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ArmaLite®  Introduces the .50 Caliber AR-50

ArmaLite, Inc. AR50

ArmaLite, Inc. has announced the introduction of its newest rifle, the .50 caliber AR-50. The AR-50 is an innovative, single shot bolt action rifle bearing a unique octagonal receiver bedded into a sectional aluminum stock. It is equipped with a modified M-16 type vertical pistol grip. The buttstock is removable for transport.

The AR-50 is intended to provide an economical, accurate rifle for shooters interested in the challenges of long range shooting. The AR-50 will be displayed at the 1999 SHOT Show. First deliveries are scheduled for July/August, 1999.

  • CALIBER: .50 BMG
  • LENGTH: 59 inches
  • WEIGHT: 41 pounds
  • FINISH: Magnesium Phosphated steel, hard anodized aluminum.
  • BARREL: 31" tapered, 8 groove RH 1:15 inch twist
  • MRECOIL CHECK: Multiflute recoil check
  • RECEIVER FORM: Modified octagonal form, drilled and slotted for scope rail
  • BOLT: Triple front locking lug
  • EXTRACTOR: Sako type
  • EJECTOR: Spring loaded plunger, automatic ejection
  • TRIGGER MECHANISM: single stage
  • STOCK: 3 section: extruded fore end, machined grip frame with M-16 type grip, forged and machined removable buttstock..
  • BUTT: Machined forging
  • BUTTPLATE: Pachmayr

PRICE: $2,615  

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