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This website is being used for campaign winding down purposes only. We will post a new site as soon as it is available for future activities. In the meantime, please Donate Now! to help Ralph wind down the campaign committees and move forward.
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Campaign Finance Reform Equal Rights Amendment Housing
We must end the dominance and corruption of our political system by the influence of big money. We need public financing of public campaigns, and free radio and TV time on the publicly owned airwaves for qualified candidates.
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Gender discrimination continues in many forms in this country. We need an Equal Rights Amendment to assure equal treatment for women in education, employment, health and other arenas.
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In our current booming economy, millions of American families cannot afford decent housing. We must affirm our commitment to affordable housing for everybody, and implement plans to make this goal a reality.
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This site is only for the historic purposes of the Nader 2000 campaign. Please stay tuned for a link to future activities soon.