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Editor-in-chief: Barry Scholl
Managing editor: David Webb
Design director: Cory Maylett
Senior editor: Lin Sorenson
Senior associate editor: Marcia Dibble
Associate editor: Brooks Stevenson
Designer: Scott Whimpey
Photographer: Chris Watkins
Editorial interns: Emily Mosdell, Liz Sweeten

Contributors: Tony Abbott, Glenn Ames, Tony Attanasio, Jim Brearton, John Bingham, Grace Breer, Dennis Breer, Brian Brinkerholf, Steve Brown, Wendell Cheek, Zac Cheney, Chance Cook, Steve P. Cook, Cris Draper, Dave Fulghum, Mark Gerard, Ray Grass, Chadwick Greenhalgh, "G-Bone", Wayne Gustaveson, Steven H. Heath, Willie Holdman, Brett Hullinger, Corinne Humphrey, Brent M. Johnson, Wes Johnson, Claire Jones, Kory Kapaloski, James Kay, Karl Malone, Dave Marchant, Cory Maylett, Jeff Metcalf, Dan Miller, Alan Peterson, Tom Pettengill, Dan Pope, Mark L. Reece, Denny Rickards, Guy Robertson, Cheyenne Rouse, Brittany Russell, Bear Samples, Craig Schaugaard, Steve Schmidt, Roger Schneidervin, Matt Selders, Timothy D. Severns, William W. Slaughter, Darrell Smith, Mark Smith, Scott T. Smith, George Sommer, Ray Shelble, Reece Stein, Brooks Stevenson, Peter Francis Tassoni, Tom Till, Larry Tullis, Collin Turner, John Van Wagoner, Benjamin Wagner, Chris Watkins, Golden Webb, Roy Webb, Sam Webb, Mark H. White, Greg Wilson, Alexandra Woodruff

Editorial offices: 965 E. Murray-Holladay Rd., Suite 1-A, Holladay, UT 84117

Mailing address: P.O. Box 711126, SLC, UT 84171-1126

Published 12 times each year (once each month) by, Inc.

Utah Outdoors magazine was founded as Utah Fishing magazine on June 18, 1987, later renamed Utah Fishing and Outdoors magazine. Periodicals postage paid at Salt Lake City, Utah.

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