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   Planet Duke | About | Staff
    PlanetDuke Staff

Planet Duke is run by a dedicated staff who are responsible for the general coolness of the site. We'll strive to keep PlanetDuke one of the biggest and the best Duke sites you can find. We would love to hear what you have to say about PlanetDuke or the entire Duke Nukem community, so feel free to drop us an e-mail at feedback@planetduke.com! We're much saner than as the descriptions below depict us. Unless it's Thursday.


LUCKY - Site Director, Totalitarian Mastermind, Wearing Versace

Lucky's been on the PlanetDuke staff since the site's conception in a dimly-lit bar on a pool table, and now raises and educates it on that very same pool table. Either that or he makes sure the site's servers don't catch fire, he does a damn large slice of everything on PlanetDuke, but most fun of all, he administers strict beatings to the other staffmembers with his Big Ol' Stick Of Whup-Ass. Whilst wearing Versace. He's kinky like that. Oh, and he has a truly awful extra-info page if you have the lack of sense to find out more about him.

If you have a question about PlanetDuke, Duke in general, or Lucky's rock-hard abs, drop him a line at Lucky@planetduke.com!


ABE RAHEY - Content Manager, master coder, actor extraordinaire

Abe "Agent002" Rahey joined PlanetDuke from Dukeworld and is currently a student at the University of Arizona double-majoring in Computer Science and Film Acting/Directing. Abe is often seen helping out wherever needed under the guise of a "content manager". Keep an eye out for him on the big screen and send your requests for an autographed 8x10 glossy here!


MR. BLONDE - News, Forums, criminally insane

Charlie "MrBlonde" Palmer used to be homeless, and he's still homeless only now he occasionally does stuff on PlanetDuke, as well as various activities with other unsuspecting people that really should be kept out of public knowledge. Oh, he's pretty l33t too; he handles news, forum shizzat, and various other low-grade duties that keep him from alphabetizing his collection of bottled body fluids and showing the webcam pics of his underwear to the other site members. You can send him your filth-encrusted panties here!


CYBORG - News, Content, proletariat oppressor

Cyborg is, in fact, a real cyborg, albeit of a type so advanced he is made entirely out of flesh, bone, and water. He is also blessed with the strength of almost one man, and loves to spend his time in the Duke 3D community, whether it's correcting people's misconceptions, helping them like the old dear that he is, or trying to make the Duke 3D strippers totally naked. You can send him your incoherent, slightly disturbing ramblings here!

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