New>

Resources on Intelligence, Personality,
and Intellectual Societies

About Singapore
Yew Jin Lim

Steve Steve Schuessler of Texas, USA

 Members of these groups - would you like to be listed? Write me- Unless you are afflicted with Chronic Contentiousness. This is a Friendly link page.

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