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Raw is War
August 3, 1998
San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California

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Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Written by: Christopher Robin Zimmerman

This column is dedicated to Wayne Morgan, who did so much more than provide
25% of my DNA. Rest in peace, Grandpa.

Last week, once again received mention in Hyatte's
letter(s) of the week. I thank you for your support. Since it's been two
weeks in a row, I feel obligated to once again return the favour and plug
the Mop-ups at Scoops Central - go read it, if only to see what he sneaks
in about Zimmerman and WrestleManiacs at the top of the column. Plus he's
a damn funny guy, and most of all, IT ANNOYS AL!

And let me say one more time, it's okay to like both of us. I'm pretty
sure Hyatte doesn't mind, and you damn well know I don't care.

And we're NOT the same guy, so stop asking. (Do people ask him this too?)
You know, more than one guy can have the same first name - yeah, I'm
talking to you using WebTV. Come on.

DISCLAIMER: I bought a new VCR. Now I'm not going to say that Sony VCR's
break ALL the time, and Mitsubishi VCR's NEVER give me a problem, but if
you were going to go brand shopping, ask me some time about critical VCR
failure. "Word of mouth is the best advertising," my friends. The
disclaimer is that this really isn't a disclaimer, just another pre-report

One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

We're finally back to the "on the hour" start, by the way. Straight to the
opening credits, closed captioned logo, TV-PG-V box.

It's RAW! 3.8.98 from the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California,
en espanol sea disponible. Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, who
provide all commentary.

We start right out with an interview - you mean you saw that coming?
Here's THE NATION. Last night on Sunday Night Heat, the Rock and Owen Hart
defeated Kane & Mankind via countout to get a Tag Team Title Shot tonight
against current cham-peens Austin & 'Taker. "The entire world is ready to
see the People's Champ and Owen Hart take on the Undertaker and Stone Cold
Steve Austin! Well, SCSA, dead man, the Rock knows you're back there
listening, but why wait when we can get it done right here right now, SC,
dead man, you bring your candy asses out here and the Rock and Owen Hart is
gonna lay the smack down on you like you ain't never had the smack laid
down before - bring it!" Nothing seems to be happening, maybe they're
waiting for the psychic music guy to play, here's COMISSIONER
SLAUGHTER. The Rock keeps talking...demanding that the Champs either come
out or call it a forfeit. Before Slaughter gets to speak, we hear
glass...and out come STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN & THE UNDERTAKER - who rush
the ring. The Nation quickly gets the upper hand on Austin, as Undertaker
has turned around to see KANE standing at the top of the ramp. Hey, if
they were in *cahoots*, that would also explain the major league beatdown
Austin's getting at the hands of the Nation. Before Kane & Undertaker meet
at the top, MANKIND is out to brawl with the 'Taker. Austin DOES manage a
Stunner on Hart, but the Rock escapes. Austin grabs a chair and nobody
suddenly feels like entering the ring for some more. Austin's music plays
again for good measure. Lawler is quick to point out that the Undertaker
isn't around.

Tonight, X-Pac and Triple H will fight for an Intercontinental title shot
at SummerSlam.

MARVELOUS MARC MERO (with Jacqueline and a Big Ass trophy - oops, poor
choice of words) v. GOLGA (with Sable and box of Cheesy Poofs) - Let Us
Take You Back to last week where Jacqueline is announced the winner of the
bikini contest via a disqualification, thus securing the trophy. "What do
you think? Does she look marvelous?" Why, yes, she does. You read right,
that's Sable with Golga. Ross asks what happened to the Jackyl and I have
to wonder the same thing. "Marc, oh Marc, I brought a present for you, and
Jacqueline, I've got a really big surprise for you too. In the past,, we
may have been enemies, but now we have a mutual understanding...gentleman,
if you will..." And a thousand strings fire up - and here's KURRGAN and
GIANT SILVA, in tuxedos. Kurrgan sings "There She Is, Miss America." No,
I am NOT making this up. Apparently, "Miss America" is PRINCESS LUNA
TUNES, out in robe and bouquet. I guess Luna is the "enemy" Sable was
referring to. That's nice of her to try to invoke continuity when we
weren't looking - actually, more people should do that, so that's not
sarcasm. Hey, if Golga wears a South Park shirt, does that make him a
face? Come to think of it, if Sable is your valet, does that make you a
face? If you think this is a good time for an ad break, why, you're right.

