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  Welcome to Nupedia!

We are building the world's largest international, peer-reviewed encyclopedia.  It is free.

It's not hard to get involved, and we really do need your involvement!  Basically, we need

Just sign up (it's a very short form) and we'll get you started.  Or perhaps you need to be convinced?

Nupedia is becoming multilingual.  To discuss issues related to this, please join Interpret-L.  You will be able to unsubscribe yourself from the same page.  We also have groups devoted to French translation and to German translation.

The new system is up and running.  Please start using the new system, and report any bugs or other problems you encounter to  Detailed instructions are being written right now, but for now please refer to our policy/instructions statement.  Thanks!

You might notice that we have changed our logo/banner slightly.  Thanks go to Sally Milo of Milo Design for the update.  The old subtitle for Nupedia, "The Open Content Encyclopedia," is now "The Free Encyclopedia."  This is more inviting to people who do not know what "Open Content" means.  It is also more inviting to people associated with Richard Stallman's Free Software Foundation (FSF).  They prefer "free" (that term) to "open content" and "open source."  "Free," as Stallman points out, here means not "free of charge" but instead "unconstrained by (most) legal restrictions on use."  We thought it would be nice to please these people who can help Nupedia so much.  This change does not represent any sort of change in policy, goals, or outlook.  So you can go on referring to Nupedia as "The Open Content Encyclopedia," if you prefer, or as "The Free Encyclopedia"--it's both.

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