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Looking for more information on Black & White? Not a problem! Here you'll find a selection of links to various other sites covering this wonderful game. But make sure not to spend too long away from here, you don't know what might happen to you.

Official Sites
Lionhead Studios - The official site of Lionhead Studios, the developers of Black & White.

Electronic Arts - The official site of Electronic Arts, the publishers of Black & White.

Official Black & White Website - The official website of the Black & White game. - Run by Lionhead, this site is the main hub for Black & White players all around the world.

Fan Sites/Community
Black & White Center - MGON's offering to the B&W community. Looks slick and smells nice.

BWLeague - An unofficial league for B&W.; The first of its kind.

Eden Times - One of the oldest Black & White sites around. This site has been known to come and go, with literally years between updates. It's quite a cunning idea when you think about it.

Liongames - A site dedicated to anything that comes out of Lionhead's stable.

Black & White Gamers - Part of the GameFans Network. Well rounded site with a good flow of news.

Many Shades of Grey - Another good comprehensive site out there. Well documented and well updated.

Black & White Zone - A top quality design, with good content. Very professional throughout.

WP Black & White - The official Black & White fansite on the Wireplay network.

Black & White Refill - This is one of the biggest movie collections I've ever seen!

Colorblind - Solid site. Great and diverse content.

Eden Central - The brainchild of a merge between the original Eden Central (pre-merge) and The Lion's Den.

Black & White Fort - As the site says, "It's all Black & White!"... And by God, it is!

Black & White Vortex - A top quality site, with good content and a solid design. And we're listed under "Elite Sites"... The owner must be mad!

Black & White Creatures - A top site dedicated to the fabulous Creatures to be found in Black & White.

Black and White - Another good quality flash-designed site with general info on Black & White.

Black & White 2K - A newcomer in terms of site life, but nonetheless a good site for information.

Black & White Nation - Part of the Edge Network. A well-thought out site with good content and fresh news.

The Lightning Gods - Another general news site, and the community keeps on growing!

Language Specific
  BWFusion - Nice looking site and well worth the time and bandwidth if you're a French fan.

  Black & White Gamers - A great Dutch fan site for Black & White with a great design. Check it out! - German site with lots of content and pleasing design. Also proud affiliates of PlanetBlackAndWhite.

  La Taverne - What can we say? Other than it's a French Black & White site? Oh yeah, it has an FAQ.

  Lionsource - German Black & White site born out of the combined efforts of the now closed BWZone and

  Zwet & Wit - A slick looking Belgian web site that likes to keep up with B&W; affairs Belgian style.

  Black & White Finland - A great Finnish Black & White site.

  Black & White Norway - Part of the Gibme.Com network. This is a great Black & White fansite from Norway.

  Black & White Italia - A top quality Italian site for Black & White. Top content and nicely kept. They also cater for English readers. Either is fine for Catachan though, as he's Italian anyway, hehe!

  Liongames.De - Not, as you might first think, Liongames.Com, but another incarnation. German, to be more specific!

  inBlackandWhite - Part of the inGames network. A top quality German site.

Other Resources
Black & White Active List - Connect to the Black & White Active List on ICQ. The number is 81335933 and it's the biggest of its kind.

Lionhead IRC channel - Hosted on the Quakenet IRC network on a channel (or room) named #lionhead. Use a dedicated IRC client such as mIRC to connect or the Java applet on PlanetBlack&White.

Add a Link - Want your Black & White site added to this list? Not a problem! Simply e-mail us and we'll make sure it gets taken care of. I mean, added of course. What else could 'taken care of' possibly mean?

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