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You have entered a 100% Cocaine-Free Zone 

"I think the baby-boomer parent ought to say, 'I've learned
from mistakes I may or may not have made.'"


Thank you for visiting the Bush Campaign Headquarters (Dot Com). For those of you who are new, a word of caution: This is not the real, official George W. Bush Election Committee's site. You can get there by visiting (and yes, that really will take you to the official site).

Message Boards!
Now you can post your own fake news stories, conspiracy theories, or engage in a serious discussion (quite a departure from the norm for this site!). A section so new it hasn't made our menu yet. Remember, though, keep it civil!

The statement on cocaine use should end all the speculation. The governor is not going to play the media's games. He's not going to tell anything. That's it. That's all. End of story. Note to Bush Campaign Lawyers: We make no wild accusations on the page so don't bother threatening us like you have other sites. Remember, your candidate says he is against civil litigation.

In the News is our section of news stories we would like to see. Remember that this is a parody site before you read these articles! A special note to Bush Campaign lawyers: We clearly state in each article that the contents are false.

Visit Dear George W., and you will find fake letters to our favorite candidate and see replies. In the coming months we will attempt to answer your questions, in our own special way.

We now have a bookstore for all you political junkies out there. We have scoured the virtual shelves of® for books and videos dealing with the governor and the issues he avoids. If you don't like our recommendations, you can always click on the link and browse the bookstore for yourself.

Find out who's giving what to whom. Use the handy database supplied by to search for donors in your zip code or state. Look for Bush supporters, or make your very own enemies list when you find those closet Democrats in your neighborhood!

Read our Frequently Asked Questions:
Our FAQ page lists the answers to most of the questions you have. Before you ask why we aren't using this site to attack Dole, Forbes, Alexander, Smith, Bradley, Gore, Clinton, Hillary, the Pope, or anybody else, please read the FAQ!

A note to Bush Campaign officials and lawyers:
This is a political satire site. The staff here is not affiliated with any political party. Although George W. Bush has called for limits to freedom (May, 1999), as yet those limits haven't been imposed. We're not here to ruin his reputation; we'll let him take care of that himself. It's a shame we even have to make this statement, but after your treatment of, we must reiterate. We are not a campaign organization! We have not stolen any images!


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