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Our letter page was getting a bit large, so we thought it was time to archive the letters that we receive every week. Remember, if you agree or disagree with what someone else said, let us know!

April 26 1999

This is a question and a complaint. How come South park does not play on TELETOON every night? It's on every night on the French TELETOON.

— Max

TELETOON writes: As you may know, another Canadian broadcaster airs South Park in English. Because the license is exclusive, it is impossible for TELETOON to acquire broadcast rights at the moment.

My daughter is really in love with Caillou. There's nothing in the toy. I've browsed the web a few times coming up empty. This show is as far as I'm concerned bigger than Teletubbies for the pre-school aged kids. Help! Her birthday's coming up and she wants Caillou everything! I don't know where to look anymore! Help!

— Holly

TELETOON writes: If you feel like browsing the web again, have a look at The site provides you with the names and telephone numbers of companies that produce and sell such items. Good luck !

Didn't the recent Kids tribute magazine say you had "Batman Beyond" or is that coming later?

— Edward

TELETOON writes: In the latest issue of Kids Tribute magazine (Spring 99, vol.11, issue 1), there is a two page TELETOON ad in which you'll find: The Addams Family, Bad Dog, Voltron: The Third Dimension and Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island but no Batman Beyond...Sorry :-(

I read on another Web site, that the series "Redwall" will be airing this May. Is this true? or just a rumour?

— Annie

TELETOON writes: It is not a rumour! TELETOON will offer a special broadcast of Redwall (the first four episodes of 13) which will serve as a sneak preview for the series to premiere on TELETOON this fall. This special preview is scheduled to air as follows: Tuesday May 11 to Friday May 14 at 7pm and 10pm, and on Saturday May 15 at 7pm. Enjoy !

I have written in 3 times before and never got an answer, so I will ask it again. When you first aired in the summer of '98, you had those little commercials in between programs and during commercial breaks. They included robots, aliens, etc. I was wondering...what ever happened to those? I really enjoyed seeing them. I was sorry that you replaced them with the commercials that say "TELETOON It's unreal". Not that I don't enjoy those as well, only I was wondering if it was possible to get those old ones back, but still keep the new ones too.

— V.M.

TELETOON writes: When TELETOON first started broadcasting in October 1997, we decided to identify each of the four blocks of programming (pre-school, kids, family, adult) with different types of animation.

Claymation for Pre-School (6 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
Cel animation for Kids( 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
Collage for Family (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.)
Paper mache for Adult ( 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.)

The director of the paper mache animation, Mr. Dave Thomas from Cuppa Coffee, was given a Silver award for the best commercial compaign for Canada's new 24 hour animation station, TELETOON at The World of Animation Celebration in Pasedena, California. We received fabulous comments on our on-air image; however, after a year, we felt we needed to standardize our image with what was being done by our Marketing and Communications departments. Also, this new image allows us to better promote our series throughout the day, with a more unified look.

April 13 1999

My question concerns The Simpsons... I've seen many Simpsons shows televised on your station and it seems that in some episodes the characters just don't seem right... the way that they are drawn is different then what they are on other stations... it just might be me but they just don't seem"normal" ... Please comment on this letter and get back to me.

— SwaDe

TELETOON writes: TELETOON may be unreal but we would not attempt to modify Matt Groening's timeless creation! Some of the episodes we broadcast were created in the early 90's so that may account for the visual look of the show. This would be the case on all channels that broadcast The Simpsons. We are positive we have the one and only version of The Simpsons.

April 6 1999

Seeking more information on the anime issue, I found the November 23 /98 reader confused about anime... and your response was "as previously mentioned, anime rights are hard to obtain etc..." I was bewildered, as I haven't seen such a previous announcement... until I read your French section! Hopefully you do not expect all your readers to be bilingual, despite the best efforts of Pierre Trudeau... just a tip for your future responses. By the way, why can't you show anime as part of your regular programming?

TELETOON writes: You're right... We probably have not used the same wording, but this hot subject has been addressed several times. Our response to viewers has always been the same: unlike the rights for video distribution, broadcast rights for Japanese animes are very difficult to obtain. Although it is not possible to have a regular weekly broadcast of  this material, animes will be occasionally offered as special presentations on TELETOON. There are many other forms of animation  and TELETOON tries to bring our viewers a broad range of   programming, including Japanese anime. Take the series "Pond Life" as an example. It is not typical of  the animation you see on television on a daily basis, yet many viewers have discovered the charms of this off-beat series and have become loyal fans. By introducing new and different programs, an opportunity is created for many viewers to find their own favorite genres of animation.

Hey there Tooners. I consider myself a Cartoon connoisseur, I love sampling all the types. Recently you've started a new show Voltron: The Third Dimension. Well all I can say is..... good for you. I must confess, this show didn't look too impressive at first. The animation was great, but the acting and story line wasn't as good as, say, Beast Wars. But this show has proved me wrong, it keeps getting better and better. It is a great continuation of a great series. And you guys bring it to us. Thanks again. My only gripe would probably show it way to often. Twice a week is often enough, but you guys show it 3 new episodes a week. A 26 episodes series will fly by pretty quickly after a while. Come on, leave us with a little time to bask in it's glory, or pretty soon we'll be mired with Voltron Reruns! Thanks for your time. Good catch, keep up the good work.

— Rockpopple

TELETOON writes: We're glad you have become a fan of  Voltron: The Third Dimension. Thank you for your comment on the frequency of its showing. It has been passed along to our programming department.

The new VOLTRON show is really bad. It's so dark-looking, you can't really see what's going on. Also, do we need another cartoon with Tim Curry doing the voice of the bad guy?

— Ron

TELETOON writes: Rockpopple thought it was worth giving the show a chance. But hey, there is no disputing individual taste. Maybe fans out there are ready to take on the challenge to convince you otherwise?

I was just wondering if/when you would be restarting The Maxx from episode one again. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know, since it's one of my favourite shows, and I missed the first couple episodes. Thanks!

— Eden

TELETOON writes: We're glad you enjoy this off beat series. We will start airing "The Maxx" from episode one starting April 23 at 10pm and midnight. Don't miss it!

When is Duckman on for Pacific time anyways? On the outline it says it's on at 12:30 everyday, but on the specific page/block search about Duckman, it says it's on at 1:30 am. I'm confused, which time is it on? or both.

— Eric

TELETOON writes: Thanks for bringing this to our attention; despite all our efforts some small errors will creep up. Duckman airs at 10:30pm and 00:30am, Monday to Sunday. The schedule available on our web site is listed in both Pacific and Eastern time zones.

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