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All website content is Copyright © 2001 by Mike Ball, aka Flaming Headphones, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. BEAM technology is patented by Mark W. Tilden.
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Wilf Rigter's Circuits!

All Circuits here include the original text explanations with minor editing, so that you can make sense of these circuits! Wilf spends many hours preparing these, and they make for some interesting reading!

All circuits are created by Wilf Rigter who reserves all rights to them yadda yadda yadda....

uCrawler v1.0 Wilf's Micro Crawler v1.0. (Want a tutorial on building it? That'd be over here... ((comming soon)) October 1999
H-Bridge Circuits Wilf shows us 3 different H-Bridge designs! June 1999
Beam D type master slave FlipFlop Two slightly different Flip Flop circuits April 2001
Unsorted circuits Still working on digging up the text descriptions to these ones! Updated:
Schmitt trigger, logic and feedback mini-tutorial Just what it sounds like! March 2001