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Cryobiology is the study of life and its constituents below its normal living temperature - including cryogenic temperatures (below -80'C). The major goal of the Institute for Neural Cryobiology is to perfect methods by which brain tissue may be preserved at low temperature without injury, and later, rewarmed to normal temperature and restored to full functionality. At present this is not possible, but recent cryobiological research has convinced us that it should be achievable. The attainment of such long-term stable and damage-free storage of neural tissue at cryogenic temperatures which will have both life-saving medical value and major benefits for neuroscience research. The Institute is currently conducting experiments on the vitrification of hippocampal slices which we expect will enormously advance our goal. If you are interested in this idea, please consider helping us either scientifically or financially. INC is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation from which your donation receipt may be used to reduce your taxable income.

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