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While this is not intended to give a full account of  the John Robertson line it does give some names and dates associated with my lineage.  Our namesake is from Clan Donnachaidh "Children of Duncan".  Our homeland, Scotland.  As stated by the eminent historian, William F. Skene in 1937, "the Robertsons of Struan are unquestionably the oldest family in Scotland, being the sole remaining branch of that Royal House of Atholl which occupied the throne of Scotland during the 11th and 12th centuries."

The Clan's first recognized Chief was Donnachadh Reamhair, or "Stout Duncan".  His eldest son, Robert, was the name sake that many descendants and clanfolk took the name of "Robert's sons" or Robertson

Family tradition is that first Robertson generation in America were two brothers who came by boat from Scotland and landed in Georgia.  From Georgia they migrated into North Carolina, probably settling north of Wilmington along the Cape Fear River where most of the Scottish settlers lived.  However, no names are know of this first generation of Robertsons.  This will be called Generation 1.  From this generation members of the family migrated from the Carolinas to Georgia, some into Russell County Alabama, others to Wilson County Tennessee , some  even as far away as Texas.

Generation 2  Willis Robertson. born Sept. 13, 1786 in North Carloina and died Nov. 17, 1863 in Calhoun Co. AR.  He was married to (1) Polly Coleman (2) ? Tarver.  He is buried at Crossroad Cemetery in Union County, AR.

Generation 3   Dr. Willis Tarver Robertson was born April 20, 1826 in Montgomery, AL. and died Jan. 7, 1891 in Calhoun Co. AR.  He was married to Martha Ann Davis.   Willis studied medicine in Mobile, AL and after marriage they moved to Locus Bayou, AR.  His practice was a good one, because this swamp land  was in an  area infested with mosquitoes and malaria flourished.  In this lumber camp area he was one of the first doctors to settle in with a full time medical practice.  He also taught school for awhile and ran for the Arkansas State Representative position winning by 28 votes. He also taught school and became a prosperous farmer.  In 1860 his real estate was valued at $1200 and personal property at $6900.  This would make him quite wealthy in that era.

Generation 4   Benjamin Willis Robertson was born June 5, 1850 near Bastrop, LA and died Feb. 19, 1893 in Camden, AR.  He married Margaret Anna Reynolds.  He was the eldest of Dr. Willis Robertson.  He and he wife both became ill with LaGrippe (probably pneumonia) at the same time.  While his wife seemed to improve, Benjamin suddenly grew worse and died suddenly.  From the moment of his death his wife begin to grieve for him, she died five days later.

Generation 5   Ray Thomas Robertson was the seventh child of Benjamin and Margaret Robertson.  He was born June 4, 1888 in Camden, AR.  He was married to  (1) Mariah Rosalie Mason and (2) Alma Terry.  Ray spent part of his young years in Camden, AR. and Starkville, MS, before settling in Louisiana.  Early in the marriage Ray worked in a commasary (country store), in the spring he would farm and in the fall and winter he would do logging in the swamps while his wife would gather the crops.  In 1918 the family moved to Bonita, LA where a few months earlier, Ray had begun a job as Rural Mail Carrier.  A job he held for 40 years, retiring at the age of 70.  Ray died Jan. 18, 1971 in Bastrop, LA.

Generation 6   Oren Thomas Robertson was born  Feb. 8, 1917 near Tillou, LA.  he is married to Lois Clement Young .  He joined the Navy in 1941 and served during WWII.  After the discharged he build and owned the Movie Theater in Bonita, LA.  Oren then owned and operated Robby's Variety Store in the same town.  He holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in education.  He was employed  by the Morehouse Parish School system serving in several positions from teacher to administrator until retirement.  Oren and Lois now reside in Bonita, LA.

Generation 7   John Thomas Robertson  (That's me!) is the oldest of three children of Oren and Lois Robertson.  He was born May 23, 1950 in Bastrop, LA.  John is married to Melissa Moore of Mer Rouge, LA.  John is involved with training and development work in Houston, TX.

Generation 8   Michael Chadwick Robertson is the oldest son of John and Melissa Robertson He was born Feb. 13, 1974 in Monroe, LA.  Chad is married to Kristy Fatheree.  Chad is employed in Pine Bluff, AR.

Generation 9   Michael Eugene Robertson is the first child of Chad and Kristy Robertson.  Michael was born October 24, 1995 in Monroe, LA.

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