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Thanks groovepapa and fireking.
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Utopia Closing
Black & White Still At #1
Getting Tha' Groove On!
FilePlanet Revamped
Creature Training Article

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   Saturday, June 2, 2001
Utopia Closing

PBW's first ever hosted site has closed. The final news post by Senseless from Utopia has put up this final message:
The past few months have been lots of fun, and I've enjoyed every minute of it here. The problem is though, that I simply do not have time to run the site efficiently any more, and so, have decided to close the site.
Diddums. PBW may well be looking to use Utopia's articles in its own archive to coincide with our rehash of the current articles section. There is also the possibility of someone else taking over the site. E-mail Senseless if you're up for the challenge.

Black & White Still At #1

After opening my latest subscription copy of PC Zone UK yesterday, I noticed that Black & White is holding the #1 spot in both the Top 10 for Virgin Megastores and also in the official ELSPA Chart Track Top 10.

Way to go BW!

Getting Tha' Groove On!

BW2K have posted the latest article about villager's experiences on their site, and this time it talks about the birds getting 'it' on with the bees, or something like that!

"What's wrong?" asked Pete. Suddenly Joe was floating a few feet off the ground.

"Woo Hoo!" Joe yelled, "I'm Chosen!!" He was taken by the unseen force (that he knew could only be his god) and sat down next to a lady. "Yes!! I got the cool job!!"

"Lucky bastard." Pete says under his breath as he watches Joe and the lady vanish into a cabin together. A few minutes later, Joe reappears, a little worn out, but smiling. He quickly runs over to another woman.
No comment.

Link: The Chosen One

FilePlanet Revamped

A lot of people have kept e-mailing me with regards to how FilePlanet has been giving them grief when trying to download new items...

Well now your favourite file download site has undergone a totally new design, visible and non-visible.

In the visible dept., they have revamped the front-end of the site, allowing for easier navigation and location of your favourite files. Back-end work has also been going on, and one of the major points of the new system can be found right here.

For all the info on the latest system, you can find what you want below:

So make with the clicking already!

Creature Training Article

The girls @ Eden Central have posted an article about creature training. It covers teaching miracles, and more specifically, the best time to teach them. It's a great read for newbies and thick people alike (yes, there is a difference between the two ... Just).

Here's my favourite tip:
18) If you have any more questions just ask us OK
I think I'll be putting my e-mail client's forward button to good use tonight. Oh yes.

Link: Eden Central's Creature Teaching article

   Friday, June 1, 2001

Way #39 in which Black & White imitates Real Life (or is it the other way 'round?):

Gritrok, a very observant fellow, just notified us of some vewwwyy suspicious lyrics to be found on the new "Machine" album by Static X, an American metal band.

Track 4 off the album is entitled (wait for it) "Black and White". What is the song about? Well, take a look at this snippet of the lyrics:

Lost in my own world
Lost in my own world
Lost in my
Getting to the right
Getting to the wrong
Getting mine

Losing your mind
Losing your mind
It's blurring
It's fading
Your soul's on fire
It's Black and White

How decidedly strange. But don't take my word for it: feel free to listen to the entire song in RealAudio format.

PC Strategy Gamer review

To those who remember The Citadel, "Hello again!" 'Tis I, Tooie, risen once more from the lurking depths. It seems only right that my first post here is to notify you all of the review from the magazine which first brought me onto the fan scene: PC Strategy Games.

It was their preview, about a year ago, which I wrote up for Yoru because they didn't have a full web presence. Well now they do, and they have gotten around to reviewing the game. This is a very full review, but skipping straight to the verdicts, it gets their highest score ever at 98% and one reviewer just couldn't help himself, giving it 10/10.

   Thursday, May 31, 2001
Community Help

Looking for a way into the community? Maybe you can help our friend Exodus here:

This site is dedicated completly to creature training, but it's not like the sites that are around now. It's sort of like a split site. Half the site has good tutorials only, and the other has evil tutorials. Well, I'm currently looking for 2 more article and script writers. I need 1 Good article and tutorial write, and 1 more evil tutorial and article write. I've got the layout done on my site, but I wanna put articles on it before it's unveiled.
The site isn't currently live, as stated, but if you are interested in helping out, I've been instructed to point you in the direction of Exodus' E-Mail address.

Now get to it!

The (Sub)Hosting Of Sites...

Well, it seems that The Black & White Gospel have hosted a smaller subsite on their server, which specialises in Custom Wallpapers...

