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The Sirens of Time
    · Doctors 5 - 7
    · 5th Doctor,
Whispers of Terror
    · 6th Doctor, Peri
The Land of the Dead
5th Doctor, Nyssa
The Fearmonger
    · 7th Doctor, Ace
The Marian Conspiracy
6th Doctor, Evelyn
Dalek Empire:
The Genocide Machine

    · 7th Doctor, Ace
Red Dawn
    · 5th Doctor, Peri
The Spectre of
Lanyon Moor

6th Doctor, Evelyn
    · With the Brigadier
Winter for the Adept
· 5th Doctor, Nyssa
Dalek Empire: The Apocalypse Element
    · 6th Doctor, Evelyn
    · With Romana II
The Fires of Vulcan
    · 7th Doctor, Mel
The Music - Volume 1
    · by Alistair Lock
The Shadow of the Scourge
     · 7th Doctor, Ace,
The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs - Vol 1 & 2
The Holy Terror
    · 6th Doctor,
Dalek Empire:
The Mutant Phase

    · 5th Doctor, Nyssa
Storm Warning
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
Sword of Orion
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
    · Cybermen
The Stones of Venice
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
The Music - Volume 2
    · by Alistair Lock
Minuet in Hell
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
    · With the Brigadier







Doctor Who is Back...

Big Finish Productions and BBC Worldwide welcome you to the newest chapter of the Doctor Who saga -- the audio adventures of the intrepid Time Lord, his courageous companions and his trusty TARDIS -- fully licensed by the BBC, starring members of the series' original cast.

Last Update: APRIL 14, 2001

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The Latest News...

Late Minuet
April 14, 2001

Unfortunately, due to the Easter break, Minuet in Hell is going to be arriving back at BFP HQ a couple of days later than anticipated from the CD pressing plant. Please be patient, it shouldn't be more than a couple of days late getting to subscribers and stores.

Here We Go Music Two
April 13, 2001

Big Finish would like to announce the 'surprise' release of Music from the New Audio Adventures - Vol 2. This new volume, as with Volume 1, features music composed by Alistair Lock. This time the scores are taken from the adventures Last of the Titans, The Shadow of the Scourge and The Fires of Vulcan.

Music from the New Audio Adventures - Vol 2 is available now from the Order Page and costs £8.99 (£10.50 non-UK).

Parkin's Primeval
April 13, 2001

Big Finish are pleased to announce that the last gap in the 2001 schedule has been filled. November's audio release will star Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton in Lance Parkin's Primeval which will focus on Nyssa and deal with the fact that ever since she encountered the Xeraphin in Time-Flight, she appears to have possessed slight psychic powers. These were used again, both in the audio adventures The Land of the Dead and Winter for the Adept. Where this hitherto unknown aspect of Nyssa came from, and why post-Arc of Infinity, she showed no evidence of it, will be explored in Primeval. This is Parkin's second script for Big Finish previously he wrote The Extinction Event, a Bernice Summerfield adventure set for release this June.

Iris Goes Into Hover Mode
April 13, 2001

Big Finish regrettably have to announce the postponement of their plans to release a series of books and CDs centred around the character of Iris Wildthyme, created by Paul Magrs.

"We felt that to launch Iris in the midst of all the other products we were doing at the moment would be a great disservice, both to the character and also to Paul," explains producer Gary Russell. "2001 is a very busy year for us, and with twelve other Doctor Whos, plus our Benny, Dalek Empire and Tomorrow People ranges taking up much of our time, 2002 seems to be following the same pattern. We've not given up on Iris, she's too popular for that, but we need to have a rethink about how we integrate her into our schedules to everyone's benefit."

Who is the Doctor?
April 13, 2001

Check out The One Doctor to find out what's in store for the Sixth Doctor and Mel when the land on the planet Generios in December and discover that they are imposters.

Here We Go Loups-Garoux
April 10, 2001

Feast your eyes on the cover art for Loups-Garoux, the May release starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and, for only the second time on audio, Mark Strickson as Turlough. (How many wolves can you spot?)

The Return of
The Tomorrow People
March 30, 2001

Big Finish Productions are delighted to announce that they have secured the rights from Pearson Television to produce new audio adventures based on the classic seventies science fiction series The Tomorrow People.

The series ran from 1973 to 1979 and remains one of the most successful and popular shows of that era.

Recording of the first production The New Gods took place on the 11th March 2001, with actors Nicholas Young and Philip Gilbert re-creating their roles as John and TIM respectively. Both actors were the only two to star in every story of the original series.

Joining them are Daniel Wilson and Helen Goldwyn playing new Tomorrow People recruits Paul and Elena.

The New Gods has been written by well known Doctor Who author and TP fan Gareth Roberts and former Virgin books editor Rebecca Levene. It has been directed by Nicholas Pegg and will be available through the usual outlets by May 2001 on single CD for £9.99.

Schedule Change
March 9 , 2001

Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker and Maggie Stables who plays his companion Evelyn are both busy actors in demand at the moment. Although this is good news for them this unfortunately has made it very difficult for Big Finish to find dates on which they are both available at the same time to record their next adventure together, Bloodtide. As a result it has been necessary to push Bloodtide back to June and bring forward the already recorded Fifth Doctor and Turlough story, Loups-Garoux to May.

