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WCW Thunder
March 12, 1998
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Written by: John Petrie

Length: Two Hours.
Hosted By: Tony Schiavone, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Lee Marshall.

* The Giant came to the ring and challenged the entire NWO to a match.
Randy Savage came out and said the Giant's demolishing the NWO would
leave "Hollywood" Hogan to him by himself at WCW Uncensored. He said that
after he beats Hogan, he wants the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Sting
came to the ring and offered Savage a match for later in the show.

* Raven beat Brad Armstrong, pinning him after a DDT. Raven gave a
lengthy speech before the match, which he used to convince Armstrong that
he "(felt) his pain". He then nailed the DDT, winning in mere seconds.

* Tony Schiavone interviewed Chris Jericho. Jericho offered to defend his
Cruiserweight Title against Dean Malenko later in the show.

* "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan pinned Kendall Windam.

* Scott Steiner defeated Johnny Grunge, forcing him to submit to the
Steiner Recliner after he had knocked him through a table at ringside.

* Tony Schiavone interviewed Eddie Guerrero. Chavo Guerrero came out and
a challenge was offered. Eddie then went on to beat Chavo, pinning him
after a Frog Splash.

* Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall, and "Hollywood" Hogan delivered comments in
the ring.

* A "WCW Motorsports" segment was shown.

* Konan pinned Lizmark, Jr. After the match he tried to pull off
Lizmark's mask, but was stopped by Juventud Guerrera. Konan seized the
opportunity to work over Guerrera before their match this Sunday at

* Tony Schiavone interviewed Curt Hennig and Rick Rude, who delivered
comments directed at Bret "Hitman" Hart.

* Saturn forced Disco Inferno to submit to the "Rings of Saturn".

* The Giant faced eight members of the NWO, including Hogan, Hall and
Konan. The Giant managed to hold off and chokeslam nearly every one,
until he was eventually disqualified for laying out Konan with a
powerbomb. The Giant had his hands chained and padlocked together. As he
was being lead out he was confronted by Kevin Nash on the rampway. Nash
threw a cup of coffee in his face. The Giant, in a fit of rage, snapped
the lock and chains on his wrists and chased Nash to the back.

* Dean Malenko defeated a masked wrestler who he believed to be Chris
Jericho, and was declared the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion. He then
removed the mask (once worn by Juventud Guerrera), only to reveal that
the man was preliminary wrestler Lenny Lane. Jericho entered the ring and
attacked Malenko, eventually putting him in the Lion Tamer. The match had
apparently already been thrown out, though, by that time, as the bell was
rung well before Jericho put Malenko in the hold.

* Lex Luger beat Scott Norton by DQ when Scott Steiner interfered. Rick
Steiner came out to assist Luger after the match.

* Sting was on the verge of defeating Randy Savage via the Scorpion
Deathlock when Scott Hall interfered in the match. The rest of the NWO
came out, forcing Sting and Savage to join forces. The two closed out the
show by escaping on a cable towed to the rafters.

* Next Monday: Nothing announced.

* Next week: Nothing announced.


A much better, faster paced show this week. Not great, but a more
entertaining and thoughtful build-up to the PPV this weekend than the
heavy-handed, blatant infomercial presented this past Monday. Little in the
way of good wrestling, although the Guerrero's put on a good match. The
finish was recycled, though, and it was really annoying that the show ended
a full seven or eight minutes early.

The comments by Raven seemed to have Kevin Sullivan's fingerprints all over
them. Raven spoke about Armstrong's dad "Bullet" Bob, and how the WCW
"bookers" were jealous of him, thus Armstrong's fall from grace. They were
clearly aimed at the "smart" fans, and served little purpose other than to
make some sit up and say "huh?" We'll see if it goes anywhere.

Man, did I get fooled by the fake Jericho. I was already mentally working
out how to make updates to my website when it was revealed that it really
wasn't Jericho who was under the mask.

There's been some question as to what will be the main event at the PPV.
With Hogan on the card, how can there be any doubt? Especially with his
match with Savage being in a cage. I'd be hugely surprised if Sting/Hall
was the main event. I think Savage might get a win over Hogan, but it'll no
doubt be "tainted" like all of Hogan's other losses over the last year.
Sting should get a clean win over Hall. I think Guerrero will beat Booker
T. for the TV Title, but I'm starting to really doubt that Benoit will win
the U.S. Title after all. I now think Raven will actually win the belt,
with he and DDP going on to continue their feud. Jericho will beat Malenko
(or at least hold on to his Cruiserweight Title). Scott Steiner should get
the win over Lex Luger, though only through lots of underhanded help from
the NWO. Bret Hart should get the win over Curt Hennig, though it'll be in
such a way that nothing will be resolved between the two. The only match
I'm not too sure about is the Giant vs. Kevin Nash. The Giant seems due for
the win, but the push he's been getting lately almost seems to be payback
for an upcoming loss to Nash, (and Nash may be getting that win to make him
happy, as it's rumored that he's been upset lately: a condition no doubt
made worse by the firing of his friend Syxx from WCW this week). I give
Nash the win, the something should happen that gives the Giant some
satisfaction as well.

Wow ... packed PPV. I don't really see a lot of great matches, though.
Nonetheless, this may be a rare case in which the PPV is actually worth more
hype than the company has given it.

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