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   Planet Duke | Duke Nukem Forever | Frequently Asked Questions

The Official Duke Nukem Forever FAQ
Version 2.00 (revision: 05/30/01)

Contact us: faq@planetduke.com

Section 2: The Game

2.0 - What is the story behind DNF?
As General Graves informs us in the E3 2001 video, the EDF - Earth Defense Force - has been overpowered by a group of aliens, who we heavily suspect have been called to earth by Dr. Proton - the 7'6" cyborg from the original Duke Nukem.

As the cute blonde chick in the video tells us, "people are turning into monsters" - and we see a few guys in the video with blank, possessed eyes. So, aliens are taking over world and apparently they have captured the President. But for what purpose? We do not know yet. But we do know that there is only one person standing in the way of Dr. Proton's world domination, Duke Nukem. Who else would have the balls to handle such a task?)

2.1 - What is Dr. Proton's problem with the world?
After a horrible accident, the crazy Doctor decided to repair the damage done to his body by adding cybernetic parts - now he's a 7'6" cyborg, hell-bent on taking over the world! Doctor Proton was Duke's nemesis from Duke Nukem 1 (the first game, a platform side-scroller), where after a climactic battle on Proton's moonbase, Duke saved the world from the Doc's evil schemes. Now Proton is back as Duke's main foe in DNF.

2.2 - How many weapons will DNF have? What will they be?
Not much is known yet, but it is almost certain that there will be roughly 13 or 14 weapons in the game, according to an interview with George Broussard. You can expect some of the old favorites from Duke Nukem 3D to be back in updated forms, such as the Shrink Ray and Pipe Bombs.

Based upon what we can tell from the E3 2001 DNF video, the Mighty Foot is back, as is the shotgun, a machine gun, the RPG, and of course the laser trip mines. In addition to these, we see a sniper rifle, a variety of turret guns, and a riot shield.

Other new weapons are not known at this time, but chances are that they will be just as innovative as those in Duke Nukem 3D, and will most likely feature multiple firing modes.

2.3 - Will akimbo guns be available?
George Broussard confirmed already that there would not be akimbo guns (akimbo meaning one of each weapon in each hand). The reason for this decision is that the double amount of weapon polygons on the screen which would lead to lower framerates. The development team had to decide between a high amount of polygons for the weapons, or akimbo guns. They have chosen the first option. However, since DNF will use a modified Unreal (http://www.planetunreal.com) engine, a user-made mutator similar to the akimboarena mutator is still highly possible.

2.4 - Will the weapons have alternate fire modes?
Yes, as confirmed by George Broussard in an interview last year:

"Every weapon will do something when you press the alt fire key. It simply adds too much gameplay and fun to not have alternate firing modes. Sometimes you have a really cool weapon idea, but it doesn't [justify] it's own weapon. But an alt fire is the perfect spot for it!"

2.5 - What enemies and other characters will be in DNF?
This information has not been de-classified yet but you can probably expect some favorites back from Duke Nukem 3D. Octabrain can already be seen in the E3 2001 video.

2.6 - Will Duke be able to operate vehicles and other machinery?
Staying true to his interactive roots, Duke will be able to do all of the above in DNF. While not all the details on this are known, Duke can be seen driving a variety of vehicles, including riding a mule, in the recently released E3 2001 video.

2.7 - What power-ups will Duke have in DNF?
It's still too early to tell for sure, however some of the more popular Duke Nukem 3D items should make a comeback. Everyone's favorite, the Jetpack is still up in the air (no pun intended), but all signs indicate that we'll see it at least somewhere in DNF. George Broussard had the following to say in a November 1999 interview here at Dukeworld: "The jetpack causes problems in single play, so may be limited to a few deathmatch levels."

2.8 - What kind of levels will DNF have?
Duke Nukem Forever will have many different kinds of levels, most will be typical of classic first person shooter levels, some will be based on operating vehicles, and more. Some of the levels will be set in and around Las Vegas, including such locales as Area 51, Hoover Dam, and of course, casinos. And with those darn aliens around, you can be sure that Duke will be encountering a few surprises he's never seen before.

And for all you Duke Nukem 3D fans (and we know there's a lot of you), there's a good chance you'll see the return of some of your favorite Duke Nukem 3D maps used for multiplay. In the words of George Broussard, "Seems it'd be stupid to release DNF and NOT have some of the favorite DM maps appear in an updated form. We'll also have plenty of new maps for you as well. The hard part will be selecting the old favorites, although a few are obvious."

2.9 - Will there be level statistics like in Duke3D?
Here's a quote from George Broussard about this (dated 10/31/00):

". . .We're striving for a fairly realistic game and something like that is a little arcade-y. But I think we're still in favor of end level stat screens telling you how you did. May not be realistic, but it is gameplay in terms of stats and rating yourself with other players."

2.10 - Will DNF have strippers?
Yes, the infamous strippers that Duke is best known for will be back again in their full polygonal glory. It's still uncertain whether there will be full nudity in the game, however if there is not, you can be sure that the strippers will be as close as you can get.

Recently it has been confirmed by George Broussard (10/11/00) that there will probably not be any full frontal nudity as he stated that he doesn't "think a game (even Duke) can do frontal nudity and get away with it. The backlash would be too severe. That said, we LOVE to stir it up, so I wouldn't count it out." So, we'll have to wait and see!

More confirmation of the existence of strippers in DNF can be found in the E3 2001 video, or in the vid cap from that video here.