The SummerSlam Countdown is up to number FOUR!

Sable is at the commentary table. "Once you get to know them, they're
really very very nice people...." Mero has his way with Golga until Golga
decides to just absorb everything. Mero is unsuccessful in a slam attempt,
but Golga isn't. Elbow drop for 2. Mero returns to the fists, kicks,
elbows, and a lariat from the second rope does take down Golga. Sable says
we shouldn't judge people by their outward appearances - a lesson for Mero,
apparently. Jacqueline tries to trip up Golga, so Luna waffles her with
the bouquet. Now a catfight is teased, which means that referee "Blind"
Mike Ciota has to get between the ladies (you go, Mike) - this also means
that Mero hits a Golotta, but it doesn't matter as Silva hits a GIANT
chokeslam. Golga does his Earthquake impression with a butt drop and Mero
is pinned (3:11). Some Insane Clown Posse is played - and ROSS pegs it. I
didn't know he was aware when it came to music like that. Dammit, where's
Jackyl? On the plus side, we get to see Kurrgan dance. You know, I have a
sneaky suspicion that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Mr. McMahon has something to do
with all this...

Shots of Scorpio and the Godfather - they're in the Brawl for All thing
that's coming up later.

Oh boy! WWF wrestlers as ACTION Frogmen ACTION figures! ...the hell?

Local drop-in ad - Dok Hendrix reminds us that Monday Night RAW comes to
the Shark Tank 14 September!

Acclaim's WWF War Zone ad.

Still to come - a Tag Team title match!

Let Us Take you back to Earlier Tonight - I just noticed Undertaker is
STILL carrying both tag team belts. Ross and Lawler play up the
"abandonment" of Austin by his partner.

GODFATHER (with three white ho's) v. SCORPIO (without the Funkettes) in a
BRAWLforALL match - Godfather advances because Dan Severn is a quitter.
Backstage, Severn lisps "A man of my thtature, I have nothing to prove -
when I have a thcore to thettle, I will do it when my handth are not
bound." Godfather gets the mic. "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't
refuse, either go three rounds with me or you can take three of my finest
ho's and spend the night with them." Scorpio's an idiot so he turns down
the free sex. Clips of Scorpio's previous match with 8-Ball. Actually,
if I recall correctly, Godfather SHOULD have won his match with Severn,
and I bitched about it. Ross whines about Dr. Death's dislocated knee
from last week's match with Bart Gunn. Godfather wins the first round
with the most (and best) punches. Did I mention that that one lady is
wearing hot pants that are so hot that to use the term "wedgie" is unfair
to wedgies everywhere? Am I more interested in looking at her ass than
this BRAWLforALL match? Possibly. Ross says that Blackman may have hurt
his knee training for HIS match and that if he can't compete, then Marc
Mero will be reinstated. Hey, EVERYBODY gets a second chance. Scorpio
tries for a takedown in the third round, but it's reversed and Godfather
gets ANOTHER five. Since he can coast through the third round, he does.
Easy win for the Godfather.

This just in, Dr. Death has been reinstated in the BRAWLforALL - he WILL
be allowed to use a cane for support, but only if it looks like a barber
pole. The previous sentence is not true.

Michael King Cole interviews the New Age Outlaws backstage - they can't
wait to get their hands on Mankind & Kane to extract some revenge. That
match is NEXT!

USA drop-in for the "60 Minutes" of Sunday Night Heat, followed by a
"Pacific Blue" ad hyping the appearance of Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Mead ***** and WWF: The Music, Volume 2 bring you RAW! 10-10-321 brings
you the closed captioning - wait, if you *need* close captioning, when are
YOU going to be using a phone?

