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Our letter page was getting a bit large, so we thought it was time to archive the letters that we receive every week. Remember, if you agree or disagree with what someone else said, let us know!

March 29

I've already got my MTV, and it's terrible. I need cartoons. The Cartoon Network does not broadcast in my area. I live in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. Is there any possible way for me to get your station? Satellite?

— Unsigned

TELETOON writes: It is wonderful to see that TELETOON has some fans in the USA. TELETOON is being offered over the Anik E2 satellite in the majority of cable companies throughout Canada, via three feeds. We do not have the licencing rights to broadcast anywhere else than Canada.

As an adult who is frequently awake until about 3 AM, I would quite enjoy watching some of my favourite adult-oriented cartoon on your network, yet the choices you provide baffle me. I have no explanation for The Savage Dragon, Highlander, or Red Beard. I would like to express my sincere disappointment in your programming.

— Jeff

TELETOON writes: We definitely get mixed comments from our viewers regarding the shows you mentioned. It is hard to please everyone, but we certainly try our best to bring our viewers quality programming for all age groups. In order for us to try to meet your expectations, it would be great if you could give us some suggestions for our Adult Block. We always consider our viewers requests (depending on availabillities of licencing rights) when it is time to acquire new shows.

Please don't show clips of programs you do not broadcast. I have seen Stickin' Around and a CGI of a boxer and stuff, yet you don't have these in your lineup.

— Ian Chan

TELETOON writes: Stickin' Around is broadcasted on the French network of TELETOON. Since another broadcaster has the rights for the English version, it is impossible for TELETOON to air the show at this time. As for "The Boxer", it is from the first episode of our animation magazine "SPLAT!". SPLAT! explores the world of animation behind the scenes, explaining different techniques and introducing the artists who make it all happen.

March 22

Johny Bravo is great fun, and Calamity Jane is beautifully drawn and acted. Still has too much of what I call "French-Canadian" animation (all the Cinar collaborations) and the adult line-up still lacks.

— Mike C

TELETOON writes: You are right, TELETOON presents series produced by Cinar; it is also true that TELETOON broadcasts series produced by international production houses such as Warner Bros., Eva Entertainment, Gaumont, Paramount, The National Film Board of Canada, to name but a few.   One of TELETOON's mandate is to support Canada's renowned animation production industry. In our first year 40% of our programming will be Canadian growing to 60% by year 2002. We also invest an average of $6 million in new Canadian productions every year.

I don't laugh at very many things; even though I may find them funny. But the other night, I caught Johnny Bravo and I laughed my head off. I thought it was hilarious. Keep it up.

— Robbi

TELETOON writes: Welcome to the world of Johnny Bravo! Be prepared for more laughter as Johnny has more than one trick up his biceps.

How come Johnny wants CHICKS so much?

— Laura & Danielle

TELETOON writes: Johnny Bravo may lack sensitivity, but he does like to charm everyone, women in particular. No need to worry, he is harmless, he just needs a little attention.

March 15

I just wanted to know why must you have the symbol TELETOON at the bottom of the screen? I find that it really distracts us when we are watching the cartoons. Why can't you have it turn off for a while and on for just a few seconds. I feel that there is no need to have it on all the time, once the kids have it on your channel, they know it's TELETOON.

:) M. Berger

TELETOON writes: Using a logo at the bottom right corner is standard practice in the industry. It allows us to create a strong positioning in the world of specialty channels. TELETOON is constantly evolving and we are reviewing on a regular basis all aspects of our promotions and on-air identifications, it is just a matter of time before you may be able to appreciate some modifications.

March 15: You folks are doing a great job. Captain Star is awfully clever, and quite subtle in places- a shame there's no merchandising to go with it. I would buy a boiling hell-shaped desk lamp, clock or coffee mug.

:-) Vick

TELETOON writes: TELETOON has done some research but unfortunately there is no Captain Star merchandise available in Canada.

Your station absolutly rocks! I LOVE IT! My favorite show WAS the Simpsons, but tonight, I watched Captain Star, and went totally nuts over it! It's soooooo cool! I love it! And I love that little Captain Star theme song you have for the commercial! Will that every be avalaible on tape or CD? I would love to get it.

— Mrs. Hercules

TELETOON writes: We are delighted to know that you are going nuts over our Captain Star's promo and like you we think it is pretty cool. Please stay tooned and who knows, one day we might be able to put out an album.

We disagree with Gretta, Theresa, Theodore, Reida, Jojo and Freddy about the "shows" in between shows. Some are GREAT like Lava Lava and The Babaloos. The late night clips that I have seen disgust me! I can't believe you'd show a face in a wagon and then have a bloody mouth eat it or a police officer being eaten by a monster. Try to correct these bloopers and keep up the good work!!!

— Unsigned

TELETOON writes: Bumpers were created for each of TELETOON's programming blocks to reflect the sense of fun of the average age group, as well as to celebrate various animation techniques such as Claymation (Pre-School), traditional cel animation (Kids Block), collage (Family Block) and papier m�ch� (Adult Block). TELETOON is pleased to annouce that the bumpers and ID's for its Adult Block, created for the station by world-renown animation house Cuppa Coffee Animation, have won Second Prize for Best TV Commercial Campaign at the 2nd Annual World Animation Celebration in Pasadena, California in February.

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