2.11 - Will Duke's witty commentary and one-liners be in DNF?
Definitely, you can expect a few classics from Duke Nukem 3D, plus plenty of new wisecracks by Duke in DNF. George has also said that Duke's speech won't be limited to simply one liners and the voiceover in cinematics like it was in Duke Nukem 3D. What does that mean? That information is still classified. Sorry.

2.12 - Will DNF have the same level of interactivity as Duke Nukem 3D?
It is 3D Realms' goal to make DNF the most interactive first person shooting game ever. DNF will have the level of interactivity of Duke Nukem 3D and then some. In December 1998, 3D Realms' George Broussard stated "...been adding lots and lots of neato features so our mappers can do insane, and I mean insane amounts of interactivity."

When asked in April '99 by HardOCP about the degree of interactivity the player will be able to have with the strippers, 3D Realms' George Broussard replied:

"We'll leave interactivity with strippers to your own imaginations and let you experience that when the game ships."

And here's an interesting quote from programmer Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart (dated 01/20/01):

"In DNF you can break everything. It's fun running through one of Stephen's decoration filled maps slinging rockets all over the place watching the wood and metal and sparks fly.

"If you can't use it, you can pick it up.
"If you can't pick it up, you can blow it up.

"Everything is interactive."

2.13 - Will there be cut scenes and cinematics?
No, here is George Broussard's response to this from the official 3D Realms forums (dated 03/27/01):

"We don't intend any cut scenes at all. The game happens from Duke's eyes and Duke's eyes only."

"We're not about to play amateur film director here.

"This should be a good thing though. The game will be more immersive."

2.14 - How violent is DNF going to be?
As far as we can tell it won't be anything extreme or excessive, but it will be fairly violent. Here's what George Broussard had to say:

"I think we will be more as or more violent than Soldier of Fortune. We're not gonna do entrails hanging out - [because] that's just gore, but the rest will probably be disturbing to people - primarily because our guys look more real." (02/26/01)

"Will you be offended when you throw a pipe bomb over a guys head, detonate it and take off everything from the waist up - in little pieces? If so, you best pass on DNF :)" (02/27/01)

2.15 - What will DNF's primary level editor be?
According to an announcement by George Broussard on 01/15/01, programmer Brandon Reinhart worked to support UnrealEd 2 as DNF's primary editor. Fortunately UE2 is written in C++ rather than Visual Basic and is much more stable and faster. Here's a list of some features 3D Realms gets by switching to UE2:

    - New vertex manipulation tool.
    - Brush clipping.
    - Tools to remove backfacing textures.
    - Drawn interpolation paths.
    - Freeform polygon drawing tool w/ extrusion. (From next Epic game)

2.16 - What kind of music will DNF feature?
Lee Jackson will do the music for DNF. What exactly he will do is unknown. Since he's not limited to midis or mods (very enhanced midis, Unreal and Unreal Tournament use this music format) he can go in any direction he wants. But whatever they will finally do, it will be like this:

"Our philosophy on music is to not really have music. That is to say, nothing with a beat while you play. We are trying to create an experience and a sound track distracts you while you play. We are opting for lot's of ambient sound effects and noise tracks/moodtracks playing in the background to create the proper mood. You aren't going to hear loud rock music while you are playing. For menus or end level screens, sure, but not for gameplay." (George Broussard, 3DR forum - 10/03/00)

"There's not going to be a ton of music in DNF. When you are playing a level we don't want music in your face or for you to feel like you have headphones on. You will be immersed with lots and lots of ambient/mood setting sound effects - specific to the places you are in the levels. I wouldn't expect much music outside of the menus, end level screens and ending credits. Possibly for boss fights as well - cause that's just fun. But you're not going to hear music tracks as you play the game. We want the player as immersed as possible." (George Broussard, 3DR forum - 02/23/01)

2.17 - Will the storyline be an evident part of gameplay?
A short Q&A; session with George Broussard in June of 1999 shed some light on this subject. When asked if the game would have either a strong story or simply action and exploration, George replied with a solid, "Yes to everything." He went on to reveal that 3D Realms has hired a scriptwriter to oversee the game's story and, "to help [the DNF team] wrap up and polish plot and script and make sure we have everything in place, as you would expect in a movie."

2.18 - How many levels will be in DNF?
That information is still classified. Sorry.

2.19 - Will DNF have a "real" ending?
Yes. As revealed in a 1999 Q&A; session with George Broussard, 3D Realms has been "extremely disappointed in the ending of every FPS game to date," and that they "would like to change that."

So yes, you can expect a nice, rewarding ending in Duke Nukem Forever, which should be very good news for those of you who put 25+ hours into a game and are also disappointed with how it wraps up.

2.20 - Will DNF take place in only Las Vegas?
Considering the fact that no one has ever said it would take place exclusively in Las Vegas, probably not.

2.21 - Will I have to configure millions of keys just to be able to play DNF like some games require you to do?
No. In fact, 3D Realms believes strongly in the philosophy that games should have the fewest keys possible. You won't have to configure 15 different controls to play.

2.22 - If DNF has teleporters, will we be able to shoot through them?
Yes. If DNF features teleporters, you can expect to be able to shoot through them.

2.23 - Will DNF feature different episodes like Duke Nukem 3D did?
According to George Broussard (on 01/20/01) DNF will not have different episodes. It will be one continuous game. Though you can expect to see interesting titles/subtitles for different areas. :)

2.24 - Will Lo Wang make an appearance in DNF?
This is possible, however 3D Realms does not know yet whether or not it will be done before the final release.

2.25 - Will new DM models be released after the game ships?
Yes. According to what George Broussard said on 10/31/2000, they intend to release new DM models at a regular rate after the game ships. Sort of the way Cavedog did with Total Annihilation years back by releasing new units every month.


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