Judge Rejects Parents Television Council Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit
STAMFORD, Conn., May 24, 2001 – A federal judge today rejected a motion by the Parents Television Council to dismiss a lawsuit brought against the PTC and others by World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWF).  continue...

Get behind the wheel of your favorite superstar's car
Now you can race the Indy 500 using the car of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H or a choice of many other World Wrestling Federation Superstars! Click here to get into the most exciting racing game on the Web! 

Benoit & Jericho win TLC III
Thursday's episode of SmackDown! featured a little piece of World Wrestling Federation history, as for the first time ever, four teams competed in a TLC Match! And what a match it was! In the end, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho retained their Tag Team Championship in just about the damndest war ever to air on network television! For results, photos and videos of this hellacious bout, check out our SmackDown! page

Benoit talks about the best week of his life
Unquestionably, the past seven days have been magical for Chris Benoit. The Rabid Wolverine capped his week by joining us on Byte This!, and he answered fans questions about his past, present and future -- and what a bright future it looks to be! What did Benoit have to say about Chris Jericho, WCW, Triple H and a myriad of other topics? Click here for Byte This! 

Update on Triple H's injury
On Thursday evening, WWF.com learned that Triple H has had successful surgery to repair his torn left quadricep muscle. He's currently recovering at his home, and he is projected to return to ring action in approximately six months. For more on his condition, you can check out this Sunday's episode of MTV's HEAT, as the Game will appear on the show to update fans on his condition.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- On Tuesday, Triple H made plans to have surgery to repair a torn quadriceps. In yet another example of his professionalism, The Game also took time out to chat with WWF.com.   continue...

Christian to tie the knot
What could be more nerve-wracking than a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match? A wedding. Jay "Christian" Reso is marrying his fiancee, Denise, on Friday in Florida.   continue...

Experience the royal treatment at KingoftheRing.com
Since 1993, King of the Ring has been a proving ground for the World Wrestling Federation's elite competitors. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and Kurt Angle are just some of the superstars to have their careers boosted by winning the King of the Ring tournament. This year's King of the Ring is Sunday, June 24, on Pay-Per-View, and we've got all the royal details on KingoftheRing.com

Tag Team Turmoil!
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The Tag Team Turmoil match at Judgment Day was a flawless effort, and the performance of the participants flaunted the overall depth of the Federation tag team division.  continue...

Angle wins medals, learns lessons, at Judgment Day
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Kurt Angle’s victory over Chris Benoit at Judgment Day won him more than his gold medals back. The experience in working a unique best-two-out-of-three-falls match with a sheer wrestling technician was next step in his professional evolution.   continue...

Big Red Grand Slam
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- In a rare interview with WWF.com, Kane discussed the chain match Sunday at Judgment Day and his feelings on being the only "Grand Slam Champion" of his variety.   continue...

Over 100 Judgment Day photos now online
Judgment Day has come and gone, and the lives of numerous World Wrestling Federation Superstars will never be the same again! Austin vs. Taker ... the Chain Match ... Angle vs. Benoit ... Tag Team Turmoil ... and much more! For full results -- and over 100 exclusive photos -- check out WWFJudgmentDay.com! 

Chyna wins match, loses top at Judgment Day
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The Chyna vs. Lita World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship match at Judgment Day was impressive for many reasons.  continue...

No. 13 helps the Mets pick up a win
Queens, N.Y. -- The mood changed at Shea Stadium on Friday – and considering the way the Mets have been playing lately, that was definitely a good thing! Wearing a Mets jersey which said “Tazmission 13” on the back, Tazz traveled to Queens, N.Y., on Friday evening to throw out the first pitch for the Mets-Dodgers game.   continue...

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What was your favorite moment of the week in the World Wrestling Federation?
Benoit & Jericho win the Tag Team Championships
Kane wins the Intercontinental Championship
Kurt Angle's medals ceremony

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Tables and ladders and chairs ... oh my!
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