The Daleks are Coming!
February 21 , 2001

Further details about the four-part Dalek Empire mini-series are now available. Each chapter now has an individual title and you'll find a short teaser synopsis on each of the four individual pages. Cover art and casting details will follow soon.

The Cybermen are Here!
February 21 , 2001

The second Eighth Doctor audio drama is now available. All subscription copies have now been sent out and if you are a subscriber and haven't arleady received the CD it should be with you very shortly.

2002 McGann Season - Confirmed!
February 8 , 2001

Big Finish have recently been back in the studio with Paul McGann and India Fisher (above and below with other cast memebers), recreating their roles as the Eighth Doctor and his time-lost companion Charlotte Pollard. Whereas for 2001 we did four plays with Paul, in this new run, for release in January to June 2002, we have done six.

Once again, Big Finish employed a mini-rep of actors to appear in these plays, and amongst them was Shadow of the Scourge's Lennox Greaves (working alongside his partner Sue Wallace, recognisable from such series as Making Out and DinnerLadies); Robert Curbishley from The Fires of Vulcan who spent much of 2000 working with Frank Skinner on his West End play Cooking With Elvis and could be seen on TV with Sarah Lancashire in Seeing Red; Stephen Fewell, who played the villain in Red Dawn and also plays Jason Kane in Big Finish's range of Bernice Summerfield audio plays; Louise Rolfe from ITV's Is it Legal?; Ian Brooker, who plays Wayne Foley in The Archers; and Mark McDonnell who starred in The Fearmonger and whose new BBC2 comedy series Velvet Soup is due to be transmitted early in 2001.

Two familiar faces return to the Big Finish worlds of Doctor Who: Anthony Keetch revises the role of CIA co-ordinator Vansell, first heard in The Sirens of Time and more recently in The Apocalypse Element. And from that latter play, Lalla Ward returns to the part of Romana, once again Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords.

The first half of this run sees the Doctor and Charley attempting to get to New Year's Eve, 1930, to keep Charley's appointment with her gentleman friend Alex Grayle in Singapore, the journey that led to her being aboard the R101 in the first place.

The six plays are: Invaders from Mars by Mark Gatiss, The Chimes of Midnight by Robert Shearman, Seasons of Fear by Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox, Embrace the Darkness by Nicholas Briggs, The Time of the Daleks by Justin Richards and NeverLand by Alan Barnes.

For more details about the plays, check out there individual pages by clicking on the links on the right.

Venice and Hell - Covers Revealed
February 8 , 2001


The covers from the third and fourth McGann adventures, The Stones of Venice and Minuet in Hell, have now been released. Nicholas Courtney ticks off the one missing Doctor from his list by guest-starring as the Brigadier in Minuet in Hell and shares the cover with Paul McGann.

Original Big Finish Who Art for Sale
January 30 , 2001

Visitors to this site will be familiar with the Big Finish Doctor Who comic strip illustrations that appear in Doctor Who Magazine to accompany the latest audio releases. Artist Lee Sullivan has kindly given his permission for the strip illustrations to be included on this site. You will find the strips, which began with The Fearmonger, have been added to the appropriate story pages.

Lee has also informed us that he is willing to sell the original artwork for some of these strips including Storm Warning (pictured here). If you are interested you can contact contact lee at or check out his web site here.

If you would like to review previous news items check out the News Archive.

Big Finish Productions is JASON HAIGH-ELLERY and NANCY HINE. The Doctor Who Audio Adventures are produced by GARY RUSSELL and JASON HAIGH-ELLERY; and JACQUELINE RAYNER is the executive producer for the BBC.

Contact Big Finish Productions for all audio inquiries at

Site Editor: John Ainsworth. Website originally designed and maintained by Shaun Lyon. (Some images courtesy the Dr. Who Image Archive.)

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    · 21 May, 2001
    · 5th Doctor,
    · 18 June, 2001
    · 6th Doctor, Evelyn
Dalek Empire I
Invasion of the Daleks

    · 25 June, 2001
Dust Breeding
    · 23 July, 2001
    · 7th Doctor, Ace
Dalek Empire II
The Human Factor

    · 6 August, 2001
Project: Twilight
    · 20 August, 2001
    · 6th Doctor, Evelyn
The Eye of the Scorpion
    · 17 September, 2001
    · 5th Doctor, Peri
Dalek Empire III
'Death to the Daleks!'

    · 2 October, 2001
    · 22 October, 2001
    · 7th Doctor, Ace
    · 5th Doctor, Nyssa

    · 19th November,
Dalek Empire IV
Project Infinity

    · 3 December, 2001
The One Doctor
    · 17 December, 2001
    · 6th Doctor, Mel
Invaders from Mars
    · January, 2002
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
The Chimes of Midnight
    · February, 2002
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
Seasons of Fear
    · March, 2002
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
Embrace the Darkness
    · April, 2002
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
The Time of the Daleks
    · May, 2002
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
    · June, 2002
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
    · With Romana II

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