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May 12: Call for Papers The Lutris Enhydra Journal is looking for new authors to provide Enhydra related articles of around 500 words or more in length. For more information, click here.
April 20: Updated information on Enhydra 4 security is available on the security page.
April 6: New DODS FAQs with information on some of the new features under development / available from CVS.

Project Updates

May 17: J2ME programming news: kXML update (.99) and the first release of kSOAP!
April 23: Barracuda Beta 1 is now available! This version offers significant enhancements to the Component Model, improved Localization support, and a significant new Barracuda Configuration App.
April 16: Kelp 2.1a1 is now available. This release adds support for Enhydra Enterprise 4.0 beta 1 and Jakarta Ant.

Enhydra In The News!

May 25: NewsForge article "Open Source development and handhelds: A match made in heaven?"
May 25: Introduction to Enhydra XMLC article on DevX: "Creating Dynamic Content with Enhydra XMLC"
May 24: Lutris Enhydra article in the HP e3000 advisor: "Enhydra is where the reliable HP e3000 meets the new mobile world."

March 22: Help us help you: Vote for Enhydra & Enhydra XMLC at in the JDJ poll. Thanks!

More News...

Enhydra is the world's first and leading open source Java/XML application server with an efficient "super-servlet" approach!
Enhydra Enterprise fully supports the J2EE APIs and more... It's extensible plug'n'play services architecture means it will be "the only application server you will ever need" :-)
InstantDB is the much loved 100% Java RDBMS! Complete with a GUI interface, it now supports JDBC2.0 and can participate in distributed XA transactions.
Brock is a portal builder application that runs on top of Enhydra. Coverage includes personalization and management of RSS content feeds.
jFAQ is an Enhydra application that implements similar functionality to the popular faq-o-matic but with improved management.
The Kelp toolset covers code generator wizards, XMLC GUI and DODS GUI integration for leading IDEs including JBuilder & JDeveloper. More support is underway.
DODS is an object-to-relational mapping tool for visually generating Enhydra data objects. Can also be run on the command line via XML DOML files.
XMLC is a XML compiler that is typically used to compile HTML into a DOM based object model that is manipulated by the developer thus separating them from the designer. XMLC Rocks!!
Mapper is a toolset to expediate building Enhydra applications. It includes a JBuilder plugin for connecting XML documents to datasources and much more...
kXML is a lean Common XML API with optional WBXML/WML support that is intended to fit into the JAVA KVM for limited devices like the Palm Pilot.
Osage is an implementation of a enhanced object-to-relational mapping technology. It is likely to be used to upgrade DODS in the future.
Barracuda is an advanced presentation framework designed to make it easier to build web applications using XMLC, DOM and servlet 2.2 technologies. It features a very advanced event model.
Special Interest (for designers): How Enhydra & Enhydra Enterprise support interactive user interfaces with Flash 5 via an exchange of XML data.
Zeus is, in a nutshell, an open source Java-to-XML Data Binding tool. It provides a means of taking an arbitrary XML document and converting that document into a Java object representing the XML.
Enhydra Director is a load balancer module to support clusters of Enhydra or Enhydra Enterprise application servers. It is implemented as a module for Apache and DLL for IIS and Netscape.
Owing to the complexity of the platform it is being split into several sub projects. Currently the division is via Working Groups.
Need a commercially supported, value added product? Need Enhydra compatible products? Need consulting or training? See what's available...