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Updated: 05:31 PM EDT 21:31 GMT -- 3 Jun 2001
Tax rebates to start coming in July, O'Neill says

Tax rebates to start coming in July, O'Neill says

Uncle Sam will send a letter to taxpayers July 12, telling them how much they will get back under President Bush's recently approved tax plan and when that check will arrive, Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said Sunday.

New Mexico wildfires still imperil residents
New Mexico wildfires still imperil residents

Time Magazine's Elaine Shannon talks about the McVeigh case

Blind climber describes Everest adventure

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  • Storms over eastern half of nation
    A band of showers and scattered thunderstorms was stalled over New England early Sunday, while more storms were forecast for much of the eastern third of the nation through the day.
    Full story

    Full story

    Recall sought of 4 million Ford Explorers INDIANAPOLIS: Recall sought of 4 million Ford Explorers
    A lawyer representing hundreds of people killed or injured in Firestone tire failures on Ford Explorers said Saturday the case now includes a request for a judge to force Ford to recall 4 million of the vehicles.

    WASHINGTON: GOP leader warns of Senate reorganization wrangle
    A top Senate Republican leader warned Sunday that the GOP may put roadblocks in the way of the chamber's transition to Democratic control this week unless they get assurances that President Bush's nominees won't be blocked in committee.

    WASHINGTON: McCain denies party switch and presidential run
    Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona said Saturday he had no intentions of abandoning the Republican Party or of launching a presidential bid in 2004.

    EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE: NASA fails to fly fastest plane
    The X-43A, a "hypersonic" experimental aircraft attached to a Pegasus booster rocket, failed the first of three planned test flights Saturday.

    SACRAMENTO: California mulls legalizing ferret ownership
    Just about anywhere else in the country, ferret lovers are free to give their furry, weasel-like pets the run of their homes. In California, it's a $1,000 fine per ferret and possible jail time if they're caught.

    NEW YORK: 'Vieques Four' steadfast in prison hunger strike
    WASHINGTON: Bush urges cooperation in partisanship
    WASHINGTON: California Democrat appeals to Bush over energy prices
    PEBBLE BEACH: 'Dennis the Menace' creator dies
    DENVER: Defense: Feds violated McVeigh's right to fair trial
    WESTON: Actress Imogene Coca dead at 92
    TUCSON: Bodies of 2 immigrants found in Arizona desert
    NEW YORK: Police: 5-year-old girl sodomized at school
    SEATTLE: Arsonists torch logging trucks in Oregon
    MISSOURI VALLEY: 100-year-old finally gets college degree
    WASHINGTON: Danforth called FBI uncooperative in Waco probe
    BOSTON: Bush calls for extending normal trade with China
    FORT LAUDERDALE: Attorneys seek clemency in 'wrestling death' case
    LAS VEGAS: Disturbance breaks out at Nevada juvenile facility
    ATLANTA: Mitchell estate appeals 'Wind Done Gone' ruling


    Bears set Alaska woods on fire
    Smokey Bear might have stern words for some of his Alaskan cousins.

    BALTIMORE: Firing up fans hazardous to mascots' health
    SANTA FE: Museum keeps image of scantily clad Virgin Mary

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