What is a vampire? There are many answers to that question: mythical creature, product of a disease, a mental disorder, a real creature. To a certain degree these are all true. Personally, I have known several vampires. There are times when I myself dress as one. No I do not fear crosses, or daylight. And although I have known people who bite others I do not. Those who do bite others do so with consent from the "victum".There are other types of "vampires". Here is a list on the types I know of along with as much information as I know of. If anyone knows more about vampires and would like to contribute their knowledge to my site please feel free.

Some general facts

There are some basic things that apply to all vampires. Instead of repeating myself I will just write it here. Sunlight, holy relics, running water, and garlic do not kill vampires. Although sun can bother or blind some (see true vampires). You may meet some vampires who will try to convince you that all those things can hurt or kill them, these are the "Bella Lugosi" type. Avoid these at all costs.(see below) If I notic repeating myself again, I will add those comments here.

The "Bela Lugosi" vampire

Out of all the forms of vampires, this is the most dangerous type. The worst part is that it can be mixed up with other types of vampires very easily. These vampires are the result in a mental problem. They usually start out as casual vampires but over time become convinced that they are actually a vampire like in the movies. This type of vampire does everything it can to mimic the Dracula portrayed by Bela Lugosi. They will wear the exact outfit and will even mimic the accent used in the film. They conform to such stereotypes as llight and holy objects can hurt or kill them, the same goes for garlic. In truth, it does nothing to them, it is only part of their insanity. This is the breed of vampire that gives all other vampires a bad name. These are the ones you see on the news as murderers. I can understand how the general public would dislike vampires, afterall the only ones they ever see are psycotics who believe they are "children of Bela Lugosi".

The casual vampire

This is the most common form of vampire. These people (yes people, they know what they are) enjoy dressing up and ACTING as vampires. Some may drink blood but I have found that these days that is rare. As said before even those who drink blood do it only by consent of whomever they want to drink. It is usually a personal and erotic experience that is done in private. This vampire can be usually found at gothic clubs and cafes. If one just wanders the streets of a city at night, like NY San Fransisco or New Orleans, you will generally find some.

The true vampire

This type of vampire is rare but can be found. I will not post too much information on this type because I do not know too much. If you are interested in learning more about real vampires then go to my links page. There you will find a link that will take you to a site that will explain everything to you. This is what I do know about them. Unlike the casual vampire, this type does in fact crave blood and drinks it regularly. They always drink from willing "doners". Generally they are very friendly and understanding when one asks them questions, although approaching one and asking to be "embraced" is a waste of time. These people are the real article, they do not play. They live as a vampire 24hrs, 7 days a week because that is what they are.

Vampirism : a disease

It is not very well-know but there is a term for a group of genetic blood diseases which affect the part of the blood cell that carries oxygen in the blood. This term is Porphyria, or the vampire disease. It is theorized to have began in European nobility, who practiced inbreeding. There is a rare form of the disease called Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria. This strain of the disease has simptoms wich include extreme sensitivity to ligh, red-brown urine and teeth, deformities of the nose, ears, eyelids, and fingers and an excess of body hair. Certain symptoms of this disease can be alleviated by an injection of heme, a substance found in bone marrow, blood and the liver. Since the was no such thing as an injection needle in the MIddle Ages one could find the same alleviation by injesting large amounts of blood. Although there is no definate proof, this could have been a major influence in certain characteristics of vampires in legends. An email from Creative Fire informed me of another strain of Porphyria, Photoporpheria...genetically allergic to sunlight. Extreme exposure to which causes blisters, as if the person had an acidic compound splashed upon them. Further exposure to sunlight ( or possibly UV rays) could possibly kill the individual.

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