Collect and Enter Information

Collect User information from your local ISP:

  • lUser Name (enter exactly as given)
  • lPassword (case sensitive)
  • lNumber (enter 7 or 10 digits as necessary to connect to this number from your home) PLEASE NOTE: Some areas require your phone to dial a prefix such as 1 or 9 to access this number. These settings must be placed in the Number box as needed or your device will not connect. NOTE: Before adding a 1 be sure to check with your local phone company to insure there will be no toll charges incurred. As always, you are responsible for determining whether a telephone access number is accessible by a local phone call in your area and for any long distance and toll charges that you may incur in connecting to the network.
Hit Help Key On Keyboard
Click on Preferences
Click on Internet Service Provider Settings
Enter Information into the appropriate boxes
Click on Enter to save data
Click on Connect to connect to the Internet