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Gotta Have Goodies
DVD Movies
1. Conan: The Barbarian
2.  The Flintstones: Special Edition
3. The Little Mermaid
4.  End Of Days: Collector's Edition
5. American Psycho (Unrated Version)

1. NBA Live 2001
Playstation 2
2. Shenmue
3. Banjo-Tooie
Nintendo 64
4.  Antz
Game Boy Color
5. Deus Ex
Windows CD-ROM

Great Savings!

dvd movies
My Collection Is Bigger Than Yours...
Never again will you be the wimpy dvd collector on the block. Charles Atlas will tremble at your awesome collection... All thanks to Beef up your dvd library with some of these great Boxed Sets.

Clint Eastwood Collection
Clint Eastwood Collection
Jurassic Park/Lost World Limited Edition Box Set
Jurassic Park/Lost World Limited Edition
Alfred Hitchcock Collection
Alfred Hitchcock Collection
Woody Allen Collection
Woody Allen Collection
X Files 2nd Season
The X Files: Second Season
South Park DVD #1
South Park DVD #1

cool stuff
Cool Stuff Is In The House!!!
Magnets, mugs, clocks and cups. If you live in a house, you are gonna need some cool housewares to fill it with. Keep the kids happy with a Chuckie Kid's Cup and they can sip away on Toy Story 2 Sipper Straws. Fill your house with stuff in Cool Stuff!

Get Your Groove On...
The Emperor's New Groove for Playstation puts the llama in the forefront of action and adventure! Karate kicks, huge jumps, grape spitting and funny, belly-aching insults! Booyah!! Groove on to find more challenges in Games.

We've Got What You Need
You'll never watch TV the same way with a Philips TiVo Personal TV Receiver. Record up to 30 hours of your favorite shows and watch 'em when you want. Or kick back with some great DVDs playing on your Philips DVD Player. Keep the good times rolling with Philips Electronics. Discover more brands of fun in Electronics!

You Have To Start Somewhere
CDs everywhere and you don't know what to do with them? Take better care of your discs with's CD Accessory Starter Kit! It has everything you need to get back on track and in control. Enhance your entertainment with more items in Accessories!

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