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Updated February 24, 1999

Updated:Lawsuit Update - Collected an Agreed Judgment of $500 plus costs for a "junk fax " from Quality Data Systems, and reached a $1,500 settlement with Cox Distributing for two calls. Here is the latest.

New!How Low Can They Go? - If telemarketers were honest and ethical, they wouldn't be telemarketing in the first place. I have compiled a lot of documentation on just how unethical telemarketers are. As time allows, I'll be updating this section with scanned documents and audio clips which show just how sleazy some of these companies are.

(I also recommend a membership in Private Citizen, which will submit your do-not-call request to over 1,500 telemarketing entities nationwide.)

How many times have you dropped whatever it was you were doing to run to the phone, only to be greeted by someone you don't know, calling for a company you've likely never heard of, who launches into a sales pitch for products or services you probably aren't interested in?

Telemarketers have the audacity to claim that most people don't mind. In reality, numerous studies indicate that about 80% of folks strongly object to getting unsolicited sales calls, and most of the remaining people are lukewarm about it at best. Your friends and neighbors will likely agree.

Telemarketers interrupt and waste the time of 50 to 150 people, without their permission, to obtain a single sale or sales lead. To them, it is merely a cost of doing business.The only problem is that you and I get to pay the price.

I am, however, taking action against telemarketers that I believe have violated the law. I have filed suit against Parker Real Estate, Inc., a Century 21 franchisee in Norman. Parker's Century 21 agents have called me five times in the past two years, in spite of my repeated do-not-call requests. I am seeking $1,500 in damages for three violations of 47 USC 227.

Also, two other lawsuits are pending. Additional details will be posted later.

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