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Daikatana Multiplayer Information - How to run a server, how to find a server to play on, and what to do once you actually get in the game.

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�� Community files update.
�� new walkthrough sections
�� Community Stuff
�� Gibcity6!
�� DK art
�� New content...suck it down!
�� Foxy is so sweemy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Monday, May 28, 2001

    The walkthrough work continues... ��update by Gwog

    *snicker* I can't believe we've still got an entire episode left to do... Damn that Wadmaasi :) Anyway, tossed up a couple new levels today, complete with screeniez. Update

Sunday, May 27, 2001

    Daikatana Community Multiplayer issues ��update by Gwog

    Got some updates for anyone interested in continuing the fight to keep the Daikatana multiplayer community alive. DI-Smover sends word about the for-pay servers finally being online, with the following configurations:
    • all users maps ( running gibbler yet, we must upload the users maps on their server as soon as the ftp server works)
    • gibbler 1vs1 rocket only
    • ss7 1vs1
    • episode 3 most played maps
    • e1 + e4
    • ctf with a bigger map rotation than NGI
    • DKDTL deathtag
    Additionally, there is discussion in this forum thread about another community meeting.

Saturday, May 26, 2001

    Gibcity6! ��update by Wadmaasi

    Wayne sent me an e-mail earlier in the day letting me know that Gibcity6 has been released. The official description is "a Gothic Daikatana Deathtag level with custom textures." Sweemy. (Preview screenies here.)

    DK art ��update by Wadmaasi

    OK, time for Round Two. So far it's Stinky Papa winning by points, as he's already sent his opponent to the mat once. While Stinky was waiting for the wuss to stand back up, he perused some Daikatana art like the connoisseur he is.

    (Wadmaasi, I AM reading this site you know. Don't make me hurt you. -Gwog)

Friday, May 25, 2001

    DKMP and Gibcity6 ��update by Wadmaasi

    The first in a run of new in-house content for you guys, courtesy of Stinky Papa, is a Daikatana Multiplayer page. The page offers a server-op FAQ, information about DK's MP gametypes, and a blatantly-plagiarized (by yours truly!) from PlanetDeusEx how-to guide for GameSpy Arcade. I even added it to the new menu there on the left-hand side of your screen, under Daikatana PC | Multiplayer. (Ain't I l22t?)

    Continuing the multiplayer theme, Wayne choked my poor 56k inbox with some new shots of Gibcity6...and once I saw 'em, I was more than glad to've been spammed. (= (J/K Wayne, I love getting screenies!) Since there are six of them, I thumbnailed 'em on a page real quick-like. Aren't I just all about convenience? (Agree with me, damn it!)

    What's the rest of the new content, I hear you asking? (I'm a telepath.) Well...you'll just have to come back tomorrow, and Monday, and probably Tuesday as well to find out. *neener*neener* Make sure you read Thursday's news about the Heretic2 map conversion!

    Dr. Foxy Article @ 3DAP ��update by Wadmaasi

    Dr. Foxy wrote an article on hype that got post0red at 3D Action Planet. He does a wee bit o' comparin' n' contrastin' o' Daikatana and Black & White.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

    Heretic2 Conversion DM Map ��update by Wadmaasi

    [QE]Destroyer sends word that he's completed a conversion of a Heretic2 map to E1 DKDM. The .map file (dmlight.map) is available from Raven's homepage and is available for anyone to download and modify. Destroyer says:
    I changed all textures in Daikatana and I exchanged the weapons and the ammo. I added the sky too and lightened the whole level with light. And last but not least I added windtones. But I didn't change the levelstructure.

    The map is available for download from Destroyer's homepage. He'd like any feedback suggestions to be sent to feedback@destroyermaps.ch.

    Romero updates ��update by Wadmaasi

    Romero updated Planet Romero yesterday, with bunches of info on some of is super-early games. Didn't mention DK's b-day, though.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

    Daikatana; One year old today! ��update by Gwog

    Thanks to Blues for the reminder that it was one year ago today that Daikatana first started appearing on store shelves. Ahh, the memories :) Take a gander at our little feature of the first people in the world to own Daikatana. Kudos to the people that got the game and enjoyed it, and thumbs up to the steely developers who ground away for a long time to get it to retail. Happy Birthday, DK!

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