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gazoo says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:56:32 2001
Hello L.O.S.E.R.s!!!!!!

Buffy/Angel Timeline


(Sun Jun 3 00:55:10 2001
Hey I am new! Can anyone tell me who their fave character is?


kim! says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:54:36 2001





Icequeen says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:53:06 2001
your show is totally terrific! the only way it could get better is if Angel ever comes back...hint..hint..


FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:47:00 2001
banana: I'm doing well, thank you! in sort of a silly mood this evening? How are you?



Tearah Unusual says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:35:53 2001
I can't believe that they're linking people's pages of Buffy to the wb.


banana says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:28:49 2001
Hey FSM CDMan!! lol! How are you doing tonight?

wow. Is this place jumping or what?


Antipodean says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:28:05 2001

What am I? Retarded?

No, I mean I had to do that test when I was seven, a little slow in some stuff, mostly math and spatial relations, but certainly not "challenged" or anything

Okay, so, possibly not dropping tags during the thanks would be a safer way to go. But this is the work I have to do For I am Antipodean a tag-dropper-bot.

Alpy Alpy


Justice says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:25:02 2001
Hey everyone, how are we doing today?


Antipodean says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:21:44 2001

Just passing by for some important *smooch*ing

Ant (to the superone) I don't know how you managed to… That was the bravest thing I've ever seen.

superscram : The stupidest. But the world continues to turn.

superscrammiepoie - *smoooch* baybeeee...

Yes, "The Zeppo" script. At last :)
Hi Alpy


Gary says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:19:29 2001
Gary seeing it is late (here in California that has many meanings) and very dark outside ( is it night or is it mem..rolling... na it's night) I feel I must go and get that sleep stuff I've read about all week... To sleep, prechance to dream... Daw is the key Doc spelled backwards is Cod (pretty fish that) Joel Grey must stay around until all musical Buffy episode what can he do... giles is off to England to do ghost stories for adults... Kam and Little Willow have put together a really nice site
Faith is linch pin to bringing Buffy back... Dawn is key... Fred is capable of opening portals...
new site for Fred...
To tired to recape last four hours for new commers...
no brownies left, milk gone, must sleep

goodnite all


FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:17:25 2001
banana: Hi there sweets! Shucks! I was hoping that Shonda Farr (April) would be playing Buffy. LOL!



The Key says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:14:14 2001
I heard a rumour that Faith will be back next season but on Angel. She will join the team but go back and forth to sunnydale. She will be better and her and Angel will showa special bond which we have seen in previous episodes.


GreenLion says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:10:06 2001
Little Willow welcome in the palace of absolute insanity and not enough sleep. YAY for or="#003399">Taco Belle. I ususally don't watch Angel but I got the last two eps because of Numfar doing the happydance and Willows cameo. And another YAY for Amy Acker. I fell in love with Fred instantly :)

Irene Adler You are right. Organic chemistry is definitely evil. Not to mention Genetics. Thanx to the PTB I skipped that and took the complete insanity by first sight and now I am a happy mad person :)

Computer Little Willow analyse!
Transfer updata complete

I watched Fight Club five times and so the way Ben and Glory never appeared at the same time on screen bugged me a little. But that's actually a minor observation.

Glory's earthly weakness is Ben. She is a god and as god she can't be killed, can't be stopped, so Ripper killed Ben which Buffy was unable to do. What strikes me is, how do those foreign monks (not the minions & I guess that was russian or something they speak) know so much about Glory. And even the council had more information about her than e.g. Anya.
And there is still Doc. I can't think of him as one of the other hellgods. Why should this god be on earth too. And how comes that Spike seems to know him quite well and for quite a time??

now back to databases, maybe something to eat and real life work.

SO to yummy, singinginthecar & the Rest of the world, wherever you are.

Amber's Chance. The official side has a new home. Beware of auction! Script No. 2 on sale

Amber's Chance Auction at ebay

GreenLion's Amber Vision

GreenLions homebase


banana says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:06:29 2001
OMG! I heard a rumor Jennifer Love Hewitt is playing Buffy next season and Lacey Chabert is gonna be Dawn?!! *gasp* Say it ain't so! I'm NEVER watching again if Sarah and that other girl that played Dawn don't come back!!!

Hey LOSERs! *g*

funny, 19 doesn't feel any different than 18...


Teen AK says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:04:22 2001
eye = suck

David's Angels

It always happens I always get something wrong...


Teen AK says:
(Sun Jun 3 00:00:35 2001
Calling all Angel Fan's
New Club just starting up called David's Angels. To join email me (addy's in my name) putting I wanna join in the subject bar.
Only requirement...You gotta love watching Angel

Gee I really shouldn't be up this early... *groan*

Teen AK
Co-Founder of David's Angels
Teenz Tales

P.S.(If anyone has any Angel/David/Cordy...pix could you send them to me as I need pix for the David's Angels site that I'm putting up. Thanx.)

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