NEW AGE OUTLAWS v. MANKIND & KANE (with Paul Bearer) - how come if the
Outlaws don't have the belts, I *still* have to listen to Jesse James run
his mouth? The Outlaws attack Mankind on the outside while it's dark and
Kane and Bearer aren't looking. It's Bart starting for the Outlaws. Not
for long, tag to James. Here's the wobbly knees elbow drop. And now it's
time for Mankind to turn the tides so the Road Dog can act as punching bag
for the next five minutes. Lawler flubs his live commentary by making
reference to something the Undertaker hasn't yet said in tonight's show.
After Kane has had his way with the Dog, James manages to sneak in a tag.
The Outlaws try a suplex on Kane, but Kane blocks and instead double
suplexes the Outlaws. Tag to Mankind and out goes Gunn. Mankind takes a
chair to James, Gunn takes a chair to Mankind, Kane takes care of Gunn with
a lariat. Damn, this is pretty fast for these guys. Stri-Dex double
feature is the double suplex, followed by the "human demolition derby."
Back in the ring, Mankind has a sleeper on the Road Dog, who falls to break
the hold. Tag to Kane. Hot tag to Gunn...Mankind's out. Doubleteam
attempt works this time, suplex! Unfortunately, referee "Blind" Earl
Hebner is watching Mankind put a Mandible Claw on to notice Gunn is PINNING
Kane. Gunn gets up to break up Mankind and his partner, and ends up going
over the top with Mankind following. Oops, he left Jesse James behind.
The tombstone is academic. 1, 2, 3. (5:18)

Let's watch Hawk in ... action ... in clips from last week. Now here's
the LOD 2000 backstage. "I'd like to take this time to address the World
Wrestling Federation fans as myself, Michael Hegstrand, 'cause that's who
I really am, not as Hawk at this moment and apologise for my behaviour on
last Monday Night RAW - I'd like to apologise to TitanSports, Vince
McMahon, everybody in the WWF, all the fans, and especially my partner and
hope that you'll be understanding and maybe find it your heart to forgive
.... and uh, now I'm going to go out and DO THE HAWK THING!"

Included in this batch of commercials is another WWF War Zone ad. I make
mention of it here because I SWEAT THE DETAILS!

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with Tedoublenedoublesdoublee Ldoublee) v.
ROAD WARRIOR HAWK - Interview from Jarrett says he's going to "scare [him]
straight, Double J style" tonight. There's a joke in there somewhere, but
I don't know it. Hawk apparently has "demons." Now are those Jake
Roberts demons, or Marty Jannetty demons? Jarrett takes control quickly
but Hawk ducks a clothesline and delivers one of his own. Military press
slam by Hawk. Clothesline and Jarrett's out. Back in, powerslam.
Clothesline from the top rope. The Jarrett/Lee thing, first advanced last
night on Sunday Night Heat (in the EXACT same way that tore the Roadie
away from Jarrett, by the way), is brought up again tonight. Ross says
that both men need a victory tonight. Jarrett does a lot of steel steps
work with Hawk - back in, Jarrett calls for Lee's belt, but Lee seems to
be having some problems getting it off. DDT by Jarrett. Again he goes
for the belt, but Hawk is up and hitting a neckbreaker for the pin. (2:31)
ANIMAL is out to congatulate his partner - while we tease problems with
Lee and Jarrett, SOUTHERN JUSTICE (Mark Cantebury & Dennis Knight, nee
Henry and Phineas Godwinn) are out to beat up the LOD. And here's DARREN
DROZDOV to keep Jarrett from making it an unfair fight. I need a

Stri-Dex and Hunter Hearst Helmsley - why of COURSE they go together!

One more Hunter Hearst Helmsley on "Pacific Blue" ad - he's all OVER the
tube tonight...