What is The Discourse you ask? We (actually I) are custom wallpaper makers, we are a subsite of The Gospel, a B&W; art site.
...let me explain what we do. We are custom wallpaper makers, you provide a picture of your creature and we will turn it into a kicking wallpaper, FREE OF CHARGE!
So what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Discourse and get your own custom-made Creature wallpaper now!

Holy Crap!

Yes, the excrement phenomena continues with BW2K's latest article, entitled simply Andy, which covers the subject in more detail than I care to comment on! Here's a snippet:

"Hey, what's that?"
"That big thing over there, it's flying toward us!"
"'Tis ..'tis.... Holy Poo!!"
Er, quite!

Link: Andy @ BW2K

New 'Views

From the folks at GamesDomain and Sci-Fi Game Reviews.

Although I wouldn't be the first to classify B&W; as a science fiction title, the reviewer, a Mr. Decker, clearly understands the game:
If Black & White has a flaw, it's in the single-player campaign's story.
Overall, Sci-Fi GR is positive about B&W;, awarding it the "Our 'A' Pick" sticker, which leaves open the possibility of some interesting grammatical interpretations for the more creative-minded among us.

Next on the docket is Chris McMullen from GamesDomain, handing down a second opinion that is quite contrary to the first. A snip that's fairly representative of the tone of the review follows:
I'd have to agree that while Black and White is entertaining in the short term -- a couple of weeks or so -- the game does have a significant number of flaws that don't exactly encourage you to come back to it.
To add some flavour, this review also has a nice "Wish-List" of features for B&W; that's worth looking over.

Obligatory Patch Info

*yawn* Pardon me. Was up a little late last night.

Lionhead has completed programming the first Black and White patch. The patch also contains an additional feature - enhanced support for Pentium 4. It is currently still undergoing configuration testing with Electronic Arts and is awaiting QA approval before being released.

We are expecting to learn the QA completion date on Monday, at which point a notice will be posted on this site.

Lionhead regrets that it is not able to release a pre-QA version of the Patch as originally planned due to customer support concerns at EA.
Thanks Tim, Graham A., Vurtscribble, DaveH500, Dakoina, WebCow, Dave Feltham, Eric, and all the rest.

   Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Hosted Site: Black & White Easter Eggs

Please give a welcome to our latest hosted site, Black & White Easter Eggs.

Black & White Easter Eggs
Black & White Easter Eggs - For all your chocolate egg needs... Oh wait, they're not chocolate! Erm, right... Oh look *points upwards* a blimp! *sharp exit left*

Right in case you don't know, in the 'gaming industry', 'Easter Egg' is a term used to describe something put in a game by it's creators, but hidden away in obscure locations for bored players with too much time on their hands to stumble across
That snippet taken from the B&W; Easter Eggs info page. Your resident Easter Egg Hunter is BigFreak, and we'd like you all to submit any eggs that you've found that we haven't. Egggggscellent (you're fired! - Ed), now get to it!

   Tuesday, May 29, 2001
Forum Reorganization

Just a foreword of warning:

You may find a few things changing position in our forums in the next few days, as we're currently chopping and changing the forum layouts to cater for our increased masses to make information more easily available.

Don't worry, you won't find anything going crazy down there (Gamespy have already updated the forum software), but you may find yourself disorientated as things move around, so bear with us, and we'll make sure you have a comfortable(-ish!) ride.

R9 Review

Yes, they may be Canadian, but I swear this post will contain no "eh" jokes.

R9 Games, purveyors of "Shocking Gaming News", have written up a review of Black & White. A typical line from the review runs as follows:
If your creature is nice, it will develop a friendly face, if your creature is evil, it will develop a mean looking face.
Shocking! Take a look, if you want. Saw this on BluesNews.

What A Load Of Pollocks

Last week's poll came bouncing to a close with a fairly conclusive result. Yes, that's right, as we all suspected, PBW staffer Chunki Munki does actually look curiously like an ape.

We now stay on the monkey theme, and throw none other than George Bush into the lime light. The request for this match up was quite overwhelming. Of all poll suggestions, 33.3% of them wanted this one. In fact, the whole George Bush and chimp resemblance thing goes so deep, that there are even web sites dedicated to the phenomena.

Link #1: Last week's results and poll archive
Link #2: Bush or Chimp web site

The FAQ explains why 42 is the answer
The encyclopedia explains the meaning of life
Chat about the game in the forums
How much does George Bush look like the chimp?

Fairly close

Submit Poll

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