Aurora Lights Circle
Book of Shadows

Welcome to the Aurora Lights Circle's Book of Shadows. Here we will share with you some of our rituals and spells. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

*Due to the outrageous amount of emails we are receieving for love and popularity spells and curses, this unfortunately needs to be stated. All requests for love spells, curses, and popularity spells will be ignored.

Air Magick

Blues Eradicator Drink, Charm to Dispel Depression, Depression Relief Spell

Cleansing the Physical Body Rites/Dieting Rituals

Consecration Ritual, Symbolism of Colours

Death Rite

Earth Magick

Feast of the Dead - A Samhain Ritual

Fire Magick

To Gain a Prophetic Dream of One's Future Love

Harmony Between Family

Home & Household Spells

Honoring the Deities

Invocation of Pan

Job Seeking Spell

A Mirror Spell to Reverse Negativity

Pet Spells

Potion to Rid Nervousness

Prayer for One Who has Died Violently or in Great Distress

To Relieve Headaches

Request for Religious Freedom

Self Esteem Spell

Short-Term Mind Spell

Stone Magick

Summer Solstice Ritual

Tooth Fairy Ritual for Children

Water Magick

With special thanks to Scott Cunningham, DJ Conway, Raymond Buckland, and Gerina Dunwich.

We try to recognize the author/owner of any spells. If you are aware of any omissions, kindly advise us.

Aurora Lights Circle