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Overshoulder72.jpg (25368 bytes)Welcome to our site! My name is Eddie Jansson and I live in Stockholm, Sweden together with Eva Lagerqvist, my girlfriend and partner. We are specialized in African-American dances such as Tap, Charleston, Black Bottom, Lindy Hop (Swing dance or Jitterbug). We also choreograph and teach within that field. Working with the well known show company The Rhythm Hot Shots for 14 years, doing over a thousand performances has been a great school and source of inspiration.

In 1989 The Rhythm Hot Shots decided to organize a dance camp for Swing dancing -The Herrang Dance Camp, located one hour north of Stockholm. The camp has been growing every year and is now the worlds most comprehensive dance camp, running four weeks during the summer, offering classes in Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Tap, and other African-American dances.

For me, dance and music always goes together so I´m also a vocalist in The Royal Blue Melodians a ten piece swing orchestra, where I have the pleasure of  working with great musicians. Three years ago we released a CD and another is coming soon.


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Artistic Biography

Have been working professionally with the show company The Rhythm Hot Shots since 1985.

Done more than 1000 performances in night clubs, restaurants, theatres and festivals around Europe and USA.

More than 25 TV-shows in Sweden but also in Germany, England, Switzerland and USA.

Musical: Hello Dolly (also including choreography).

Choreographed the TV-commercial "Step In" -97.

Choreographed Tap for the show "Vår soul" -97 and "Peter Jöback" -98 at Hamburger Börs, Stockholm.

Choreographed Tap for the TV-program "Peter Jöback" -97.

Tours in Europe: Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and England.

Tours in USA: 1988, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997 and 1998.


1992:    First price winners at the legendary Apollo Theatre Amateur Night  in Harlem, New York (a tough one)!

1994:    Winners of the Feather Award (Beverly Hills) for Most Outstanding Global Swing Dancers.

1996:    Winner of the Frankie Award (Münich) for everlasting work to prevent and spread the African-American dance culture.


Cotton Club Revue, Riverside Studios, London 1987,     Sweet Waters, New York 1992,    Apollo Theatre, New York 1992,    Glen Island Casino, New York 1992,    Glen Echo, Washington, 1993,     Jockey Club, Philadelphia 1993,    Carrillo, Santa Barbara 1993 and 1994,    Catalina Casino Ballroom, Avalon 1994, 1995 and 1998,    Paramount Studios, Hollywood 1994,    Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills 1994 together with Katherine Cannon, Jane Powell, Dennis Cole and Ben Vereen,     Club Maritime, Hannover 1994,    Dizzie, Oslo 1995,    Miller´s Studio, Zurich 1995 and 1996,     Gasteig, München 1996,    The Supper Club, New York (Broadway) 1998,    "New York, New York"  , Las Vegas 1999.

In Stockholm:

Konserthuset, Stadshuset, Börsen, Berns, Grand Hotel, Gröna Lund grand stage, Globen, Operaterassen, China Teatern, Södra Teatern m m.

TV performances in Sweden:

Svepet, Billy Butts Värld, Till 21 med Oldsberg, Portis klarar skivan, Söndagsöppet, Tjocka Släkten, Gula Nejlikans Gatu-TV, Stockholm Water Festival, Oldsbergs Julstuga, 7 till 9, Chefen Fru Ingeborg, TV Stockholm, ZTV på Gröna Lund, Det kommer mera, Teknikens Värld, TV Ost, Grammisgalan 1995, Showbiz, Nyhetsmorgon, Sommarnöje i Örebro, Allsång på Skansen 1997, Nyhetsmorgon TV 4, Naleninvigningen 1998 samt ett tiotal kortare inslag i olika program.

Commercials on TV:                                    

Arla. "Mjölk ger starka ben".

KappAhl. "Candela" -96.

KappAhl. "Julfilmen" -96.

KappAhl. "Stepp in" -97.

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Personal Biography

Eva face 72dpi.jpg (25403 bytes)Eva Lagerqvist ’s first experience in dancing was from taking Ballet classes as very young. At the age of fifteen, she wanted to try something different and therefore went to Lasse Kühler´s dance school in Stockholm. The school had a unique concept of mixing jitterbug with show-dance and tap and was at that time (early eighties) probably the most exiting way of being introduced to those dances. Eddie Jansson stumbled into dancing more or less by chance when he was fifteen. Driven by a huge interest for music, particularly from the fifties, he decided to check out the jitterbug classes, also at Kühler´s. Dancing turned out to be a new dimension in the world of rhythm and soon Eddie found himself running to different classes every night of the week. After a year at Kühler´s, Eva and Eddie met and went into Swedish Swing Society. Thav year -1984, the African-American dancer Albert Minns were invited to Sweden to teach at SSS. His way of moving - gracefully, relaxed and with a sophisticated feeling for the music was something totally different for these Swedes. Al opened their eyes for a deeper approach to the dance; -"Forget counting, just listen!". During that year, Eddie also trained Jazz Ballet, Break Dancing and competed in European style Rock´n Roll, but he and Eva were growing a bigger interest for performing. So in the spring, together with another couple, they started a group called Dance Freaks. It turned out that the ambitions in the group were not on the same level so the group did only one performance before they split. That summer the Swedish Swing Society arranged a dance ball during the Stockholm Jazz Festival. To promote the evening, SSS planned to do a few shows at the festival. The first location was the main stage, before a 2000 headed crowd and accompanied by The Harlem Blues & Jazz Band. Eva and Eddie where asked to join. The group consisted of three couples, performing the Lindy Hop. The micro-tour turned out so well, that the group decided to continue working together, maybe even on a professional level. After months of discussions the they came up with a name that no Swedes can pronounce and only a few Americans can spell; The Rhythm Hot Shots. The company studied video’s and trained very intense six days a week for several years to build a repertoire of different African-American dances like Tap, Charleston, Big Apple, Blues, Lindy Hop and also vocal.

Eddie face 72dpi.jpg (21581 bytes)Today the company has done more than a 1000 performances all over the world and over 25 television shows. In -92 the group won the first prize at the legendary Apollo Theatre Amateur Night in New York and later on received "The Feather Award" in Beverly Hills. TRHS also received the Frankie Award in Germany for "Everlasting work to prevent and spread the African-American dance culture". Back in 1987, The Rhythm Hot Shots invited dancer / choreographer Frank Manning for a week in Herräng, Sweden to instruct them and to put them on the right track. Beside bringing his unique knowledge and spirit to the group, Frankie also brought them an important part of Lindy Hop - social dancing. In the summer -89 the company started the Herräng Dance Camp which today has grown to be the worlds largest dance camp for African-American dancing. Besides performances it has become one of the company’s main projects every year.

Eva and Eddie are working mainly with The Rhythm Hot Shots but Eddie also works as a choreographer, vocalist and music-arranger and has been performing with many different bands and artists in Sweden. He has also released a CD with The Royal Blue Melodians. Recently, Eva and Eddie has been working in three advertising films for television. For one of them, Eddie was also choreographer / co-ordinator. Eddie also choreographed tap for two of the largest contemporary shows in Stockholm.

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