Madame Web

Real name: Cassandra Web
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 210
Team affiliation: When Deborah Whitman first showed Peter Parker Madame Web's card, Parker dismissed the clairvoyant as a fraud. When her card turned up again at the scene of a crime, he was less sanguine and decide to check the instructor of paranormal phenomena out. Faced with the uncanny accuracy of Madame Web's visions, however, Spidey became a believer, and even called her when he got tips too obscure to understand. As her fame grew, others became interested in her paranormal talents -- especially Black Tom Cassidy, who thought adding her to his partnership with the Juggernaut would better their odds of criminal success. Juggy's kidnapping attempt left Madame Web nearly lifeless; even though Spidey promptly resuscitated her using CPR, the resulting brain damage severely restricted her psychic capabilities.
Favorite quote: "You are much too bright to be asking such stupid questions." (Amazing Spider-Man 210. Ever short and to the point, Madame Web cuts across Spidey's stammering queries.)
Powers: Although blind, Madame Web's extra-sensory abilities meant she could "see" just fine. As well as being a high level clairvoyant herself, she could actually foster second sight in other with latent talents. As time went on, her body began to fail and she became paralyzed as well as blind. Her late husband's parting gift to her was an elaborate life-support system that performed all biological functions for her; when Juggernaut ripped her from her web-like "chair," he dislocated the machinery that kept her alive.
Favorite story: Amazing Spider-Man 216. Madame Web uses her powers to keep track of Spider-Man during a marathon, making phones ring in the most unlikely locations when she wanted to chat with him.
Least favorite story: Madame Web's last sighting was in Amazing Spider-Man 240, where she directed Spider-Man's attention to the new Hobgoblin from her hospital bed. However, there was a completely bizarre out-of-character cameo years later where she was never mentioned by name. The Kingpin, auditioning for new head assassins since his old ones either got killed off (like Elektra and the Answer) or went totally random (like Bullseye), rejects an application from an elderly woman who proposes psychically inducing death from a distance. Madame Web, master assassin--as if!

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