Whew, I was going through withdrawl - here's VINCENT K. along with his
Three Wise Men. As he walks to the ring, we change shows. By the way,
let me say this about son Shane's commentary: WOW! How do your ears feel
viewers? "Well the Highway to Hell winds up at SummerSlam on August 30 and
the way I see it, we have the Undertaker on one highway, Stone Cold on a
parallel highway, and that highway to hell intersects at SummerSlam but I
would suggest to you tonight there's likely to be a roadblock in the
highway to hell because I'm predicting that here tonight you'll see
history made when the Undertaker and Stone Cold LOSE the Championship.
We'll crown new winners - winners that know all about unity, all about
family, Nation members Owen Hart and the Rock. Just to prove my point,
what about the coincidence of last week on RAW, huh? ("Austin" chant)
Would you mind showing a little respect? The coincidence on RAW last week
- oh yeah, there we had the Undertaker in the ring, Stone Cold on the
outside celebrating a tag team championship victory when Stone Cold throws
the Undertaker a cold one. [Clips from last week] Good catch, by the way.
And as the Undertaker wondered whether or not he should accept that beer
from Austin, symbolising perhaps an apology, Undertaker popped the top and
threw back that cold beer, oh yeah, go ahead and applaud, 'casue you
haven't figured it out, and neither has Stone Cold 'cause when the
Undertaker drank [TV-PG-V box] Stone Cold's beer, he knew at the very same
time that Kane was about to obliterate Stone Cold. Don't believe me, huh?
What about then the coincidence earlier here tonight that took place right
here? What about that coincidence? Austin is blasting out coming down
the ramp, behind him's the Undertaker, Austin dives into the ring, left
all by himself to fend for himself against an entire Nation while the
Undertaker was "distracted" by his brother Kane - WOW! What a
coincidence. I would like for the Undertaker to come out here and try to
disprove this conspiracy theory, I would like for him to come out here
right now and offer you and everyone else a viable explanation... I DON'T
HAVE ALL NIGHT, DAMMIT!" The lights dim and Undertaker's new theme plays
- and here *is* THE UNDERTAKER, walking just a little less slow to the
ring. As Vince says "you just proved my point," the glass breaks and here
comes STEVE AUSTIN again. Austin reminds us that he doesn't trust
anybody. And he doesn't care about the tag belts - "this" is the only
belt he gives a damn about. Austin's music plays again. As he walks
away, having seemingly declined to defend the tag team titles, Undertaker
pipes up. "Austin... AUSTIN! Hey! I'm talking to you *boy.* Why don't
you shut up and listen for a minute? You're doing exactly what he wants
you to do. Can't you see he's trying to drive a wedge between us? He
doesn't want us to be champions! So, just like I came to you,
face-to-face, like a man, and asked for my shot at the World Wrestling
Federation title, I want you to be a man, come back in this ring, and take
what is yours. Hey! Ah said, come take what is yours!" Austin DOES walk
back, and takes a tag belt. He leaves the ring but never turns his back
as he leaves the ring. "And Austin, there's just one more thing. Whether
you like it or not, between now and SummerSlam you are the SAFEST s.o.b.
in the World Wrestling Federation! But when we get to SummerSlam, I'm
gonna take what's rightfully mine - the World Wrestling Federation title."
And UT's music plays...

Backstage, the Rock lays the smack down and then Owen says "that's right"
and also "nugget."

Sable says "WWF Sunday Night Heat" - I think. Poor girl, somebody left a
mister on near her and now she's all sparkly and her flesh reflects light.

Stri-Dex Triple Action features scenes from last week's Triple Threat
match. Why, yes, we DO get to hear Jim Ross say "Who's Your Daddy X-Pac"

combatants enter together. Let's see some clips from "Pacific Blue" where
Triple H will appear this Sunday, immediately following Sunday Night Heat.
Helmsley with the beginning near fall after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. To
the corner, Helmsley punches away. Half hour suplex and a kneedrop for 2.
Whip HARD into the corner - only X-Pac can make a whip look like death.
Clothesline, no duck, spinning heel kick by X-Pac for 2. Lightning leg
drop for 2. Helmsley's head meets the turnbuckle. Chop (woooo!). 'nother
chop (woooo!). Kick to the head by the Kid. Off the ropes, clothesline
attempt is ducked, high knee by Triple H for 2. Whip, reverse, duck,
neckbreaker by Helmsley for 2. X-Pac punches and chops back - whip to the
corner, X-Pac straddles the top after Helmsley steps aside. 1, 2, no.
Helmsley, no reversal. X-Pac's chin meets Helmsley's knee - spinning heel
kick by X-Pac for 2. X-Pac with the martial arts, into the corner, another
kick. Step on the neck. Bronco buster? No, Chyna grabs X-Pac's ankle and
drops him. X-Pac turns to face her - now she LEVELS him with a right
cross. Helmsley with a kick to the gut - a pedigree - and a pin. (5:09)
So Chyna was definitely the difference maker. And now they're standing
nose the nose - X-Pac shoves Triple H. The question is: did Chyna act on
her own or did she have Hunter's blessing? Well, I guess we won't find out
this week. Replays show Chyna's interference and Helmsley's pedigree. We
don't see who leaves with whom, instead we fade to an ad break. Maybe
we'll get a "During the Break" clip when we come back?

No, we don't.

