Leo O'Kelly's new album Glare was released in Ireland 2 February. Glare will be distributed in Ireland by Gael Linn.

Samples in mp3 format
More samples are on the way. Click here for all the Lyrics

Streets of This Town "Walked by the river and the murmuring weir
I could still hear you whispering in my ear"
Venezuela "We pray for the day, we long for the night to come
Through the ozone layer the yellow star blazed on"
Switch To Stereo "And I stood in the street like I was in a dream
But she wasn't a dream"
You Took All The Fun Out Of It "You levelled all the beautiful mountains
And valleys, and palaces"
Ricochet "I walked by that window, I pushed through that door
I looked in the mirror and I dropped to the floor"
14 Iced Bears "just because I saved a tree in Nicaragua
But you know I killed some cats in my time"
You Prefer Jim "It's true what they say
Love makes the world go round"
This Plane Is Dragging Me Down "In the song I heard the words
Something's wrong if it's not right"
Love Between Us "We had a near fatal fascination
I guess we're fortunate to feel alive"
When The Gate Squeaks "But when the gate squeaks my heart skips a beat
When the phone rings hope springs new"
On My Way Home "I looked around the heavens above
And without a sound I was told about love"

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