Falling Down and Getting Up
(1900 to Present)

Now we are moving into the years that are more familiar to us: the 1900's. This was a time to rebuild all that had been lost in the tragic fires that burned down the Union Straw Works and four months later, the town hall. This is when the community worked together with the strength and determination to rebuild what had been lost in the fires and reconstruct Foxborough into the town it is today.



Union Straw Works (c.1900)

The Union Straw Works, in its heyday, employed hundreds of workers in the town. Straw hats created here were transported all over the world for sale. This company aided immensely in the prosperity of the town, but in 1900 the prosperity would end.


Remains of Union Straw Works (c.1900)

This is what remained after the fire which closed this straw hat factory. The demise of the company was a tragedy to all of Foxborough.


Foxboro Company (c.1908)

The Foxboro Company was founded by E.H.Bristol and B.B.Bristol. The business was originally the General Instrument Company and later became the Foxboro Company in 1908. These companies both produced instrumentation devices.


Central Street, Foxborough (c.1917)

This is Central Street just after the turn of the century. Transportation was just starting to take a different form.


Foxborough Fire Station (c.1925)

The "new and improved" Fire Station was completed in 1925. The original Fire Station was located behind the Town Hall.



Foxboro Stadium (c.1994)

The Foxboro Stadium is home to two professional sports organizations: The New England Patriots Football Team, and the New England Revolution Soccer Team. Thousands of fans visit the Foxboro Stadium for sporting events, concerts, and variety of other special events.

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