SummerSlam is brought to you by Stri-Dex! Or as I like to call 'em,

VAL VENIS & TAKA MICHINOKU v. TOGO & FUNKAI (with Teoh & Yamaguchi-San & an
unhappy Mrs. Yamaguchi) - Let Us Take You Back to Clips of Venis making it
Mrs. Yamaguchi - clearly the actions of a fan favourite. "Ladies, if
you're a fan of the San Diego Chargers, I got the lightning bolt to
charge..." well, I didn't hear it and I doubt it matters. Let Us Take You
Back to last week where Yamaguchi cuts the sausage and says "choppy choppy
your pee pee." On second thought, let's just forget the whole thing. Ross
says hi to the fans on TSN - I figured they'd have censored this match by
now. Venis makes the hip thrust motion to Mrs. Yamaguchi, and she smiles
which makes Yamaguchi-San mad. Oh, there's some wrestling in here to, but
I can't be bothered to mention it. You know why? Just when you think
there aren't enough angles happening here, Taka dropkicks Val Venis,
Kaientai and Taka quad-team Venis and now we learn that - and remember, the
most outrageous stuff is the stuff I CAN'T make up - Mrs. Yamaguchi is
Taka's *sister*. Fat looking senton bomb, all five of the Japanese
contingent due the Rude swivel-hip in a circle jerk around Venis, and they
drag off Val - presumably to choppy-choppy his peepee. (No contest - about

Another ad for STOMP 2 WWF Action figures - it STILL looks oddly out of
place, especially after the last match...

You see, Mrs. Yamaguchi is Taka Michinoku's sister.

Boy, that sure explains why Kaientai was so mad at Taka a few months ago,
doesn't it?

I guess now that Taka's chummin' with the heels, he can still be friends
with Bradshaw?

Monday Night RAW comes to the San Jose Arena LIVE 14 September! Everybody
email the WWF and tell them I DESERVE a press pass! I've EARNED
legitimacy! I've...ah, we'll never be able to snow them like that...

Backstage, Kaientai continue to drag Val by his Valbowski (ok, not really),
while Mrs. Yamaguchi looks concerned. Mrs. Yamaguchi, we've just learned,
is Taka's sister.

D'LO BROWN v. DAN SEVERN for the European Championship - Let Us Take You
Back to Last Night, where Brown manages to get himself DQ'd to prevent Ken
Shamrock from winning the title. Brown runs down the crowd - "most of you
aren't even card-carrying Americans" - and announces that he's wrestling
tonight under protest. Let Us Take you back about 36.51 two months to show
when Brown's pectoral muscle was damaged, forcing him to wear that chest
protector we've heard so much about. Here's MARK HENRY shortly after the
match starts, for no *really* good reason...I'm sure he'll let us know
later. It's all Brown at the start - here's STEVE BLACKMAN out to provide
a little backup for Severn. You know, we keep seeing run-ins I won't have
to describe ANY of the wrestling moves. Brown: "YOU did this to me!"
Brown continues to dominate the match, gaining some measure of revenge for
hits earlier injury. Severn manages a double-leg (suspiciously looking
like a spear). "Throw" by Severn. Suplex by Severn. Here's KEN SHAMROCK
come out to make sure Severn doesn't get HIS fair shot either. Shamrock
takes out Brown AND Henry, and before Blackman can stop him this match is
over (DQ 2:30) Blackman again keeps the other two apart. At the top of
the ramp, because we apparently haven't used everybody in the locker room
tonight, EDGE gets Brown from behind, then walks out through the crowd.

Kaientai continues to put the boots to Venis, and Mrs. Yamaguchi (who, in
a startling turn of events, is really Taka Michinoku's SISTER!) continues
to look forlorn.

One more Hunter Hearst Helmsley on "Pacific" Blue ad - this is ALMOST as
annoying as seeing Travis Tritt's ugly mug fifteen times during Nitro.

"Highway to Hell" - 4 weeks until SummerSlam!

TIGER ALI-SINGH comes to the ring and puts down us lazy 'Muricans. Last
night before Sunday Night Heat, he paid a woman to get on her hands and
knees and eat dog food. He offers to pay an American woman $500 to remove
pieces of clothing. Rather than find a woman we really WANT to see
removing clothing, we find a ... rather hefty lady. She gets down to a bra
and boxers before Tiger decides to change it to $500 for every piece of
clothing she puts on. The lesson for us all to learn is that Americans
will do everything for money, unlike his people - wait, WHAT are his people
again? I thought he was a Canadian...

