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Thursday, May 31, 2001

Utopia is closing

The past few months have been lots of fun, and I've enjoyed every minute of it here.
The problem is though, that I simply do not have time to run the site efficiently any more, and so, have decided to close the site.

Utopia will officially close on Friday 8th June 2001.

Thanks to all of you who supported this little site, through the good and bad, and thanks to all of you who have sent in stories, and feedback about the site. If it weren't for you, there'd have been no Utopia in the first place.

For now my friends, adieu.

Friday, May 11, 2001
OK, mucho stuff to do at the mo, so I'll be brief.
The new member of staff at Utopia will be revealing himself oh so soon....I promise.
AND, I'm setting it up for all the staff to be able to review and update the stories sections, so it doesn't mean that just because I'm a lazy bum, that the rest of the staff are ;)
You may also notice that I'm over at the new hosted site, Black & Blue now, as an article writer, and there's a *cough*not so flattering pic up of me on Modworld. Ah well, webcams eh?
I'm also working on a secret project with another member of the hosted staff here...more news soon.....I hope :)

Friday, May 04, 2001
The application for a newsie for Utopia is now closed.

If you applied, and haven't received an e-mail back, give me a shout.

So, have I decided on who the newsie is? I have indeed. Stay tuned for more info very soon, and as usual, I'll get round to updating stories sections really soon....I promise.

Thursday, May 03, 2001
Well...my my, I've been a bit busy. As well as that, my ISP at home hasn't been allowing me to access my browsers for about 4 days...ah well.

So, now that I've got all my coursework done, and all my college assignments are now finished, I can get back on the task of story reviewing, article reviewing, generally updating...whoop!

For those of you who have applied for Utopia, I'll be letting everyone know by e-mail of the results. If you haven't applied to be a newsie for Utopia yet, then why not?! Utopia is not a news site, so you don't have to think that you can't do it because you have no real access to up to the minute Black & White news, if I wanted that from a newsie, I'd be a miniature Planet Black & White, and what's the point in being second best? :)
All that's required for the job here is interest in Utopia, and fan fiction. It wouldn't hurt to apply now would it? Hell, you might even get it. *sigh* Why must I give myself more work? Well, it's because *sniff*, well *sniff*, I think I love you. :)

Only restriction on applying is your application must be in 50 words exactly....I'm a bit of an arse like that, but hey, it keeps you on your toes. Once you've done your application, mail it to me, but please not as an attachment.

Go on...apply away....GO ON!

Tuesday, May 01, 2001
Hello People

I am the Immortal One and the siteís first newsie since Nobbs left the staff
I wanted to wait for some real news to make my first post but I couldnít wait
so let me just welcome two new sites also hosted at planeblackandwhite.com :

Firstly theres The Guide. This site is the B&W; bible of information containing everything
theres to know about the individual islands, quests and well everything in the game. So if ur having Problems with the game or need a hint go check it out

Secondly theres The Godís Workshop. This sites all about offering tools and utilities to enhance the B&W; experience. The first toolís already up. It lets u determite what kind of Weather u want to see in the game. So be sure to check that out too.

And last but not least Bwcenter.com also has a new site up and running which aims to be the haven for all of ur B&W; Skinning needs. Their first Skin features a Bear in a Bat man costume. Pretty funny to look at.

Thatís it for the moment hope to have some real news some time soonish.

Sunday, April 29, 2001
OK, so, we're really getting somewhere now. Thanks to those of you who have e-mailed me with stories, and feedback for the site...give me a day or two, and I'll get them reviewed an up on the site.

Also, a newsie job is going at Utopia!

Just send me your application, but it must be in 50 words exactly. I like being awkward :)

Friday, April 27, 2001
Well....it's a joyous day for Utopia...a new design, and the ability for my staff to actually update the page....huzzah!
And if you see the man that's responsible for all this...the man with the plan...the man they call Cfur...give him a big big hug, and all your money.

So...let the fun begin...here's to the first of many, many glorious Utopian days...*raises a glass*






IRC Quote Of The Day

(My plug in baby)

<[Ces]Senseless> So, what's your band called?

<Toadkiller_Dog> Elsa Mira

<[CeS]Senseless> Oh right. So, what do you guys sound like?

<Toadkiller_Dog> We'd like to think it sounds like the kind of music you liked to listen to late at night with your headphones on under the blankets as a kid when you should be sleeping and at the same time, the kind of music you blast down the road listening to at full volume.

<[CeS]Senseless> Wow, so, where can I find out about this amazing new band?

<Toadkiller_Dog> www.elsamira.com

<[CeS]Senseless> Cool, we should really get all the visitors to Utopia to go and check it out... ;)

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