This Week's Khutba: Voting; Kufr and Haram

Last Week's Khutba: Pateince


Usaama Gives His Bayat To Mulla Umar and Calls On Others

A Message From Bin Laadin: Declaration of War

A Warning by the Imam of The Prophet's Mosque;
Historic Khutbah by Imam Al-Hudhaifi

In 1998, a khutbah which exposed the Saudi's came to the West. This khutbah which the sheikh warned about America and the Zionist state of Isreal was immediately banned by the apostate government of Saudi, however copies were smuggled out and printed into booklets.

Fighting The Rulers;
Why should we fight the apostates rulers?

Ibn Taymiyyah (RH) gives us advice on which rulers to fight accompanied by all of the evidences from the Shariah.

Defense of The Muslim Lands
Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (Shaheed)
This is an original fatwa written by Sheikh Abdullah Azzam and approved by Bin Baz, Uthaimeen and others on the topic of Jihad. Jihad is fard upon EVERY MUSLIM today and it is unanimously agreed upon without any difference of opinion among all of the believers. Those who claim to be upon the way of the Salaf today should read this. Fatwa on Jihad.

U.S. & Britain Kill Muslim Children
In Genocide Attempt

Interview with Sheikh Abu Hamza
America, Britain and their allied forces have murdered nearly 1 million Muslim children in Iraq and that death toll rises. Their goal is to destroy the future of Islam through terrorism and genocide, while labeling the Mujahidin as terrorists. We take another look at the seriousness of their actions with an interview with Sheikh Abu Hamza.

Where Are The Mujahideen?
Another Crusades to Commit Genocide
What has befallen the tiny population of the 22 million people of Iraq? In its past 20 years, this nation has been involved in two major wars. Before the Gulf War, the people of Iraq had not even finished burying all of their dead from the war with Iran. Yet the Western war machine continued, leaving a trail of bodies wherever it went.

Who Is Sheikh Hammoud
bin Uqlaa' Ash-Shuaibi?

'Ulema In Our Time

Indeed, there were scholars who were supporting the jihaad of the 1980's against the Russians. Shaikh ash-Shu'aibi supported the Mujahidin and remained defiant against the regimes and their allied Western bosses.

Hjrah Detailed
'Saving Your Religion

The topic of Hijrah fisibilillah (emigration for the sake of Allah) is one of the most important, yet often misunderstood topics of our time. Today, especially, Hijrah is important to keep our religion, the religion of our children and our society safe.

Immigrating; In The Path of Allah
Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masri


Khilaafa Between Sunnah & Bida'
Conference held May 12th

Bin Laadin's Pledge of Allegiance

Conference held April 28th

An American Shaheed
An Example for all of Us

Moulanna Masood Azhar
Bahawarpur Bayan

in Urdu (translation coming)

Usama Speaks On Hijrah and Islamic Emirate
Indeed, there were scholars who were supporting the jihaad of the 1980's against the Russians.

Most likely the most important Mujahid of our time, insha'llah.  He fought to liberate women and children from terror and oppression.
Who Is Sheikh
Abdullah Azzam?
"I feel that I am nine years old, seven and a half years in the Afghan Jihad, one and a half years in Jihad in Palestine and the rest of the years have no value." On Friday, the 24th of November 1989 in Peshawar, Pakistan he was assassinated along with his two sons Mohammed and Ibrahim, by 20kg of TNT activated by remote control while he was driving to Friday prayer.

mam Jamil Al-Amin upset the US government and local crooks in Atlanta by teaching Islam to the children of former slaves in America.   Now they have him in prison on false charges of murder.
Who Is Imam
Jamil Al-Amin?

Imam Jamil Al-Amin is currently sitting in a US prison, like Sheikh Umar Abdur-Rahmam waiting until all of the Muslims forget about him. More about Imam Jamil.

"SoS is helping to sponsor this school for muhajir"

News from the Frontline...Jihaad Updates

Latest fatwa from the Peninsula on Taliban Government and Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the legitamacy of its implementation of shariah by Sheikh Hammoud bin Uqlaa' Ash-Shuaibi, Al-Qaseem, Arabian Peninsula, November 29, 2000/ 2nd Ramadan 1421 Hijri. What is the reality regarding the Government of Taliban? Read the Fatwa


Indonesia In Battle; The Christians and Jews will never stop killing you until they turn you back from your religion and that is exactly what they have been doing to the women, children, elderly and weak among Muslims. The Jihad in Indonesia is one of the most important today? Read Crusaders in The Net

Our Taliban Brothers have sacrificed so we can have a place to migrate to and be safe under the Shariah of Allah.
The Noble Taliban;
Exemplary Rulers in Shariah

America's Campaign To Destroy Islam - Part 1

Along with the Killing of Innocent Women and Children
Afghanistan has successfully implemented Shariah, making it the only true Islamic state today. This Islamic way of life stands in the way of Capitalism, which America and Britain are prepared to kill millions in order to expand.

America's Campaign To Destroy Islam - Part 2
The Pillars of the American Campaign
America depends, in her campaign against the Islamic world, on a number of pillars: The First Pillar is its international weight and influence in the Islamic world. The second pillar is while America is the leader of the...


Tafseer of Surat
(14 tapes)
tape 1 - English
tape 2 - English
The Role of Women
In Jihad

single tape - English
Refuting Talkfiri Statements & Principles
1a - 1b - 2a - 2b - 3a - 3b
Allah's Governance
on Earth
(7 tapes)
tape two - English
Questions Without Answers by Running & Lying Hilalee
single tape - English
Defending Sheikh Umar Abdur-Rahman & Jihad
part one - English
part two - English

part three - English
Join The Victorious Party (4 tapes)
tape one - English
The Way of Sahaaba
tape one - English
tape two - English

The Only Way To Get Khilaafa
part one - English
part two - English

Terrorism 2000 Conference
Full Confernce - English
Afghanistan; Return of Islam
part one - English
part two - English

More Sites To Visit: Supporters of Shariah
in Bosnian Language

Supporters of Shariah
in Swedish Language

Latest on Jihad in Chechnyna.  Currently the Mujahidin are fighting Russia to defend the people's request to be ruled by Shariah.  Russia once fought Afghanistan and were bitterly defeated, again they are facing the same defeat.

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Afghanistan (I.E.A.)
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the only place at the moment that has successfully installed Shariah --Islamic Laws, which the US leaders and the Jewish lobbies hate. Today, they have successuflly pressured the UN to place more sanctions on this Islamic state in efforts to destroy their economy and murder the children as they did in Iraq.  And the US taxpayers are paying for it.
Special Report on Islamic Emirate

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