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The A...B...C of Income Tax Miss Universe 2001
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In Focus
Banking Industry : Will they come wooing?
Yet another round of activity in the banking sector? Perhaps. The decision to hike foreign direct investment limit in the banking sector to 49 per cent has brought life to banking scrips even in a lacklustre market.
Markets : Tread cautiously
Film Industry : One step closer to cleaning up its act
Indian Rayon & Industries : Smartly attired
Shree Rama Multi-Tech : Interesting technological edge
Results Update : Sweet and sour
Tyche Peripheral Systems : In sluggish mode
Open Offer - Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore : Time to move out
Fixed Deposit : Going long on FDs...
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For safety and assured returns, invest in FDs
Fixed deposits have been extremely popular as a fixed-income investment avenue in India. The reason for their popularity has been the lack of an organized retail debt market. In fact, the dearth of choices in fixed-income instruments led to its innovation in the mid-sixties when Bajaj Capital Limited joined hands with East India Hotels to market the first company fixed-deposit in India.
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