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - Yamaguchi's got his samurai sword,
and threatens the cameraman until he's behind a closed door. Oh no! Can
they really be...dragging this out until the end of the show? By the way,
Taka's there because it turns out that Mrs. Yamaguchi IS HIS SISTER.

Tag Team Championship - Ross says we've got no more commercials - well, gee
whiz, it IS ten minutes to the hour. Code Red will feature the lady Tiger
paid to strip, then unstrip. Anybody watched Code Red yet? Of course, the
champs have separate entrances - which means this is the FOURTH time I've
heard breaking glass tonight. All four men brawl to start the match 53.37
and quickly the Rock and Austin are outside and the Undertaker is
manhandling Hart in the ring. Big headbutt. Shoulderblock, 2, time to do
that tightrope walkin' thing, and a shot for the Rock for good measure.
Hart walks over to Austin and eats a punch. Tag to Austin, who probably
hasn't forgotten that Hart broke his neck. Hart comes back with a spinning
heel kick. Hart throws everything at Austin but it doesn't work. Rake of
the face to get the Rock tagged in, but he doesn't do much better against
Austin. Austin actually executes a WRESTLING MOVE! Snapmare and elbow
drop. Suplex for 2. Tag to the Undertaker. Kick. Karate chop to the
throat. Rock's head meets the buckle. Rock rakes the face and puts on a
headlock. Undertaker turns it into a back suplex. "Dynamic" leg drop for
2 (Owen makes the save). Undertaker takes the Rock's head to the top
turnbuckle and continues to punch. Whip into the ropes - chokeslam? No,
Owen is in to clip Undertaker's knee. Illegal tag and Owen continues to
bend the leg the wrong way. Tag, make a wish. The Rock with a series of
rights. Whip into the corner, tag - The Rock is whipped into the
Undertaker but he gets a clothesline. Owen still manages a spinning heel
kick for 2. Undertaker fires back and manages to tag Austin. Austin
stomps a mudhole in Owen. To an opposite corner, more punching, more
kicking. Sharpshooter?!? But the Rock is in to make sure Hart doesn't
lose to his own finisher. The Rock with a double bird of his own. Tag to
the Rock - Austin ducks a clothesline - Thesz press. Punches in bunches.
The Rock with a back elbow and Austin falls. To Owen's boot. Now a tag to
Owen - whip into the ropes, sleeper is on. The Rock is bleeding from the
mouth/nose. "Austin" chant is rolling. Arm falls once - arm falls twice -
I'm guessing arm won't fall a third time. There's a bird, in fact. Austin
comes back until Owen's trick knee acts up and hits Austin in a sensitive
area. Owen tries to set up a Sharpshooter but Austin powers out. Tag to
the Rock, who blatantly hits un foul but referee Tim White is busy trying
to keep the Undertaker from entering the ring. Chinlock until Austin power
out. Rock Bottom? No, elbow by Austin. Big rights as Austin Hulks up.
Double clothesline! Both men down. Undertaker reaches for a tag but
nobody's moving. Count is up to 7. Tag to Owen - hot tag to Undertaker.
Undertaker is a house a fire! Big boot to Rocky's face! Chokeslam for
Owen! 1, 2, Rock saves. Austin is in and now Austin and Rocky are out.
Meanwhile, Owen is in the Tombstone. 1, 2, 3 Here's MANKIND 4.50 with the
Mandible claw on the Undertaker - here's KANE with a chair - he hits the
Undertaker! But was he aiming for Mankind? Undertaker takes the chair and
looks at Kane - then his Mankind again. Here's the NEW AGE OUTLAWS for no
good reason. Stunner on the Road Dog!

For those of you keeping score, Jim Ross does NOT say "Who's your daddy?"
this week. He DID identify Insane Clown Posse, though, so he's still cool
with good ol' CRZ.

Let's quickly go backstage where a cabal of security guards is knocking
down the door. We see Venis, pixelated where his bare ass might be, as if
his shorts are dropped and something is on the big wooden chopping block -
his hands are bound and secured to the ceiling. Taka holds back his
sister...Yamaguchi has the samurai sword high in the air...the picture
fades to black...we hear a scream...a whack...another scream...

Whoops, it's 11:05. See you next week!

By the way, Mrs. Yamaguchi is TAKA'S SISTER.

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